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  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is so much more gore in this film compared to the first & very graphic shots which was exactly what I was expecting so that part was fine.. the actors in this one are also so much better which is nice but for a slasher film not essential... however the run time of this film was excessive & the overall plot which seemed to be heading one way but didn't really answer anything was a head scratcher! Felt like there was a lot of potential & pieces in place for a really great film but the execution was off. Lauren LaVera as Sienna was really brilliant in this, a truly fantastic performance. I'd recommend watching this but know it's more about straight up gore with supernatural themes than any real storyline!
  • Draysan-Jennings28 October 2022
    That was way too long. It got to the point where enough was enough. After about an hour I couldn't wait for it to end. Art The Clown looks great and there's some gnarly kill scenes, but that's literally it. The acting's terrible and there's almost zero storyline. All this film consists of is a killer clown running around slaughtering people. Why people are so into these films is beyond me. Don't get me wrong! I enjoy horror films just as much as the next guy, but some of these kill scenes are extremely overdone. You gotta be somewhat sadistic to be into this stuff. When it was all said and done it's just an all around cheesy film. 5 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After Terrifier, Art the clown fans demanded more, and more is certainly what writer/director Damien Leone has given us with Terrifier 2: his film clocks in at a weighty 140 minutes and is packed to the brim with gory mayhem. This mammoth runtime is a little problematic, the final act feeling very drawn out (more about that later), but for those who enjoy their splatter with deliciously dark humour, the film is, for the most part, very entertaining.

    This time around, Art (David Howard Thornton) targets teenage girl Sienna (Lauren LaVera) and her family and friends, who are gearing up for Halloween festivities. With his trademark finger waves, cheeky grin and lifting of his teeny tiny hat, Art is a superb horror maniac, both hilarious (his silent reactions to his kills are priceless) and horrific, the clown making a real mess of his victims. The practical special effects are top notch and quite nauseating at times, easily topping what we have seen before.

    Where the film does fall down is with the lore that Leone introduces for his killer: it's all a bit confusing and makes the final act less effective. Somehow, Sienna's dead artist father was linked to Art, drawing pictures of the clown and his victims in his sketchbook. Sienna's father also gave her a sword before he died, which turns out to have magical properties that the plot doesn't explain very well (or at all). Furthermore, Art has a sidekick, a little girl, one of his previous victims who is now demonic. The finale in which Sienna becomes a super bad-ass warrior wielding her magic blade to give Art a bit of his own medicine, is both baffling and over-long.

    Then, just when you think it's all over, there's a post credits scene that is just as confusing.

    6.5/10, rounded up to 7 for the insanely gory killings -- If Leone had been able to make the supernatural stuff work better, and perhaps shaved 20 minutes off the runtime, my rating would have been a few points higher.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Terrifier 2 is insanely gory. The kills in Terrifier 2 are absolutely nuts. The pain Art inflicts on his many victims competes with some of the most grotesque fatalities in Mortal Kombat and then some. The makeup effects are absolutely top-notch. If the kills and makeup are what you're looking for you will absolutely not be disappointed in that regard.

    Art the clown is awesome as well. The way David Howard Thornton switches between darkly humorous to murderous rage without saying a word solidifies him as one of the top slasher villain's. I loved Thornton's performance in Terrifier 2.

    The old-school aesthetic/cinematography really gives the Terrifier 2 an awesome Grindhouse feel to the movie.

    Terrifier 2 is INCREDIBLY long for a slasher movie and will probably be the most common complaint people have after watching it. Many scenes could have either been trimmed down or completely cut altogether, Especially in the first act. The pacing is horrendous and the bloated length comes off as pretentious. Also, the mom in Terrifier 2 drove me nuts every scene she was in. Thankfully the performances are better this time around, some more campier than others but an improvement none the less. Lauren LaVera kicked butt as the final girl.

    Be sure to stay after the credits as well. A few audiences members prematurely left once the credits started to roll and missed out on a comically grotesque sequence.
  • Here is a second film that will induce another big frown, as a marauding psycho wanders around town, with oversized boots and a dark crooked smile, a bag full of tools to remove and restyle, expresses emotions with gesture and mime, will take all you've got when you've just reached your prime, no mercy or pity, as you beg and you plead, feasting on all features, as you drain and you bleed.

    If inflicting and unleashing violence and pain on another individual utilising a range of tools is your thing then step on in again and enjoy the disturbing world of Art the Clown as he butchers his way through several torsos while teaching Takashi Miike and the butchery trade a thing or two about carcass dissection.

    Looking forward to number III.
  • whineycracker20005 November 2022
    Like the original, 'Terrifier 2' is a nasty little treat for fans of 'non-elevated' horror. A spunky 80's horror throwback with its own distinct personality and bolstered by one memorable, charismatic villain, Damien Leone's delightful follow up to his original sleeper treads the line between tongue-in-cheek and exploitation. And in addition to the icky practical effects, it has what's been missing in most genre offerings as of late: a wicked sense of humor. Some have proclaimed Art the Clown to be this generations' "Freddy".

    "Terrifier 2" also relies on an internal logic that keeps suspension of disbelief in check just so- at least until the film crosses over into the surreal. The supporting teen protagonists, while disposable of course, are less cloying than in many modern horror films, and personally I was bummed when at least a couple of them met their very very grisly demise.

    Unfortunately, Leone shifts gears at the 2-hour mark and introduces a new plot development that proves a real head-scratcher. I am not sure why he didn't save it until the next installment, because it drags the film out for too long (is there is an unspoken rule in Hollywood that having a longer running time implies more substance?).

    Despite the fact that it (arguably) overstays its welcome, Terrifier 2 delivers and would make an ideal midnight double bill with its predecessor. I suspect that everybody involved in its production had a blast making it and, barring the last 30 minutes or so, its audience will too.

    *****Final note: If, like me, you were concerned that the gore factor might be too much to take, you can rest assured that the kills are so over-the-top, unrealistic, and cartoonish, that those moments play out more like horror/comedy than disturbing torture porn.
  • iamtherobotman24 October 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is 40-50 minutes too long.

    It all gets too repetitive. One gruesome killing after another with a lack of inventiveness.

    The main protagonist acts her part very well, but sadly the direction lets her down.

    Art is as menacing as he was in his first outing in 'The 9th Circle', but you have to wonder just how far the character can be taken. In my opinion, this is it. This simply cannot be allowed to turn into another 'Halloween' type franchise carrying on 20+ years beyond its best.

    I was beginning to think this was a Peter Jackson film, as i never saw an end to it in sight. The last 30 minutes or so were torturous, and not in the way they intended it to be. Art used up his 9 lives well before the end credits eventually rolled.

    Some of the killings were far too drawn out. The friend who was scalped being a prime example. Now, i realise this is a film, but in the real world that poor lassie would've died of shock. As it was, we see her having her eyeball sliced open, then she's scalped, then her back is sliced and diced, her arm is broken, and snapped off at the elbow(now surely by that point shock would've taken over and she'd be dead), her remaining hand is split in two and then she's then stabbed repeatedly and left for dead, but NO. She somehow manages to drag herself along the floor towards her phone. Art returns, pour bleach on her, then rubs salt into her gaping wounds, and rips her face off... Surely that's her dead now??

    NO. She reacts when her Mother walks in on Art now slicing and dicing what's left of her body.

    This whole scene takes up around five minutes, and is typical of the film. Everything is drawn out needlessly.

    The first film was OK, it wasn't great by any means, this one is far too self-indulgent on behalf of the director. Drop the ego, make a 80 minute film which gets to the point, and move on.
  • I thought the first movie was innovative and had an amazing and uniquely dark tone throughout. I'm really glad they made this but it never quite landed for me. At the beginning of the movie folks were whooping and cheering but by the end everyone just kind of walked out like it was any other movie. Still a good number of gory kills but something always felt off or was missing. Also the mom's horrible acting lol. Thanks for the memories hope there is a third and it gets the feel of the original back!

    Why does this app require 600 characters now, it must be because the $1billion dollar show got hammered so now they make it hard to write reviews. Regardless I'll just keep rambling until I hit the limit. Man still 100 more this is crazy. Hopefully they lower this because this is too much to write.
  • Greetings from Lithuania.

    I liked "Terrifier 2" for the same reason i liked first "Terrifier" - its a well paced horror movie made on a small budget with a goory horror effects. And by saying goory i mean this movie i bloody as hell. There are scenes (many of them) which depicts killings in a way that would put Michael Mayers to a shame. Its a brutal film yet i liked it for its not being somehow at the same time duscusting torture horror porn - i dislike those one.

    "Terrifier 2" had a bigger budget then a first one and it shows. This is more ambitious movie but at the same time it stayed to its roots. While the ending might make many viewers to scratch their heads because it is a bit to convoluted, i kinda liked it to be in a mood with a movie - you have to be a bit in a mood for "Terrifier 2" in general and if stick with it you will enjoy the ride.

    A descent sequel and would like to see a next movie in a series.
  • rocko9022 October 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first Terrifier, despite that "scene," was brutal and scary in that 80s slasher way. I had no idea how brutal or anything about this movie going into it. In the end I wasn't a huge fan of it, but it was well-done for what it was.

    This movie is just gross and boring. It's like Hostel/Saw, after the initial shock of the "torture porn," it's just gross and exhausting to sit through. There's no plot beside main two brother and sister having a father that predicted the events inside a sketch book. Having no plot for a slasher movie isn't a bad thing, but when you throw in elements like the sketchbook, "clown cafe" or the female clown.... You want some answer?

    The after credit scene is just hilarious imo how anyone can find this movie scary is beyond me. It's like a live action episode of Itchy and Scratchy.

    Anyway, the hype is unwarranted. There's signs of creativity and I think if they expanded that instead of trying to find new ways to gross people out, this would have been a better movie.
  • I just left the theater. This movie was utter insanity.

    Some of the most brutal death scenes ive ever watched in a horror film...there were parts where I literally said "jesus christ" out loud in the theater. They dont turn the camera away you see it all.

    Complete gorefest its amazing.

    Now the plot is pretty weak and makes no sense and its a little long to be a slasher but to me that doesnt hinder from the actual spectacle of the film which is the gore and practical effects.

    If youre looking for a good storyline and plot youll be pretty disappointed. But if you want to see just mindless death and absurd over the top gore this is highly recommended!
  • A bloody mess and a decent story, if you like slasher horrors, this is up your alley. The writing needs work, and alot of it. The adult authority figures are irrational and overreact while the kids don't bat an eye, it's awkward and unrealistic. Secondary character dialogue is also awkward and didnt seem to get much attention past the first draft. Art is heartless and insidious, showing more personality this time around, becoming a horror icon in the process as the silliest killer who clearly enjoys what he does. The gory effects are great, and hopefully with the success of Terrifier 2 the third will bring a bigger budget for higher quality actors and writers. This movie is a fun watch, flaws aside, and I am excited for Terrifier 3.
  • With practically double the runtime of the original film, Damien Leone's "Terrifier 2" sets out to be a more lengthy, ambitious, and terrifying movie than "Terrifier," the film that started it all through the memorable introduction of a new horror icon in Art The Clown. And while the first movie wasn't the most creative, with a light on story and high on violence approach that never differentiated itself any further from your ordinary uber-gory slasher, the character of Art managed to capture the attention and imagination of viewers and critics alike. The silent, but incredibly animated and expressive, mime proved to be a beloved villain through the juxtaposition of his quiet demeanor but loud actions - as they put so succinctly in this film, "For a guy who doesn't speak, he sure makes a lot of noise." Art's shenanigans continue in full force here, giving audiences more of what they expect, but maybe not exactly in the way they expected - "Terrifier 2" improves upon its predecessor through its more complex plot, especially as told through its character development of Lauren LaVera's character, Sienna.

    A two hour and 18 minute run time is nothing to sneeze at, and director Damien Leone knows this - so he wastes no time in introducing the carnage that audiences expect from Art. Opening with a bloody bang, the film engages immediately, giving viewers just a taste of the madness that is to come. But where the first "Terrifier" keeps its momentum through a cat and mouse style rampage that features Art mutilating and murdering everyone in his path, "Terrifier 2" slows things down after its explosive start. With an actual plot this time around, contrasting against the original's more proof of concept style, "Terrifier 2" takes its time to build plot development through elongated dream sequences and true to life conversations, especially when it comes to the character of Sienna.

    "Terrifier 2's" final girl, Sienna finds herself face to face with evil itself in the form of a psychotic clown. And you'd think that a basically all good, morally upright character would be a distraction from the film, but her good nature personality actually enhances the goings on, as she is a lawful good protagonist to contrast against Art's chaotic evil. Lauren LaVera was incredible in the role as a fierce heroine who can certainly stand her own against a formidable opponent - I can see her compared to characters such as Ellen Ripley and Laurie Strode, and her showdown with Art was endlessly entertaining and narratively satisfying. But alas! If you're watching "Terrifier 2," you're watching it for the over the top violence and gore - so let's talk about it.

    When it comes to slasher film blood and guts, "Terrifier 2" is the real deal - I can't remember the last time I saw a movie this violent in theatres. Art rips people's eyes out, chops people's heads off, flays people alive, and scalps people, just to name a few things; if you are at all squeamish, you should not see this movie. However, if you enjoyed the first one for all of its darkly comedic brutality, you will certainly enjoy the upped ante here. All of the violence is disgusting and hard to watch, but it's all being done by a highly animated and over-exaggerated clown, which makes even the most horrific crimes bizarrely entertaining. You'll find yourself having a sort of sick smile on your face as Art makes his mark, and while you might feel yourself feeling guilty, you can't help but think that the movie is relishing in its carnage as much as you are.

    "Terrifier 2" is a fun movie - it's by no means high art, and I don't think it is a classic by any means, but Art is certainly a horror icon and watching him in action literally never gets old. While more ambitious than the original, the plot still lacks real narrative heft besides, "There's an evil clown, and someone has to stop him." That said, the simplicity really does give way to some incredible horror set pieces that I will have burned into my memory for a long time. If you're a fan of the first film, or even if you're not and you are simply a fan of horror, you have to give this one a watch.
  • I liked the first because I thought the main character was done quite well, he was interesting and creepy with just enough quirk to him to not be a rip off of previous clown killers.

    With this movie I think they really went all out to deliver the slasher, it's exactly what you would expect, gruesome, bad ass, and it uses practical effects which while to some may be a bit cheesy, to me reminded me of the good old days. As well as all of this they have a female lead that is acted well, written well, and delivers enough punch to make the audience root for her. Really well done guys. Good Job with this one.

    I'd watched Halloween Kills a few days ago, what an utter disappointment that was, this perked me up a little because it showed that creators are still out there that are willing to give the audience what they want. This is certainly a little more supernatural than the previous rendition, but that's fine by me as it's carried off with just enough cheese to make it what it should be. Reminded me a lot of the golden days of horror in the 80's and early 90's. It maintains that feel throughout without ever feeling like a stranger things wannabe.

    Whoever the heroine is in this btw, more of her please, her acting was perfect throughout.
  • kjjames818 November 2022
    This film like it's predecessor has a huge amount of gore but that's it.

    So the question is does having buckets of galore thrown into the film make it a good movie and in honesty, no it doesn't.

    Now if you liked the first movie of course you will like this bone, if like me you thought the first movie was over rated then like me you will think that this one is as well.

    Also let's get onto the internet media pages saying that viewers weee vomiting and fainting while watching this movie, this is a marketing ploy by the makers of the film for them to get a large audience.

    This film is awful, it's crap, no story, no acting and yes it's as bad as the first movie.

    Don't bother.
  • Honestly the first terrifier was something else when I first watched. The gruesome scenes really shocked me.. I learned they were making a second and thought cool! Now I've seen it and I still thought it was cool, but OMG! This movie lives up to the hype of people been saying about it. It's so gruesome and knarly. Honestly haven't had a movie make me yell in disgust and look away but at the same time keep watching because the make up and everything is really good. Art the Clown is ruthless and doesn't ever hold back. Never speaks either but yet you know what he's saying. Final girl is Amazing!
  • I'm gonna start with this. I had high hopes for this movie, and somehow Dir. Leone exceeded them by like, quite a few miles. This is the only film to have me squirm in my seat and gag, and I loved every second of it. David Howard Thornton is DERANGED. I love it. This film is also one of the only horror films that I absolutely love the central protagonists. Lauren LaVera & Elliot Fullam knocked this out of the park, and I'm not even gonna mention how eerie the entire setting is. Oh, and that terrifying demon girl (Amelie McLain, you freaked me out), that is the icing on top of this. Definitely one of my new favorite slashers that I'm definitely gonna revisit over and over every Halloween.
  • This movie is terrible compared to the original. It felt almost as if Terrifier lost it's 'dark aura.' It had a far less creepy vibe to it as well.

    Let's start with the death scenes. Some of them were so over the top and dragged out. If they were trying to be silly like Evil Dead, then they failed miserably. Some of "Art's" victims were being tortured anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes, anywhere from being skined to breaking bones with a ridiculous amount of blood. The victim would've died in the first thirty seconds just from blood loss.

    The acting in this one was subpar. It reminds me of the later 1990's teen slasher movies. I could just tell that the characters weren't in sync.

    I would definitely watch the first Terrifier over this one anyway.
  • On Monday 29th August (a bank holiday in England), the Cineworld at Leicester Square, London was completely packed for this film. They'd turned the air-conditioning on a bit too high, which gave the film an extra edge.

    This film is very gorey. The screening today was Fright Fest (a festival for horror films), so we all loved it. I would definitely not take anyone squeamish to see this. Art the Clown has a particular thing for harming eyes, probably because he knows that we're particularly squeamish about them. He also plays around with the brains and hearts of his victims. He often kills people just because they're there, even if they've not done anything to offend him.

    A common criticism of the first film was that the plot was typical of the slasher genre, with teenage girls in trouble and the goody-two-shoes being the Final Girl. The plot is much better this time. I can tell you what each of the characters was doing with their time, before Art turned up, and there was a good thread on the father of Serena and Jonathan. Knowing that they've lost their father makes you feel sorry for them and want them to succeed. In the first film, part of me thought that it'd be funny for Art the Clown to win, but I really wanted to see him get vanquished in this one.

    I have some reservations. It is too long, being about an hour longer than the first film. The supernatural element is also a bit muddled. In "All Hallows' Eve", Art was clearly supernatural. In "Terrifier", you could just about believe that he was human, except for right at the end. In this one, there are supernatural things throughout, but there's never any rules established. I know that film-makers like to keep audiences guessing, but the guessing game is more fun if we have clues to go on. The magic in "Terrifier 2" feels a bit too random to make you wonder what's supposed to be happening.

    Still 8/10 for the pure horror, despite those reservations.
  • I watched this film cause it has some rave on social media, despite never having watched the firs one, and my god this film needs to calm down. Everything about this film are excessive... but i find it somewhat fun..

    The plot is nonsensical, borderline ridiculous, but after the first 10 minutes i realized no one watched it for the plot. The non-stop gore is a bit too much for my taste. The lead actress is decent, the rest of the cast is kinda bad but tolerable. And the run time is way too long. It's bad, but it's a good kind of bad

    Overall it's a decent horror and i find it entertaining, especially after huge disappointment from Men and Nope.

  • The film is about 45 minutes too long, as others have remarked. Its clear that the Director got carried away. There are some plot developments that do not fit at all with the original movie. Sometimes, when Directors get their hands on a bigger budget, they feel they have to expand the plots and runtime. Less is always more!

    The plot elements add confusion to a simple plot, which had it been kept to around 90 minutes, would have had more impact. The carnage was not as bad as the internet hype made it out to be. None of this type of carnage was new. It had been done in many other movies already.

    I think the Creator of "Terrifier 2" put extra thematic story lines into the sequel unnecessarily.

    It borders on fantasy or sci-fi in the end. My advice to the Creator or Director is to "Keep it short and sweet."
  • ColinTheGorilla23 October 2022
    This movie isn't for everyone as a ton of people in my theater left after 30 minutes. Not everyone will enjoy this but I loved this movie it is extremely bloody but Art the Clown is truly terrifying and will make you scared throughout this movie. This is also easily the weirdest movie I've ever seen but it's truly a good film to watch and to enjoy. I get this isn't for everyone but give it a shot and you might enjoy it whether you think it or not. Also I recommend this movie to people and will just say be warned going into this movie due to the fact it gets extremely bloody and crazy throughout the film.
  • I laughed out loud throughout a majority of this film. This movie is genuinely hilarious, much more so than the first one. Obviously, given the runtime, there is much more gore and much more killing. Though not as much as I thought there'd be, especially in the second half.

    I thought the first half of the movie was stronger. There was a better pace and rhythm to the story and killings, whereas the second half lost its footing and didn't really know where it was going with anything it built up in the first half.

    I expected a lot more lore and background spent on Art and his revival, but there was basically none which really sucks since they could do so many things with him and what he is. There are a lot of questions that go unanswered and a lot of strange things you think would be explained or touched on, but never are.

    I'd say this and the first one are pretty much tied for me. The first was leaner and meaner, but this one is a hilariously gory ride that was a treat to watch in theaters (except for the POS couple talking non-stop behind my gf and I).

  • Hands down the most violent slasher that I have seen in recent times. Would have rated it even higher had it been edited crisply. The attempt at creating a background story turns out to be totally laughable by the end. Have not seen a two hour long slasher thriller before this.

    However, the kills are so extreme that they would make your hair stand on end. Many viewers reportedly vomited during the screening and it is easy to see why. The amount of blood spilled and mass torn is at the highest end of gore spectrum.

    At a budget of less than a million and a collection of almost 3 million, this seems to be a winning formula for the studio.

    Makes for an unpleasant, yet truly memorable, watch because of the inventiveness of cruelty.
  • I thought Terrifier 1 was not great, but watchable. This was not.

    1. First of all...way too long. Horror movies, even good ones should not be over two hours unless there is a specific reason(aka 'IT'). This was long for no reason. There are multiple 'filler' scens that do nothing to push the story forward. They are there because the props department had some extra blood that they wanted to discard.

    2. I enjoy gore. But the gore needs to have a purpose. Here the gore was added to many scenes that had no purpose. It was as if the props department(again) was also the writers and director. The movie felt like they created the gore scene first and tried miserably to connect a story.

    3. Speaking of story...none. No plot, no redemption, no reason for anything happening. Also bad acting, even by horror movie standards.

    You can tell in the first three minutes if you will like it or not. I did not like the first three minutes, but thought it would get doesn't.
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