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  • I always am sad while watching August Ames on screen since her tragic death -somehow it's difficult to watch her being so sexy, even though so many icons like Monroe and Mansfield are entertaining without one becoming morbid -perhaps since so many decades have passed.

    Here she plays straight (literally) to younger sister Katrina Jade, who's intent on seducing big sis, and successful. To become morbid again, I could imagine such a scenario playing well in softcore mode with Lana Wood and her famous tragically deceased sister Natalie Wood.

    Simple, concise scene has intimacy escalating as the girls first pose sexily together for selfies to post on Jade's "Instapage", a ruse to deceive Jade's ex-girlfriend Brianne (just a name-drop referencing Missa X regular Brianne Blu, who's not part of this video) and make her jealous as she doesn't know that they're stepsisters.

    The actresses have a vague resemblance to each other, just enough to permit the viewer to imagine real incest.