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  • I appreciate good movies (dance included) but this one is just an insult on the viewers and Honey 1. Firstly the storyline is nothing to write about, acting and dancing are borderline annoying and the lead act is nothing close to Jessica Alba..... Remember in the beginning when Mrs Daniels said if anyone would be like Honey it would be Maria, big lie.... Truth is she sucks, the whole movie is whack by all standard. Someone who is supposed to be a role model gives in to every challenge and test no matter how little and unnecessary they are. The choreography in Honey 1 is way better than this despite the fact that it's much older. I guess the producers didn't put much thought into this, if not they shouldn't have made this, even if they would it should have been under a totally different name because there is no comparison between this and Honey 1
  • gary-cbti31 December 2020
    The first honey was sweet (sex and pretty face). This one not so much. What a metaphor for sequels. Still 3 stars for the slim waist.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me begin with saying that I do love dance movies, even though how cheesy the acting may be I like to watch people dancing. And I believe that I've seen most of these type of movies and for those who are like me would agree with me when I say that throughout the movie the HD crew was the worst one and seeing them getting through each round is definitely not believable.

    I might be saying this because I know the Quest Crew, The Beatfreaks from ABDC, but still it is very obvious that even in the movie they dance better. I don't know what other people think but I left watching when they were doing basic salsa moves and they probably will beat the amazing Quest Crew with that.

    I am okay with bad acting but at least give us some great dancing so that we can actually see the end of the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was worse than I expected, and I did not even expect that much. The quality of this movie might just explain its rather limited cinema release here in the UK. Firstly, the film has minimal relevance to its predecessor. The dance moves and lead character are on a far different tone. How? It appears to have been sexualised, and this has ruined it in my honest opinion. This film had more in common with 'You got served' than Honey 1. At least 'You got served' had brilliant dancing and a climatic showdown at the end (more important for such a movie). We have cheesy acting, cheesy dancing & slutty tones all over. We are supposed to feel sorry for the lead character when she decides to hook up with her ex, after he demonstrated how thuggish he still was at a nightclub by picking a fight with her dance partner. We are supposed to believe that the police are dumb enough not to search the girlfriend of someone who has a history of narcotics possession when he is stopped. I don't know about the U.S, but over here in the U.K they can still hold a juvenile female suspect until a female officer arrives to carry out a body search. Not in this case, they just leave the scene believing all is OK! We are supposed to believe that a dance competition would allow a lead member of a competing dance group to sit on the audition judge panel! To top it all off, our star dance crew blatantly rips off Step up 3 with their kit in the end scene. I had some hopes for this movie, and tried to like it, but there was too much cheese and stupidity thrown in my face. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to notice.
  • phd_travel21 October 2012
    The only reason I watched this movie about a street dancing competition is because I am a fan of Kat Graham who plays Bonnie the witch on Vampire Diaries. She can act we know from Vampire Diaries so I wanted to check out her dancing. Well, she can dance. She is quite multi talented.

    The story is contrived and not too original. But most dance movies like this are kind of the same thing. The actors are a multi racial mix and are a bit forgettable but likable. Randy Wayne from the Lying Game plays her love interest.

    Overall this is an okay watch for Kat Graham fans, otherwise it would probably only be interesting for those who like this kind of street dancing.
  • I watched "honey 2" for the first time last month on vh1 and I must say, I was far from impressed. The movie revolves around maria(katerina graham) a troubled, but talented street dancer who gets out of juvenile detention and gets taken in by none other than connie daniels. While doing community service at the renowned honey daniels dance studio, she comes across a dance crew known as the hd's who eventually compete against the 718 crew. First off, I can't begin to comment on how cliché this movie is. Of course the movie has its fair share of dancing topped with bad acting and a mediocre storyline which is so bad, its good. I'm afraid this disastrous piece of fluff doesn't do the original any justice. If you're expecting a serious, academy award winning drama, don't bother seeing this movie. Watch it only if you're looking forward to falling asleep after the first fifteen minutes.
  • pavek55518 March 2012
    Movie is just like step up 1,2 and Streetdance..only worse. Acting isn't good, it just didn't reach me or my friend...dancing is solid but missing that 'WOW' effect..Kat Graham is not a good hip-hop dancer..She looks like she's just having a seizure..i'm a bit disappointed because she's a very good actress in The Vampire Diaries.Moreover, I prefer other dance movies 'cause they have much better love story and the plot is better imagined. I'm just not impressed.I don't think the message is sent..The main couple doesn't have that needed chemistry so everything is just boring and shallow..The movie looks like writers wanted it to be in the same 'line' as other dance movies, but it's not. Honey 1 was much better as a matter of fact.
  • npolfliet21 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The only reason for watch this movie is the beatiful girl in playing in vampires diaries
  • bikedo23 May 2012
    There are just some transgressions that cannot be forgiven.

    I am not a picky movie-watcher - in fact I think i am probably one of the most easily entertained individuals in Western culture. I am both an avid movie fan and dancer. I have impressive credentials, and have worked with Gary Kendall of Jabbawockeez and many others that have appeared on SYTYCD and ABDC. I'm not saying I'm as good as them, but I know how good dance should be.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing in Honey 2 to make me feel any pride toward hip-hop or dance.

    I get that dance movies are generally "bad", but usually the star power or choreography/talent in them makes up for it enough for me to enjoy it. This movie made me want to vomit. The lead is hard-hitting, but honestly worse than me at hip hop (I'm a contemporary dancer) and I would venture to say worse of an actress. One of the lead males is greasy, the other looks like a failed Abercrombie model. The choreography scenes are simply terrible. Dance should never be portrayed in such a condescending manner as in this movie. I would venture to say that Disney's "Shake it up" can satisfy any viewer's dance mojo better than this movie and at least the cheesiness and bad acting can be forgiven.

    Still a major fan of Quest, Fanny pak, sup3rcrew etc. that appeared in this film. Unfortunately, all the primary stars just made me realize why everyone else hasn't yet caught on to the awesome-ness that is dance.
  • rcoolidge-7143410 November 2020
    I can't believe they even released this film. I cringed so hard for the actors in this movie about 99% of the duration.
  • vickylehmeier23 October 2020
    I had to stop at one point, it was so boring. The acting is really bad, I couldn't watch Maria pouting another minute. A lot of clichés, too. No, just no.
  • Honey 2 is the best dance movie of all times.

    The reasons why I think so: 1) The dancing/choreography is awesome. She hits so hard. Look at the first scene in jail, for example. The group's weakest performance is probably the final on battle zone. 2) The second most important reason why I dig this movie is: The message it sends is deeper, better, and more realistic than in Step Up 1 & 2 and other dance movies. It's about dealing with problems by being constructive rather than destructive. It's about tensions within the group. In some of the other dance movies, the message is so pathetic, I don't even want to mention it. 3) The movie is so packed with dance scenes. I'd say it has more cumulative dance time than any other movie. 4) The actors are so cute and can actually dance. No doubles as in Dirty Dancing. 5) I just really like it, especially Kat and the girls, but really all of the HD group. The characters and lines of the girls blew me away.
  • This film tells the story of a girl who tries to build a new life after her release from a juvenile detention.

    "Honey 2" starts off with a dance off in the detention, and we are introduced to the talented dancer called Maria. As she is forbidden to hang out with her former dance crew called 718, she finds a new dance crew (HD) and battles with 718 on the Battle Zone. The plot is as predictable and clichéd as can be, but it doesn't matter. What matters is the great dancing. I have to say the epic showdown is quite a disappointment, possibly because HD crew were wearing black and hence they do not stand out from the background. And maybe the choreography is not as epic and stunning as it should be. Anyway, "Honey 2" is still adequate entertainment to spend a relaxing evening in.
  • aznsummergurl7 January 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, I loved the original honey (1) movie, but this honey (2) movie was just as great, this movie wasn't ABOUT honey, okay, ya'll need to get that in your brain. Honey was a dancer & so is Maria. They shouldn't be compared, they were alike (They loved dancing). The dancing really caught my eyes and I really loved the drama they had, but they accepted Maria in as a group. This also gave life lessons as well. I don't understand why people are hating on this just it isn't Jessica Alba, shut it. If this movie wasn't called "Honey2" Then ya'll wouldn't be tripping. Great movie, I loved it! The main character, Maria, is a strong girl and so was Tina, they learned from their mistakes, you guys don't even understand that. I also enjoyed the comedy in this movie, I wish they can make a part 3 with these people, great stuff. :)
  • I feel offended, why do you stereotype all Puerto Ricans as criminals. We are engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. We are professionals too.
  • klottese15 April 2021
    Real fun to watch. All about confrontation and growth. I really liked the sound track too.
  • olsens-6006526 February 2021
    This movie was so amazing I fell asleep.... Go home HD
  • RosanaBotafogo23 May 2020
    Cliché, predictable and even embarrassing scenes, cute message, I skipped the dance scenes, I don't like it, I don't have much patience ... Weak...