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  • Beyond the misleading titles, this Penthouse Letters feature is beneath even the low standards of the label's junkers from a decade ago. Trust no-name auteur "Cisco Lamessi" to bungle the job.

    With a familiar bait & switch approach, Penthouse Pet Breanne Benson is enlisted to host the junker, introducing letters to be illustrated as sex vignettes. She never disrobes and never acts in the sex segments, merely pleading with us to write in to Letters Magazine, as if "real" letters were ever the basis for what Penthouse published or the inspiration for this no-script-credit video.

    Typical sloppiness has Ashlyn Rae playing two roles in two separate vignettes, and not even any consistency as to her name within one of them. The clowns at AVN nominated a daisy-chain lesbian scene of 4 volleyball players (including Rae) for an award back when, but I defy even the most ardent fan of generic sex on screen to explain why it was singled out.

    Title is a fake, as the concept of multiple orgasms, referring to women, is not addressed here at all, but rather threesomes. So apparently it was meant as a pun -three people having one orgasm each, the male's signified by the required money shot. Overall casting is weak, with the idiotic throwing away of Asa Akira as the odd girl out in a 2 on 1 cock threesome. Cisco may have been asleep at the wheel, but anyone else would have noticed her talent back when and given her something interesting to do.