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  • Relatable situations filled with daily life jokes. Love this show.
  • paolaaldew28 January 2021
    This is a wonderful, kind and funny series. Thousands of people in the post-Soviet countries love this show and these actors. The series does not claim to be a masterpiece, but it is vital and after watching it is always a great mood. But I guess because annazdorovko and DmytroM didn't even watch it, but out of hatred for everything Soviet and Russian, they wrote such reviews. Excellent, the best family TV series, I recommend!
  • DmytroM12 July 2019
    Primitive Russian series with no meaning at all. I highly recommend to use your spare time for something else.
  • lilit_2824 May 2021
    My fav show Especially the first four seasons are the best Svaty always make my day.
  • I never understood the high ratings of this Russian parody of our Modern Family. For boring old people about boring old people. Wake up. This is terrible humor, unpleasant actors (only Koshmal saves, she is a pretty), disgusting game and just a meaningless plot. Two families are always getting into some kind of trouble, wow, how original!! I honestly cried when I saw this acting. The actors seem to have been picked up off the street. Better watch Gaidai! There are interesting twists and turns, and humor, and concepts, and at least some semblance of a coherent script. Soviet films are hundreds of times better than this second-rate category b rubbish.
  • Just an observation: those two people who called this gem of a show trash are offended ukranians. Go suck on pig fat, losers.
  • annashishkina19 January 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Matchmakers" is one of my favorite series. Probably, many watched it judging by the numerous reviews. And for most, he has become one of his favorites, and I am no exception.

    It can be watched and re-watched over and over again without getting bored.

    The series was about different people who are matchmakers, and who at the beginning were not very friendly, but then they became a real family. The series is full of jokes, interesting life story, funny music.

    Great acting by the actors.

    The series is 100% uplifting.

    I recommend watching friends who have not watched yet!
  • I cannot live without this show! I can watch any episodes, any time in any order! And so does everyone else who I know. Its very kind, warm, funny, down-to-earth, full of humor, about average russians. Those who grew up with our average caring grandmas will feel back to childhood!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In all, it's a VERY good show, I mean if you rlly like the childhood feel of growing up with Russian people, I remember watching this series with my family younger, my favorite season has to be the 5th one, I LOVE shyna, ive always looked up to goth people and gosh she's so pretty, but I must say, the rest of season 6 and after is all about "fixing" her, which I really don't like. And some episodes have some pretty racist portraying of people with different ethnicities, which is a bigggg yikes. I like to skip those episodes though. This show is really a big part of my childhood though.........