Batman: Our scars can destroy us, even after the physical wounds have healed. But if we survive them, they can transform us. They can give us the power to endure, and the strength to fight.

The Riddler: If you are justice, please do not lie / What is the price for your blind eye?

The Riddler: You're a part of this, too.

Batman: How am I a part of this?

The Riddler: You'll see.

Batman: Fear is a tool. When that light hits the sky, it's not just a call. It's a warning.

James Gordon: You could've at least pulled that punch

Batman: I did.

The Riddler: [message] From your secret friend / Who? Haven't a clue / Let's play a game / Just me and you.

Thug: What the hell are you supposed to be?

[Batman beats down the thug]

Batman: I'm vengeance!

[Inside Arkham, Nashton is distraught that Batman has foiled his plans. Someone in a nearby cell speaks to him]

Unseen Arkham Prisoner: Isn't that just terrible? Them raining on your parade like that? What is it they say? One day you're on top, the next you're a clown. Well, let me tell you, there are worse things to be.

The Riddler: Who are you?

Unseen Arkham Prisoner: Well, that's the question, isn't it? Riddle me this - the less of them you have, the more one is worth.

The Riddler: [whispers] A friend.

[the obscured criminal begins laughing unsettlingly, only a bit at first, then slowly more maniacal, and Riddler joins in, their laughs echoing the quiet hallways of Arkham Asylum]

Alfred: If this continues, it won't be long before you've nothing left.

Batman: I don't care about that. Any of that.

Alfred: You don't care about your family's legacy?

Batman: What I'm doing is my family's legacy.

Batman: Selena, don't throw your life away.

Catwoman: Don't worry, honey. I got nine of 'em.

[Batman is trying to gain access to the Iceberg Lounge but is blocked by a bouncer]

The Twin: Get out of here or that suit's gonna be full of blood.

Batman: Mine or yours?

[Oz is held captive by Batman and James Gordon]

Oswald Cobblepot: What the hell is this? Good cop, *bat-shit* cop?

Batman: They think I am hiding in the shadows, but I am the shadows.

The Riddler: What's black and blue and dead all over? You.

The Riddler: It can be cruel, poetic or blind. But when its denied, it's your violence you may find.

Batman: Justice. The answer's justice.

[Oz manages to outrun the Batmobile, caught in a huge explosion]

Oswald Cobblepot: [laughing uproariously] I got you! I got you! Take that, you friggin' psycho! I got you!

[the Batmobile leaps through the explosion, catching up to Oz and crashes into his car]

Batman: Maybe this is all coming to an end.

James Gordon: What's that?

Batman: The Batman.

Oswald Cobblepot: Whoa! This guy's crazy!

[Batman and Gordon explore an abandoned building; Gordon un-holsters his gun]

Batman: No guns.

James Gordon: Yeah, man, that's *your* thing.

Batman: [Finds and holds up a USB flash drive with a severed thumb attached] Thumb Drive.

James Gordon: Jesus.

James Gordon: [Opens the flash drive on the computer] It's encrypted.

Batman: [Dangles the severed thumb in front of Gordon and opens the thumbprint reader on the drive] Try this.

James Gordon: Oh, this guy is hilarious.

[repeated line]

The Riddler: Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayne...

The Riddler: You came.

Batman: Who are you?

The Riddler: Me? Nobody. I'm just an instrument, here to unmask the truth about this cesspool we call a city.

Batman: Unmask?

The Riddler: Yes! Let's do this together okay? You're part of this too.

Batman: How am I a part of this?

The Riddler: You'll see.

Batman: [to Catwoman] You got a lot of cats.

Catwoman: [to Batman] I have a thing about strays.

Batman: I'm starting to see now. I have had an effect here... but not the one I intended. Vengeance won't change the past, mine or anyone else's. I have to become more. People need hope. To know someone's out there for them.

Batman: [to The Riddler] WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

James Gordon: Does this mean, anything - to you ?

Batman: Alfred, stop. You're not my father.

Alfred: I'm well aware.

Alfred: You're becoming quite a celebrity. Why's he writing to you?

Police Officer: I've got you on assault on an officer!

Batman: You got me on assaulting three.

Thug: What does a liar do when he's dead?

Batman: He lies still.

Oswald Cobblepot: [firing a submachine gun] Hey, Vengeance! You think you can come after my money, huh?

Oswald Cobblepot: Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy, sweetheart!

Batman: Who's the mustache with the broken nose?

James Gordon: That's Kenzie. Narcotics.

Batman: He's one of the guys I got into it with at the Iceberg Lounge.

James Gordon: What are you saying? Kenzie moonlights for the Penguin?

Batman: Or he moonlights as a cop.

Batman: You lied to me... my whole life. I spoke to Carmine Falcone. He told me what he did for my father. About Salvator Maroni.

Alfred: He told you Salvator Maroni...

Batman: Had my father killed. Why didn't you tell me all this? All the years I've spent fighting for him, believing he was a good man.

Alfred: He was a good man. Your father was a good man. He made a mistake. A "mistake."

Batman: He had a man killed. Why? To protect his family image? His political ambitions.

Alfred: It wasn't to protect the family image, and he didn't have anyone killed. He was protecting your mother. He didn't care about his image or the campaign, any of that. He cared about her and you, and in a moment of weakness, he turned to Falcone. But he never thought Falcone would kill that man. He never thought that Falcone would do anything to finally have something on him that he could use. That's who Falcone is. And that was your father's mistake. But when Falcone told him what he'd done, your father was distraught. He told Falcone he was going to the police, that he would confess everything. And that night, your father and your mother were killed.

Batman: Was it Falcone?

Alfred: Oh, I wish I knew for sure. Or maybe it was some random thug on the street who needed money, got scared, and pulled the trigger too fast. If you don't think I've spent every day searching for that answer... It was my job to protect them. Do you understand? I know you always blamed yourself. You were only a boy, Bruce. I could see the fear in your eyes, but I didn't know how to help. I could teach you how to fight, but I wasn't equipped to take care of you. You needed a father. And all you had was me. I'm sorry.

Batman: Don't be sorry, Alfred. God. I never thought I'd feel that fear again. I thought I'd mastered all that. I mean, I'm not afraid to die. I realize now there's something I haven't got past. This fear... of ever going through any of that again. Of losing somebody I care about.

[interrogating Cobblepot at the Iceburg Lounge]

Batman: I wanna know who she is, and what she has to do with this murder.

Oswald Cobblepot: Whose murder?

Batman: The mayor's.

Oswald Cobblepot: [looking at the picture Batman's given him] Is that the mayor? Oh, shit, it is! Look at that.

[Batman slams Cobblepot against a window, cracking it]

Batman: Don't make me hurt you.

Oswald Cobblepot: You better watch it. You know my reputation?

Batman: Yeah, I do. Do you?

Oswald Cobblepot: Look... I'm just the proprietor, okay? I mean, what people do here ain't got nothing to do with me.

The Riddler: You know, I was there that day. The day the great Thomas Wayne announced he was running for mayor, made all those promises. Well, a week later he was dead, and everybody just forgot about us. All they could talk about was poor Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne, the orphan. Orphan. Living in some tower over the park isn't being an orphan. Looking down on everyone, with all that money. Don't you tell me. Do you know what being an orphan is? It's 30 kids to a room. 12 years old and already a drophead, numbing the pain. You wake up screaming with rats chewing your fingers. And every winter, one of the babies die because it's so cold. But, oh, no. Let's talk about the billionaire with the lying, dead daddy, because at least the money makes it go down easy.

Batman: You think you'll be remembered? You're a pathetic psychopath, begging for attention.

The Riddler: No.

Batman: You're gonna die alone in Arkham.

The Riddler: No. No, no, no!

Batman: A nobody!

The Riddler: NO! AHHHHH! This is not how this was supposed to go! Ahhhhh! I had it all planned out! We were gonna be safe here. We could watch the whole thing together.

Batman: Watch what?

The Riddler: Everything! It was all there. You mean you didn't figure it out? Oh, you're really not as smart as I thought you were. I guess I gave you too much credit.

Batman: Wednesday, November 6th. The city is underwater. The National Guard is coming. Martial law is in effect, but the criminal element never sleeps. Looting and lawlessness will be rampant in the parts of the city no one can get to. I can already see things will get worse before they get better. And some will seize the chance to grab everything they can.

Bella Reál: [at a press conference] We will rebuild. But not just our city. We must rebuild people's faith in our institutions, in our elected officials, in each other. Together, we will learn to believe in Gotham again.

Oswald Cobblepot: [when Selina sees Batman for the first time] It's okay, baby. Mr. Vengeance here, he don't bite.

Carmine Falcone: [Batman perp-walks him out of his club] Jesus. Look at you, man. What do... what do you think this is? You think you're gonna scare me with that mask and that cape? I'm gonna start crying and all of a sudden, some big secret's coming out? Let me tell you something. Whatever I know, whatever I've done, it's all going with me to my grave.

[seeing Gordon]

Carmine Falcone: What, are you with Zorro over here? Don't you know you boys in blue work for me?

James Gordon: [leading him out, where a group of GCPD officers wait] I guess we don't all work for you.

The Riddler: Hey, guys. Uh, thanks for all the comments, and, uh, a special thanks to everyone for the tips on detonators.

Officer Martinez: Detonators?

The Riddler: I just want to say this will be my last post for a little while, and, uh... what this community has meant to me these weeks, these months, let's just say none of us... is alone anymore. Okay?

Batman: Jesus.

The Riddler: Tomorrow's Election Day. And Bella Reál will win. She promised real change. But we know the truth, don't we? You've seen Gotham's true face now. Together, we've unmasked it. Its corruption, its perversion masquerading under the guise of renewal. But unmasking is not enough. The day of judgment is finally upon us. And now it is time for retribution. I've parked seven vans all along the city seawall. And on the big night, they will go boom. When the vans blow, the flooding will happen so fast, evacuation will not be an option. Those who are not washed away will race through the streets in terror.

Batman: Call Gordon.

Officer Martinez: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

The Riddler: As breaking news hits higher ground in Gotham Square Garden, celebrations will turn to panic as the venue becomes the city's shelter of last resort. And that's where all of you come in.

[looking at the video's comments, Batman sees mentions of rifles and calibers]

The Riddler: Now, when the time arrives, I will already be unmasked. The pigs will have me in their custody, but that's okay. Because then it will be your turn. You'll be there, waiting. It's time for the lies to finally end. False promises of renewal? CHANGE? We'll give them real, real change now. We've spent our lives in this wretched place, SUFFERING! Wondering, "Why us?" Now they will spend their last moments wondering, "Why them?"

Batman: Was it worth it?

Selina Kyle: What?

Batman: Compromising yourself for money. What'd you have to do to set up that score? How close did you have to get to Penguin? To Falcone?

Selina Kyle: You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Falcone owes me that money.

Batman: He owes you?

Selina Kyle: Yeah, and a lot more.

Batman: Oh, really? Why's that?

Selina Kyle: You know what? I can't even talk to you.

Batman: [stopping her from leaving] No! I want to know why a guy like Falcone would owe you anything.

Selina Kyle: Because he's my father! My mother worked at the 44 Below. Just like Anni. She used to take me there when I was a little girl.

Batman: To the club?

Selina Kyle: Yeah. I hid out in the dressing room while she worked. Used to see him there. He scared the shit out of me. And I could never understand why he looked at me the way he did. Then one night, my mother told me who he was. When I was seven, my mother was murdered. Strangled. Never found out who. Probably some creep from the club. Anyway, social services came to take me away, and he didn't say a thing. Couldn't even look at me. He owes me that money.

Batman: I'm sorry. For what I said.

Selina Kyle: Ah, it's all right. You assume the worst in people. Which, well... maybe we're not so different after all.

Batman: We didn't do anything together.

The Riddler: We did. What did we just do? I asked you to bring him in the light, and you did. We're such a good team.

Batman: We're not a team.

The Riddler: I never could have gotten him out of there. I-I'm not physical. My strength is up here.

[indicating his brain]

The Riddler: I mean, I... I had all the pieces, I had the answers. But I didn't know how to make them listen. You gave me that.

Batman: I gave you nothing.

The Riddler: You showed me what was possible. You showed me all it takes is fear and a little focused violence. You inspired me.

Batman: You're out of your goddamn mind.

Catwoman: What, do you live in a cave?

Batman: Cat burglar pulling another score?

Selina Kyle: What?

Batman: Wasn't sure I'd see you again.

Selina Kyle: Yeah, well, things were getting a little hot for me, so... how could they do that to her? That piece of shit cop, Kenzie. Her body was in his car. I'm gonna find him and I'm gonna make him pay. You gonna help me?

Batman: Help you?

Selina Kyle: Yeah. I thought you were "Vengeance."

Batman: Your friend got involved with the wrong people. She didn't know any better. Maybe you should have explained it to her.

Selina Kyle: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Batman: It means your choices have consequences.

The Riddler: Since your justice is so select, please tell us which vermin you're paid to protect.

District Attorney Gil Colson: Which vermin?

Batman: The rat. The informant you all protect from the Salvatore Maroni case.

District Attorney Gil Colson: How do you know about that?

Batman: What's his name?

The Riddler: Twenty seconds.

District Attorney Gil Colson: No.

Batman: He's gonna kill you.

District Attorney Gil Colson: I'm a dead man either way. You're talking to a dead man, okay? If I go out this way, it's just me. But if I give over that name, I have family, people I love. He'll kill them, too.

Batman: Who will?

District Attorney Gil Colson: People are watching.

Batman: What people?

District Attorney Gil Colson: It's so much bigger than you could ever imagine. It's the whole system!

The Riddler: Five! Four!

District Attorney Gil Colson: Oh, God, have mercy on me.

The Riddler: Three! Goodbye!

[the bomb timer hits zero and detonates]

Commissioner Pete Savage: [to Batman] This must be your favorite time of year, huh pal? Happy fuckin' Halloween.

Oswald Cobblepot: You guys realize I'm still here, right?

Catwoman: The bat and the cat. It's got a nice ring.

James Gordon: MCU.

The Riddler: Your mask is amazing. I wish you could've seen me in mine. Ain't it funny? All everyone wants to do is unmask you, but they're missing the point. You and I both know I'm looking at the real you right now. My mask allowed me to be myself completely. No shame, no limits.

Batman: Why did you write me?

The Riddler: What do you mean?

Batman: All those cards.

The Riddler: I told you, we've been doing this together. You're a part of this.

Batman: Rata Alada. A falcon has wings, too.

James Gordon: Falcone is the rat? Falcone works for you guys? The mayor? The D.A.?

Kenzie: No. We work for him. Everybody does.

Batman: How?

Kenzie: Through Renewal. Renewal is everything.

James Gordon: The Renewal Fund?

Kenzie: Yeah. After Thomas Wayne died, they all went after it like vultures. The mayor, Falcone, Maroni. Everyone got in on it. It was perfect for making bribes, laundering money. A huge charitable fund with no oversight. Everybody got a piece. But Falcone wanted more. So he orchestrated a play to take Maroni down big. He'd rat out his drops operation, make the careers of everybody that went after him, and then install them all as his puppets. You think this goddamn election matters? Falcone's the mayor. He's been the mayor for the last 20 years.

Catwoman: Come on, Vengeance. Let's go kill that son of a bitch. This creep, too. Let's finish this.

Kenzie: [cowering as she raises her gun] Oh, God!

Batman: No! We'll get him. But not that way.

Catwoman: There is no other way! He owns the city!

Batman: Cross that line, you'll become just like him.

Batman: You're leaving.

Selina Kyle: [jumping in surprise] Jesus. Don't you ever just say hello?

Batman: Where will you go?

Selina Kyle: I don't know. Upstate. Bludhaven, maybe. Why? You asking me to stay?

[getting her answer from his silence]

Selina Kyle: You know this place is never gonna change. With Carmine gone, it's only gonna get worse for you. There's gonna be a power grab. It'll be bloody.

Batman: I know. But the city can change.

Selina Kyle: It won't.

Batman: I have to try.

The Riddler: I told you I'd see you in hell.

Batman: What do you want from me?

The Riddler: Want? If only you knew how long I've been waiting for this day. For this moment. I've been invisible my whole life. I guess I won't be anymore, will I? They'll remember me now. They'll remember both of us.

Oswald Cobblepot: Goddamn rat.

Carmine Falcone: What'd you say?

Oswald Cobblepot: Enjoy your night at Blackgate, Carmine. Probably be your last.

Carmine Falcone: Oh-ho! So you're a big man now, Oz, huh?

Oswald Cobblepot: Maybe I am.

Carmine Falcone: Really, Oz? Because to me, you were always just a gimp in an empty suit.

Bella Reál: [with Bruce at Mayor Mitchell's memorial] You know, you really could be doing more for this city. Your family has a history of philanthropy, but as far as I can tell, you're not doing anything. If I'm elected, I want to change that.

Batman: [finding a note from the Riddler] "I'm mad about you. Want to know my name? Just look inside and see."

[opening it, he sees the punchline "But wait, I cannot tell you. It might spoil the chemistry", along with a hand-written note at the bottom]

Batman: "Follow the maze until you find the rat. Bring him into the light, and you'll find where I'm at."

James Gordon: The hell is that? "Bring him into the light"? "Find the rat"?

Batman: I don't know.

Batman: What do you know about a confidential informant in the Maroni case?

James Gordon: Yeah, sure there was.

Batman: That's the rat we're looking for. Somehow, Riddler knows who he is. If we find the rat, maybe it'll lead us to him.

James Gordon: Where are you getting this?

Batman: I have a source who spoke to the D.A. tonight. Gil's very nervous. I think the killer's targeting people close to that case.

James Gordon: I worked that case.

Batman: Riddler's not after you.

James Gordon: How do you know?

Batman: You're not corrupt.

James Gordon: Colson's dirty? Maybe I, uh... I go after him. Lean on him to give up the rat.

Batman: It's too dangerous. They made a secret deal with this guy. Who knows how many people it touches. Politicians. Police. The courts. It could tear the whole city apart.

James Gordon: Jesus, this is a powder keg.

Batman: And Riddler's the match.

The Riddler: [communicating with Batman through an online chat room] Did you find him?

Batman: El Rata Alada?

The Riddler: Yes.

Batman: Maybe. Is a penguin a rat with wings?

The Riddler: Interesting. You're missing the big picture.

James Gordon: What the hell does that mean? Is he or isn't he?

The Riddler: I need to show you more for you to understand. My next victim is the biggest piece of the puzzle yet.

Batman: Victim? Dead?

The Riddler: He will be soon. Here's a clue to where you can find him...

James Gordon: [reading along] "I grew up from a seed, tough as a weed. But in a mansion, in a slum, I'll never know where I come from. Do you know what I am?" Any idea?

Batman: Yeah. It's an orphan.

[typing to Riddler]

Batman: An orphan?

The Riddler: Good bye.

Batman: [the chat closes] A mansion in a slum. He's talking about the old orphanage.

James Gordon: The one that burned down?

Batman: It was part of the Wayne estate. They donated it after they built the tower.

Alfred: Shall I take this as a good sign?

Bruce Wayne: What?

Alfred: Your attire. Is Bruce Wayne making an actual appearance?

Bruce Wayne: There's a public memorial for Mayor Mitchell. Serial killers like to follow reactions to their crimes. Riddler might not be able to resist.

Alfred: Oh, that reminds me. I've taken the liberty of doing a little work on this latest cipher. The one from the rat maze. I'm afraid his Spanish is not perfect, but I'm fairly certain this translates to "You are El Rata Alada."

Bruce Wayne: Rata Alada? "Rat with wings"?

Alfred: It's slang for "pigeon." Does that mean anything to you?

Bruce Wayne: Yeah. A stool pigeon.

Alfred: Where are your cufflinks?

Bruce Wayne: I couldn't find them.

Alfred: [taking his off] Well, you can't go out like that.

Bruce Wayne: Alfred, I don't want your cufflinks.

Alfred: You have to keep up appearances. You're still a Wayne.

Bruce Wayne: And what about you? Are you a Wayne?

Alfred: Your father gave them to me.

Selina Kyle: Hey, Dad.

Carmine Falcone: What?

Selina Kyle: I'm Maria Kyle's kid. You remember her?

Carmine Falcone: Yeah. Just... just put down the gun, honey.

Selina Kyle: This is for my mother.

[as she fires, the building's power goes out]

Selina Kyle: [Batman stops her from killing Falcone] He has to pay!

Batman: You don't have to pay with him. You paid enough.

James Gordon: It's not safe for you here. We need to get you out, Ms. Reál.

Bella Reál: I'm not going anywhere.

James Gordon: We're under attack, ma'am.

Bella Reál: Exactly! That's the problem with this city. Everyone's afraid to stand up and do the right thing, but I'm not.

Officer Martinez: Police! Hands up!

James Gordon: He said put your goddamn hands up, you son of a bitch.

Edward Nashton: [raising his hands in surrender and turning around] I just ordered a slice of pumpkin pie.

Batman: Dangerous crowd you're stealing from.

Catwoman: [jumping in surprise] Jesus. Is this how you get your kicks, hon? Sneaking up on girls in the dark?

Batman: Is that why you work in the club? It was all just a score?

Catwoman: You know, I would love to sit and go over every gory detail with you, bat boy, but, uh, those assholes are coming back.

James Gordon: Bock put out on APB on you. You really think he's in on this?

Batman: I don't trust any of 'em. Do you?

James Gordon: I only trust you.

Batman: What's a narcotics cop doing with Falcone's right-hand man?

James Gordon: Colson said, "Cops protect the rat." Maybe Kenzie's part of it.

Batman: You think Penguin's the rat?

James Gordon: His club caters to the mob. Maroni practically lived there. Penguin would have been privy to a lot of dirt. D.A. was a regular, too. Maybe Penguin got himself into a jam and working a deal was his only way out.

Batman: The Rata Alada.

James Gordon: The what?

Batman: Riddler's latest. The cipher in the maze. It means "a rat with wings." Like a stool pigeon.

James Gordon: A penguin's got wings, too.

Batman: Time for me to have another conversation with him.

James Gordon: What about the Riddler? He's gonna kill again.

Batman: It's all connected. Like it or not, it's his game now. You want to find the Riddler, we gotta find that rat.

James Gordon: [a car literally crashes Mayor Mitchell's memorial service] Get out of the car and show your hands! Get out!

[with some effort, the driver gets out]

James Gordon: Get 'em up! Get out! Show 'em!

[seeing him with a bomb around his neck]

James Gordon: Christ, it's Colson.

Batman: Who's the Riddler?

Oz: Riddler? How should I know?

James Gordon: Let's make it easy for you, Oz. Cops caught you doing something. They were gonna shut you down, put you away. So you gave up a bigger fish to save your ass.

Batman: You ratted out Salvatore Maroni. His drops operation.

James Gordon: But the cops, the city officials, the mayor, the D.A., they got greedy, right? Wasn't enough, a big, career-making bust. They wanted to take over the drops business, too, but they needed a minor-league mope like you to run it.

Batman: You don't just work for Carmine Falcone. You work for them, too.

Oz: What are you, crazy?

James Gordon: That why you killed the girl?

Oz: I didn't kill no girl!

Batman: We know she worked for you at the 44 Below.

James Gordon: But she got too close, right? Found out from Mitchell that you were the rat, so you killed her. But somehow, Riddler found out, too. He knows so much about you. You must know about him.

Batman: Who is he?

Oz: Boy, you guys are a hell of a duet here. Why don't you start harmonizing? There's only one problem with your little scenario, okay? I ain't no rat! You got any idea what Carmine Falcone would do to me if he heard this kind of talk?

James Gordon: Oh, you don't wanna talk about rats, huh? Maybe we can talk about what they did to my partner's face.

Oz: [in disgust at a picture Gordon shows him] Holy God, what are you showing me here?

James Gordon: This was around his head!

James Gordon: [following one of the Riddler's clues] "Sins of the father."

Batman: Shall be visited upon the son.

James Gordon: Jesus. His next target is Bruce Wayne.

[turning and seeing Batman is gone]

James Gordon: Hey!

The Riddler: Say hello to my followers. We're live. They're here to watch our little trial. At the moment, the man across from you, Mr. Colson, is dead. But wait a minute...

District Attorney Gil Colson: Jesus, can we get somebody out here? This psycho's gonna kill me!


District Attorney Gil Colson: Okay.

The Riddler: I'm giving you a chance. No one ever gave me a chance. Now, ever since I was a child, I've always loved little puzzles. For me, they are a retreat from the horrors of our world. Maybe they can bring some comfort to you, too, Mr. Colson.

District Attorney Gil Colson: You want me to do puzzles?

The Riddler: Three riddles in two minutes. You give me the answers, and I'll give you the code for the lock.

James Gordon: He waited for him at the gym. Pete always liked to work out late at night, when no one else was around.

Batman: There's a needle mark on his neck.

James Gordon: Injected him with arsenic.

Batman: Rat poison.

James Gordon: Yeah. That seems to be his theme here. Look at this thing.

Batman: It's a maze.

James Gordon: What kind of demented son of a bitch does this to a person?

Batman: [giving the maze a once-over with a blacklight] More symbols. It's another cipher.

James Gordon: [looking through surveillance photos] He blasted these out after his message went viral. Bastard murders you and your reputation.

Batman: That guy pushes drops. On the east end.

James Gordon: I don't get it. Why would Pete get involved in something like this?

Batman: Looks like he got greedy.

James Gordon: You kidding me? After everything we did to take down the Maronis? We busted their entire operation, then he caves to some lowlife dealer?

Batman: Maybe he's not who you thought.

James Gordon: You make it sound like he had it coming.

Batman: He was a cop. Crossed a line.

Chief Mackenzie Bock: You protecting this guy, Jim? He interfered in an active hostage situation. Colson's blood is on his hands.

Batman: Maybe it's on yours.

Chief Mackenzie Bock: What'd you say?

Batman: He would rather die than talk. What was he afraid of?

Batman: [following Penguin, whom he and Gordon suspect is a GCPD informant] It's a drug lab. Drops. This is a buy.

James Gordon: Looks like they got Maroni's operation up and running again.

Batman: Or they never shut it down at all.

James Gordon: What are you saying? The biggest drug bust in GCPD history was a fraud?

Batman: [hearing a motorcycle approach, he sees Selina get off] This just got complicated.

James Gordon: What do you mean?

District Attorney Gil Colson: I mean, this Riddler, he's going after the most powerful people in the city. He knows so much.

Travis: He doesn't know shit, man.

District Attorney Gil Colson: What are you talking about? Yeah, he does! What about that rat...

Ritchie: Hey, hey. Gil, come on.

Batman: Hey.

Ritchie: Think maybe you had a little too much. Slow down.

Batman: The rat. Ask him about the rat.

Selina Kyle: [putting her hand on Colson's leg] Hey, what's this about a rat?

District Attorney Gil Colson: I mean, there was a rat. We had an informant. We had big-time information on Salvatore Maroni. That's how we got him out of the drops business.

Batman: He's talking about the Maroni case.

District Attorney Gil Colson: But if this guy knows, it's gonna come out. And when it does, this whole city's gonna come apart.

Batman: [using Selina as his eyes and ears inside the 44 Below] These guys have a little problem with eye contact, don't they?

Selina Kyle: Feels good, doesn't it?

[passing by a group of patrons]

Selina Kyle: Jesus, I hate dropheads.

Batman: Really? 'Cause when I first saw you, it looked like you were dealing for Penguin.

Selina Kyle: You don't know what you're talking about. Can we not... can we not do this right now?

Batman: [recognizing someone she passes] Wait. Who was that?

Selina Kyle: Oh, I saw him.

Batman: Look back.

Selina Kyle: If I look back, it's gonna be a whole can of worms.

Batman: I need to see his face.

Selina Kyle: Jesus.

Batman: [getting an ID] That's the DA. Gil Colson.

Selina Kyle: And he's coming over. You happy?

James Gordon: Are you El Rata Alada?

Oz: El Rata Alada?

James Gordon: Yeah, a rat with wings. A stool pigeon. That's not you? The symbols in the maze, right here. It says you are El Rata Alada.

Oz: "You are El Rata"? It says that?

James Gordon: Why, you got something to tell us?

Oz: Yeah! It's, like, the worst Spanish I ever heard.

James Gordon: What?

Oz: It's "La." La rata. What, is this Riddler stupid or something? Jesus! Look at you two. World's greatest detectives! Am I the only one here who knows the difference between "el" and "la"? Jesus! No habla espanol, fellas?

James Gordon: Do me a favor, shithead, shut up! You think he made a mistake?

Batman: He doesn't make mistakes.

Oz: A rat with wings? You know what that sounds like to me? A friggin' bat! Huh? You ever think of that?

Batman: [considering the clue] "You are El Rata." You... are... El.

James Gordon: [on a tablet, Batman enters the URL ""] Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he isn't as smart as...

Batman: [a text chat opens] Wait.

James Gordon: Is that him?

[they receive an incoming message]

James Gordon: Holy shit.

Batman: Thursday, October 31st. The city streets are crowded for the holiday. Even with the rain. Hidden in the chaos is the element, waiting to strike like snakes. And I'm there too. Watching. 2 years of nights have turned me into a nocturnal animal. I must choose my targets carefully. It's a big city. I can't be everywhere. But they don't know where I am. We have a signal now, for when I'm needed. When that light hits the sky, it's not just a call- it's a warning. To them. Fear is a tool. They think I'm hiding in the shadows. But I AM the shadows. I wish I could say I'm making a difference, but I don't know. Murder, robberies, assault- 2 years later, they're all up. And now this. This city's eating itself. Maybe it can't be saved, but i have to try. PUSH MYSELF. These nights all roll together in a rush, Behind the mask. Sometimes in the morning i have to force myself to remember everything that happened.

District Attorney Gil Colson: [with a bomb around his neck, courtesy of the Riddler] He made me do it. I'm so sorry. He told me if I didn't do exactly what he said, he'd kill me. I'm so sorry.

Batman: Looks like a combination lock.

District Attorney Gil Colson: Can't we just cut it off?

Batman: Not if you want to keep your head.

District Attorney Gil Colson: You want a drop?

Selina Kyle: Uh, no, I'm good. But you enjoy.

District Attorney Gil Colson: Hope you don't mind. I got a lot on my shoulders with that psycho running around.

Batman: He's wasted.

Selina Kyle: No shit.