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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Thought majority of Power was 9 or 10/10 however it got a bit repetitive as each story is tommy and ghost doubting each other then making up again. Ending the final season well was not possible as too many plot lines had been created, making it impossible to wrap them all up in one go. Don't think Ghost's death was nearly dramatic enough and they shouldn't have killed the main character with 5 eps to go.
  • People can say what they want about 50 cent but he did a great job with this show. Power looks genuine and the story is very appealing. The cast in the show are marvelous especially Omari Hardwick. Expect this actor in great roles in the future. I really hope this show makes 2-3 seasons because the quality of the first episode was too good. The soundtrack of the Movie is good too, they use popular songs in a couple of scenes. The cars, the suits and the Environment is very well picked. I live in Sweden and i hope this will come to Europe. There are too many bad series on TV and this show would fit TV anywhere. I will follow this shot until the very end and i will enjoy it. This show is above of what i expected.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I tolerated the forced stereotyping of all the characters in Power, but the final series is pretty much unwatchable. As for "who shot Ghost?", I couldn't care anymore, in fact if the entire cast were wiped out in a mass shooting, it would probably be a happy release from the farce that this show has become. I'm even expecting Ghost to wake up in the shower to find out that he's been dreaming.
  • "Power" is a great show that seems to invite the viewer to watch more and more of it. I couldn't just stop at one episode, I had to watch them one after another. Some may have their doubts on this show, but I must say it is one of my favorites, due to the fact that it has a great story line and is balanced perfectly between scenes. I can't wait to see where the show goes and how the characters will change throughout the show. 50 Cent has done an excellent job in making this show not just good, but great.

    I'm surprised this show doesn't have a higher rating because I believe it deserves it. A must watch for anyone who wants something different.

    8.8 out of 10
  • Plot , story line fine, but it is a bit useless to have the sex scene every 15 min. Yes people have sex, but do not ruin the show with all the overrated sex scences. Kinda exposes you as a writer
  • jasonandnick617 November 2019
    Starts off great, I really enjoyed watching series 1,2 & 3, however the story soon becomes monotonous and predictable and simply more of the same. Nudity in the first few seasons is a bit ott but this subsides after season 4. Had massive potential but poor writing has killed it, well for me anyway.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    50 Cent and STARZ Have made a really solid show in Power. Great well mixed cast of mostly well known actors who are all very believable in their rolls. The story so far is very well developed, and once you get past the introductions (and the show gets down to the truth) and the real business is revealed, then you are rewarded with the darkness that really runs things. This is shaping up to be a really good series, and with Starz you know there will be no corners cut, they have real competition out there, and they know it. This show in a nutshell is the family values of Luck or Ray Donovan or even Sopranos, and all the secret back room, and backseat goings on as well. Full of sex, and violence, but mostly a story of one powerful man and all of the things he needs to keep in the air at once.

    Jesse of
  • Pointless sex scenes every episode to keep the teenagers happy. Fairly poor dialogue and someterrible over acting by Joseph Sikora.

    Updated: I actually had to knock a star off because plot holes are bigger and dumber, and the acting gets worse.

    Season 6 opens up with stellar dialogue such as "you killed X. X is dead" yep, usually when you kill people they are dead. Brain dead writing.
  • I started watching this and at first I found it was entertaining. Then as it progressed the story line just became more and absurd. Whoever wrote this has no idea what they are doing. They have lost the plot so to speak. Totally unbelievable. And some of the acting is just terrible. Cannot believe it is rating so high with some people, they must be easily entertained by rubbish.
  • Power was such a good show that kept you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire series! The acting and writing were so good that the show just sucked you into their world! Even though the ending was terrible it doesn't change the fact that it was still a very good show.
  • Justin-MMA-198713 January 2020
    I originally loved this show and had it 10/10 but how season 5 is unfolding it goes to 5/10 this season is complete garbage
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A pretentious, poorly designed cliche of a drama. The usual stereotypes, written by folks obviously with 'media created' delusions of urban life. Probably writing the scripts while drinking coffee at Starbucks and getting ideas from the news. So, Gangster wannabes, crooked police 'thinking like 'the perps', hot on their trail, but unable to arrest anyone, white and black 'thugs,' ready to shoot anyone who crosses them, anger management issues (only associated with urban life of course), home dysfunction, drugs, gratuitous violence, and political intrigue. Just another in a long line of cultural hit pieces that is racist, formulaic, and propaganda. Enjoy, since it probably won't stray far from what most brain-washed Americans are comfortable with in it's story-telling. It will 'fit the narrative.'
  • Tariq started all this sh** and he just gets to walk away from everything. Bullsh** writing!!! The way he talked to his father is a fantasy because there's no way in h*** a black boy is gonna talk to his father like that and is ok with no repercussions. Like I said before dumb a** writing.
  • umc-1500315 March 2017
    It seems like the writer draws a blank and throws a sex scene in every ten minutes, take a refresher course or something, the scenes w/o the sex are way more entertaining. If I want to watch porn, I'll do so. We get it, the characters know what sex is and how to have it, message received.
  • This is an average show at best. I sort of enjoyed it..however, its nothing more than average. The acting in this series really kills it for me. Perhaps I would of enjoyed it more if I wasn't constantly having to look away and cringe from some of the acting and asking myself, " how the hell does this make sense?".

    The main star is the best actor of the cast. After him, 50 cent is the next best..that doesn't say much.

    A lot of things in this show are extremely annoying. eg. Ghosts wife, who the hell calls their husband by his street nickname? Am i the only one who finds that ridiculous? Her acting is so bad it makes me cringe. I find myself having to look away almost every time she is on screen for more than 10 seconds. also, what kind of a drug "kingpin" tells his wife about every single thing happening in his business? Has that ever happened in the history of drug dealing?! I bet not.

    The best dramas take from real life..and it feels like with this show it is very unrealistic.. it is just another "drug dealer" show.

    I can go on and on about all the annoying and unrealistic things about this show, but I will just leave it at this. The main character shows a lot of potential. I see him moving on to bigger and better projects in the future. As for this show, I really don't think it competes with the better TV dramas on right now.

    I would rate this show a flat 7/10.
  • Overall this show was great! But they ruined the ending just as bad as the Game of Thrones ending. The last episode has the lowest rating in the history of the entire show.
  • snoop24200316 June 2014
    Not gonna lie this show has me and my girl hooked on Saturday nights, it doesn't look b-rated as we thought it might and has a very appealing storyline. Honestly i cant wait to see where we will be in a few more episodes...DOPE SHOW, DOPE CAST, just plain Ole DOPE!!!!!! 50 has not asserted himself in the cast to where he is taking over the screen or ball hogging. The main cast are definitely working well together. I cant complain on the place the show is going. Plus its nice to see some fresh African American content being added to the Saturday night lineups. The soundtrack and music keep it feeling fresh so your not bored with unknown low quality tunes playing in the background like most of OUR shows. Im happy and excited and so is my girl.
  • Not my usual show at all. Flicking for something to watch on Netflix and this show has shocked me. Really good, exciting story line with quick and unexpected twists! Really enjoying it! 4th season in now and really enjoying! Would recommend not to read the description as it didn't do justice at all, just watch open minded and it won't disappoint!
  • This is the cheesiest show I've seen in a LONG time, I didn't even think they made them like this anymore? Baffled as to how there's so many positive reviews. The acting is awful and it's all so predictable. This is my first ever review, I felt compelled to write this as I don't think there's a balanced view on here for some reason!
  • jasonmcguire-171347 December 2019
    So just my opinion but you know when you watch a movie and know right away this is a made for tv movie.. ie no theatre release just straight to video? this is the tv series of that. like they put a good effort in but it's just kind of lame with no big names or good writing just put it on in the background if you miss it you don't care but if it's on you watch.
  • Are you trying to piss off and anger all your true fans of this show?? Because man you're definitely doing a good job with that! Here's where we're at:

    -Show abruptly ending after this season -Made us all wait months to get to the last half of the final season -Created horrible last few episodes all for characters with a tiny amount of screen time. Who we literally don't know while you try to make us feel bad or feel some other way about these small time characters we really couldn't care less about! Just completely worthless episodes. -Now already you're pushing the shows back. Making us wait 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 like in the past! Couldn't even get to the 5th episode before making us all wait again! -It really seems like we're being held hostage by you all! -Dangling the final mystery over our heads while you take your leisurely time making us watch completely irrelevant episodes till you're all good and ready!
    • This is literally the definition of taunting!!
    -Hyping these final episodes to such an extent that you'll never be able to live up to!

    ..... did I miss anything here??

    Its really messed up to do this to your loyal fans! It doesn't take a genius to see this. To see what you're doing! This is your way of thanking us for watching this series this long.. over what, like 6 seasons! Why are you doing this? You are literally ruining the show and it will now never be viewed the same way!! Every episode this last half season, drags the show down lower and lower!

    This isn't right or fair. How disappointing! It should've been getting better and better as it comes to a final end! But it's now crystal clear that you're actually sprinting in the opposite direction!

    You should be ashamed! Rating just went from a 8/10 to a 2/10... way to go everyone
  • Poor casting, awful writing, bad acting and the direction could be better. If not for a fair storyline, albeit cliché, this would struggle to get two stars. Shallow, and hard to watch. No rhythm to the writing and regularly insults the audience in the storytelling. I'm amazed at what holds people's attention these days. I lasted an episode whilst writing this. Poor.
  • Up until 3 weeks ago I hadn't known anything about this series. Then it popped up among my streaming recommendations. I was like: there's 6 seasons, the reviews are good, maybe I should give it a try.

    Maan, it was my best decision since Breaking Bad. Both the acting and the script are superior, the story takes place in NYC which I love, so I totally got hooked up. I binge watched 6 seasons in 3 weeks and I wish there was more. I have high hopes for the spin-offs, especially the one with Tommy.

    What I really liked in the show was the constantly changing business landscape, just like in the real world. You need to adapt to the new situation otherwise you're out of the game very quickly. And this is why I could watch this series for decades. It would never be boring. Kids would grow up, political players would come and go, drug lords would rise and fall, and only the smartest, toughest can survive.

    I will always remember this show!
  • What nits Power together perfectly is the action, the plot, the twist and turns, but mainly the legalities that are factored in from the lawyers, district attorneys, cops and judges. It's a mesh of great compiled components.
  • mettallas5 October 2020
    Personally speaking, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST TV Show I'VE EVER WATCHED!!! I would like to give my CONGRATULATIONS to the whole Team,Cast etc. as well as any other third parties that participated to the production of this wonderful tv show!!! Power for me is a masterpiece!!! If you are into action, drama is your type of series then you should see this TV Show.
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