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  • This second volume of niche porn for masochists benefits from casting some hot ladies, but is still hard to watch. It seems to have been filmed at the same time as Volume 1, with many of the same support players.

    Gimmick is humiliation of the male performer playing the husband role (or underling, cuckold being a loose term here), subjected to intense verbal and some physical abuse. The guys who play those roles seem to make a living, as they have hundreds of mainly NonSex credits in porn.

    The great Karen Fisher brings her big body to one vignette, humped by Black performer Dirk Huge while her hubby Jimmy Broadway gets a bit of 3-way action but is treated with utter contempt. Face-sitting from Fisher serves a dual purpose of smothering.

    Also larger than life is NIkita Von James, taking on stud Evan Stone while her hubby Jeremy Conway suffers. Similarly, Jessica Bangkok takes great delight in picking on wimp Marcelo (who looks a lot like Jeremy), while having sex with hammy (and nasty) Kurt Lockwood, slumming after being a relatively big star in mainstream porn a decade earlier. Lockwood offers cash for the privilege in an unfunny little skit, wearing the same suit he wore in the first Mean Cuckold DVD.

    Since this is pegged as outlaw porn, trying to be more outrageous than the usual Adult content in order to attract attention and eyeballs, Ryan McLane portrays a priest who humps Cali Carter, who is unsatisfyied with her husband Dominik Kross not standing up to her.

    Ross is caught in a Catch-22 situation, since she insists on dominating him but is angry that he is willing to be dominated, that conundrum supposedly meant to tickle the viewer. But like all attempts at humor in these deadly dull 3-hour videos about cuckolding, it falls flat.