There are two different theatrical endings.

The trailer was uploaded first in the real dark web by the director himself.

An original plotline was to feature Laura Barns targeting college freshmen on a skype connected game night, for their part in her online humiliation and death.

Filmed in secret for a release in 2018.

Was originally called Unfriended: Game Night. It was likely changed to avoid confusion with the [link:nm0000867]-led comedy [link:tt2704998]

Does not continue the killing spree of Laura Barns from the first film and instead features an all new killer.

Shelley Hennig, the protagonist Blaire Lily of the original film, was slated at a point to return for an original treatment of Dark Web.

Pays homage to the 2013 real-time desktop horror film The Den, where the teenage protagonists are contending with a killer connected who revels in Internet broadcast abduction, torture, and murder.

Betty Gabriel is a frequent star in Blumhouse Horror films: From portraying Georgina in Blumhouse's Oscar Winning Horror Piece Get Out to portraying hero Laney Rucker in The Purge: Election Year.

Colin Woodell (Matias) and Andrew Lees (Damon) both appear in the CW TV show, The Originals. Woodell appears in season two and five, playing Josh (Steven Krueger's) boyfriend. Lees plays Lucien Castle, the antagonist of the third season.

Released amidst several real time desktop thrillers inspired by the first Unfriended including Searching (2018) and Profile (2018).

Douglas Tait, who portrays Charon IV, had previously starred in Teen Wolf as the Pathologist while Shelley Hennig, who portrayed lead protagonist Blaire Lily in the first Unfriended, starred as main cast character Malia Tate in the series. A tab for Teen Wolf's Fourth Season was visible on Blaire Lily's desktop.

One of two Blumhouse slasher horror sequels following a first installment released in 2015, the other being The Gallows, which was followed by The Gallows 2 (2018).

Unfriended Dark Web releases on July 20

DJ Lexx's building jump death sequence plays from an originally cut scene in the first film that featured suicide videos.