Stephen Armourae was a pupil at St Joseph's Convent. Having started the documentary, there are now 100 former pupils involved.

The convent was founded by French nuns in 1901.

The founder of the convent and the school, Sister Marie-Claire Villette was just 16 in 1901.

Sister Marie-Claire Villette died in 1979 on her 95th birthday.

The headmistress during the 1970s, Sister Theresa was feared for use of the cane, but was an excellent teacher who remembered her pupils decades later.

This is the same St Joseph's Convent, Sidcup that appears in movie acknowledgments.

The school was always called St. Joseph's since 190. It also had additional names: English-French School and St . Gertrude's which was the girls' senior school section of St. Joseph's.