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  • jth-7269726 July 2018
    This film is excellent at addressing the crisis of immigration. Highly recommend
  • America; I Too is an excellent contribution to the library of narrative and educational films. The short walks the audience through three cases of immigrant rights violations, giving the audience the education they need to understand the system, the difficulty it thrust upon people and underwhelmingly misunderstood reactions we have to situations like those shown.

    There are many layers to the short showing three very different lives and stories of immigrants, their families and the others that try to protect them. This film helps those in need of protection, giving aid to those that are trying to help.

    The lighting of ICE agents - although accurate in many cases - unfortunately, leaves a broad stroke of the complex department. I'd like to see more of the difficulty happening here but understand this is not their story but those that have not been given fair rights in the unjust system that is the American government right now.