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  • lor_20 December 2017
    Jace Rocker was involved with several hit comedies during the VHS era, notably "Haunted Nights" and "Arabian Nights", big hits for Wicked Pictures starring Jonathan Morgan. Morgan returns in this spoof of "Apocalypse Now", notable for a terrific Brando impression by George Kaplan.

    With an authentic looking bald head, Kaplan as Kurtz in the heart of darkness of Vietnam just months after the war ended is quite amusing throwing in many Brandoisms, including his "I coulda been a contender" dialog from "On the Waterfront". Less amusing is Marc Wallice's facile (and stupid) impression of Dennis Hopper and his "man, this, man that" doggerel from the Coppola classic as well as other stoned vintage performances of his.

    Morgan and Tom Byron are sent on a mission to stop Kaplan (as Col. Charles Remington) who has not stopped fighting the Vietnam War but is leading a group of Amazonian femme partisans including Brooke Ashley. The Byron/Morgan cross-talk comedy team is effective and the movie emphasizes Asian women genre porn with many lovelies, as well as a Caucasian ringer in Jessica James as a girlfriend back home in flashback.

    The stock footage of war and okay re-creations of Vietnam atmosphere on California locations work surprisingly well here, and the film's rip-off of music is done with great accuracy, including convincing takeoffs on Jefferson Airplane's "Go Ask Alice" and Iron Butterfly's iconic "In-a-gadda-da-vida".

    Feature was omitted from IMDb (for 20 years) until I added it this week, but was apparently shot around the time of Rocker's higher-profile "Thai Me Up", starring Asia Carrera and much of the same "Nookie" cast members.