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Turma da Mônica em uma Aventura no Tempo

The Gang's best movie yet
I have to say, so far, this has been the best rendition of the Gang up to date. I have seen all of the Gang's movies, as well as most of their shorts, and none of them have ever been this good. While the characters were still in their two-dimensional world, the special effects (mainly to the background) created a 3D feel to the story while maintaining it firmly in the world of cartoons. I have never seen a movie done quite this style before, even if there are similar ones out there.

The dialogue in the film was witty, upbeat, and very much to the style of the comics, really giving the viewer the feeling that it was almost like watching the characters interacting "behind the scenes".

What impressed me the most though was that, this time, three of the least represented sister comic Gangs (Piteco, Astronauta, and Papa-Capim) had their own little bit in the spotlight, and made part of the grand adventure. (In fact, I believe this was the first time they were ever given a "voice").

Turma da Mônica em Cinegibi: O Filme

A movie made for kids, but good for the whole family
One of the best things of this movie is that, like the original comics, it was made specifically for the younger audiences. It follows some of the classic comic magazine stories, mostly unknown to the new generation, as they were printed a while back, and gives it life for everyone to enjoy. To the little ones, it's a funny wild romp into new stories with the beloved Monica's gang - to the older audiences it's a fun new look at the stories many of us remember coming out originally in the form of a comic.

When I heard a new movie was being made for the Gang, I was excited but a little wary; after all, a full length feature for the comic had never been done with live actors mixed in before... what if that ruined the movie? As it turns out, the additions of the live actors were very sensibly put and well done and I found them rather enjoyable...


Funny and entertaining
When I watched RV for the first time, me, my parents, and my friend were camping out at an RV camp in Drumheller National Park.

We watched it with fellow RVers inside an old barn (is that a word?)and had a blast. Everyopne in that barn laughed throughout the duration of the movie.

The story's a little exaggerated on the points of RVing, but I guess that's the point. Otherwise it wouldn't be a comedy.

Great movie for the whole family that I would definitely recommend! Be prepared to laugh so hard you cry!

Two thumbs up! ^_^

Menino Maluquinho 2: A Aventura

Nutty doesn't even begin to cover it...
Just as good as the original, not to mention the visual and sound quality is a lot better... one of my favorite movies of all time - a must see for people of all ages!

The characters are now much better developed, so you can enjoy the movie without having to find out who the they are, and the story is able to move along at a faster pace. The actors have also improved, and grown along with their role. The viewer is still able to relate to the characters as much as ever, and the wisecracks are still hilarious.

Considering this is a sequel, O Menino Maluquinho 2 is as good as it gets!

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