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Okay, not Hollywood big production / explosions / car chases ...
but worth a viewing, especially if you'd like a quick primer on the history of Enzo and enjoy viewing old race cars. Movie is not about his automobiles, but focuses mostly on Enzo's life.

First, film is not the usual Hollywood big budget production, but more calm like British / French films. It does seem to go "long" in some places, but watchable anyway. Some crazy camera angles in race car scenes.

Film is narrated by "Enzo" who is describing his life to a reporter. Flashbacks start with Enzo's first experience of race cars as a child to race driver, marriage and mistress, Alfa race team, children, World War II, his own factory, and failed Ford merger.

Goes back and forth from present day to past. Reporter aspect is weird, never figured him out.

I read Enzo's autobiography twice ( which I recommend to really get a feel for Enzo) and this movie does not cover much of what is in his book (the history of his "Prancing Horse", specifics of the 1957 accident at Mille Miglia) Still, the movie brings to the screen most of his book's spirit, a kind man with a dream and determination who created a wonderful legacy.

Grazie Enzo

The Transporter

Great cult classic for men ....
The first time I watched this movie, I was hooked, I think it is a sleeper cult classic.

This movie has all the makings of a great testosterone flick. It starts with a wild car chase in France, introduces some memorable phrases, adds an attractive woman and antagonist with a very bad hair piece. There is also the required explosions and fight scenes, but they are not over-the-top.

The plot is not spectacular, but hey, it's a guy movie. Jason Statham makes a great tough guy, loved him in The Italian Job as well.

I recommend inviting your friends over, grabbing some Orangina, and watching this great movie.

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