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An ocean of sight gags and one liners.
Sight gags.One liners.Nearly every one of them hitting the funny bone.That's what you have with Airplane! They picked a genre of films to poke fun of (Airline disaster films),they packed it chock full of one liners and sight gags,so many that if you blink,you are liable to miss a major laugh.The really genius move here by the makers of this film is casting it with actors that we had grown accustomed to taking seriously (Yes,Leslie Nielson was a serious actor for many years before doing this film).They mingled them with some pretty darn funny people and the result is nothing short of a comedy classic worthy of a spot on the DVD shelf.

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

Talk about pushing the envelope!
I'm not sure how this was brought to the big screen without a hitch..It seems to have at least a small percentage of the charm you would see in (dare I compare?) any Andy Hardy film made during the day,this film takes an interesting step into the risqué.A going away party is thrown for some soon to be deployed servicemen and a girl (who disappoints a long admiring young man who is staying home) ends up married and pregnant (insert in drawn breath here..that word was banned at the time),but does not know to who because she had too much "lemonade"(as it was referred to here)..While I do love most films of the 40's,this one loses points,both for it's risqué content and Eddie Bracken's annoying stutter..This was a long awaited viewing because for some reason it is not currently available on DVD.Had to blow the dust off of my now seldom used VCR for this one after purchasing a cheap VHS copy.Perhaps I should have kept waiting..

The Producers

Wall to wall insanity!
The Producers is one of those comedies where if you blink,you most likely will miss something.Just the kind you would expect when viewing the earliest works of Mel Brooks,in particular those works that involve Gene Wilder in his prime.The Producers is wall to wall insanity,just one ridiculous action and word after another,and if you love comedy in it's truest form,you will not cease to be entertained here.Oddly,as much as I love Mel's work in the 70's (Blazing Saddles,Young Frankenstein,High Anxiety,etc),this was my first ever viewing of this film,and I can't for the life of me figure out why it took me so long.All I can say is that it was well worth the wait.

A Fish Called Wanda

Funny ride.
There are certain things that I just don't find any humor in whatsoever.The depiction of animals coming to any kind of harm is one,so I am forced to deduct points there.With that out of the way,I can't say I find much else wrong with this film.It's a comedy,and it made me laugh a time or two,so it's fair to say it did it's job.Jamie Lee Curtis,although her character isn't very likable,is her usual sexy self.She is paired well with,well,just about every man in the film: Kevin Kline,John Cleese,and she even kisses Michael Palin,which I have to admit I didn't see coming,but it was hysterical (suddenly his stuttering problem was healed briefly by the encounter).It was worth the ride,but whether or not I get on again is up in the air due to the above mentioned depictions,and may I add that vulgar language,which permeates the film,is something I've grown long in the tooth for.

When Harry Met Sally...

Great illustration of the real life quirky dating world.
I'm not huge on romantic comedies,but have enjoyed a few,but the ones I have enjoyed tend to be the ones that stray from the usual stereotypes that you associate with them.This is an example.It's dialog is more intelligent and funny.This is thanks,in big part to Billy Crystal,who has always had a clever way with words.This was developed,no doubt by his years as a stand up comic..The film has all the right ingredients for a classic romantic comedy..A funny,charming guy,a lovely and funny lady,a great supporting cast,and a truthful illustration of how quirky romance and dating really is.The real dating world is simply good fodder for a good romantic comedy film.Not all of them have been done well,but this one was.

The Polar Express

A dream,for the kid in you.
As a kid,I believed in Santa Claus,and that he lived at the North Pole,he ran a workshop where toys were made by elves,and that he delivered those toys on a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer..I believed it all,not unlike any other kid.This film sent me into a dream like state,where I am that kid from long ago,and in this dream,I was a quiet little passenger,an up close observer of all that was transpiring,and at the end,when it was all said and done,I awakened from that dream.Thank you to all who made this film and brought forth that kid me who stays hidden all too often.This movie is a Christmas treasure.


"Earn more sessions by sleeving!"
Two guys like the same girl.One has a way with words,the other does not.The girl likes the latter guy,and the latter guy wishes to approach her but doesn't want to blow it with a bad choice of words.The two men work together,so he enlists his golden tongued boss to be his coach.It's a great premise for a comedy film,one tailor made for the comedic genius of Steve Martin..It is by far Martin's silliest film and one of his best..I mean,wall to wall silliness! You may look for a dramatic moment here and there,but there's none to be found.Martin is surrounded by a great supporting cast,who all worked equally as hard as he did to make it a gem of a comedy film.

The Odd Couple

Lemmon and Matthau at their best.
We all have differences with our friends,but those differences never become truly evident until we try to live with each other.Clashes will happen,sooner or later,and this point was never better illustrated than it is in this classic comedy.Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau always had great chemistry on screen,but never more so than they did here.Those who enjoyed the pair in the Grumpy Old Men films,will get a big kick out of seeing the two go at it in earlier days.It was the constant clashing that made them work as a team,if I dare use the term,because they were such great actors individually,that they probably wouldn't have preferred to be called such.Great comedy.

Born Yesterday

Take a Holliday.
Broderick Crawford was great.William Holden was great.The real treasure of this film was Judy Holliday.To play the dumb blonde to the absolute hilt and watch her character slowly become educated to the ways of the world thanks to Holden was a delight.Her character,by the end of the film,was more educated,yet she managed to hang on to that ditsy innocence that made her so appealing in the beginning of the film.This is a feel good story with Crawford as the gruff shady business man who happens to be Holliday's fiancé,who managed to keep Holliday's character in what he felt was her place until Holden,a man he trusted,craftily swept her away.Well done.

This Is Spinal Tap

Funny,underneath the bad language.
Having assigned myself to review this film,I knew pretty much what to expect from it by it's reputation and rating..I deduct points for foul language.It's just me.It's how I roll.Peel away all of that and you have a fairly funny "mockumentary" here.Rob Reiner did a fantastic job of bringing the film across as a real documentary,and Michael McKean and company as Spinal Tap were dead on.They had Ozzy Osbourne fooled into thinking it was the real deal,after all,so that alone says they did their jobs well.Did I laugh? In places,yes.Would I buy it? No,because I've grown to long in the tooth for films overrun with foul language,plus I have small kids.It was a nice visit,but it's doubtful I will visit again.

Raising Arizona

Wall to wall silliness..A joy to watch.
Normally,I have a problem with any film or TV series that depicts child endangerment,but Raising Arizona is the exception to this.At it's core,the story is a fairly serious one,but there is so much wall to wall silliness permeating the film that it is impossible to take seriously,so all is forgotten there fairly quickly.Each character has his or her own unique quirkiness which adds to the humor.It was perfectly casted with very well known actors and actresses willing to take a chance on these newcomers,the Cohen Brothers,who were still fairly new to Hollywood at the time.The gamble paid off.We have a winner here.

Arsenic and Old Lace

Definite inspiration for the modern day dark comedy
This is definitely the most off the wall and bizarre film that I have ever seen involving Cary Grant and very against type for it's era..Grant was great as usual in this very different setting.The film,I believe helped set the stage for the dark comedies to come in the modern era.I love how the two elderly spinsters are totally oblivious to the fact that they are doing wrong and Grant's discovery and reaction to this.Each character is colorful in his or her own way and lends much to the story.Most who are absorbed in modern film without much experience in watching older era films might take offense in regards to mental illness being used for laughs here,but it was a different time and that must be taken into consideration.Raymond Massey and Peter Lorre do a great job of lending a horror film touch in the middle of the laughs..I like it!

Being There

Intelligent Comedy.Sellers was brilliant!
Most people only think of Inspector Clouseau when it comes to Peter Sellers.It seems unfair because Peter Sellers was way too talented to be associated with just one role.He saved his best work for last as he took on the role of Chauncey Gardiner in Being There.His portrayal of this child like man is one of the most brilliant performances I have ever seen.It was definitely worthy of an Oscar in my opinion.I don't know if I have seen all of the Best Actor nominees for that year,but if I haven't,I can't imagine any of the rest being better than ASellers' work in this film.I also loved the film's humor as the supporting characters took on Gardiner's childlike responses as a fresh new perspective.It was smart comedy.

There's Something About Mary

Great premise ruined by over the top,vulgar humor.
I like the premise of this movie a lot.Cameron Diaz was perfect in her role as Mary,the girl that every guy dreams of,although not always in a flattering way..Ben Stiller was a perfect lead.It had all the makings for a great comedy and in the eyes of many,it is a great comedy.Here's what killed it for me personally,however:The over the top GROSS humor.I'm just not into it,and I may well have nightmares about the,shall I say,bodily function humor contained here.It's embedded in my mind and it will,no doubt take a long time to shake it.It ruined what would have been an otherwise enjoyable viewing experience.I won't be visiting this film again.

The Thin Man

A new favorite to add to my classic section.
I have always loved a good mystery,especially mysteries with a touch or more of humor.I have heard much about The Thin Man series of films for years and tonight,I finally had the pleasure of viewing the first in the series.I can't believe I had waited such a long time to indulge in this wonderful film.William Powell and Myrna Loy have perhaps the best screen chemistry that I have ever witnessed.Their constant playful interaction was so mesmerizing that you forget momentarily that you are watching a murder mystery.The supporting cast is excellent right down to the dog,Asta,who I hear seldom in her movie career did they ever have to do more than one take in any scene she was in.A new favorite in my classics section.

Remember the Titans

Enjoy the film,look up the real facts later.
Being a football fan,I'm naturally drawn to any movie about football,particularly those based on true stories.The fact that Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors has even more pull.From a historical standpoint,this was a story that needed to be told.I'm glad that the Disney company was in charge of telling it because that means that it will be void of most if not all unnecessary bad language.Hollywood takes it's usual liberties and dresses the story up in certain places,which makes it somewhat less historically accurate,but that's OK.You have an enjoyable film here,and if you want to know the real facts about the real people the story is based on,you can always educate yourself by looking them up.It's a great film.Enjoy!

Groundhog Day

Only Bill Murray could have pulled this off.
We all have days that can be classified as "do overs".Bad days where everything that could have gone wrong,did.It's where the classic line "I should have just stayed in bed" comes in.This film gives a new spin on "do over" days by granting Bill Murray's character several do overs to a day he would not have necessarily chosen to do over again.The first do over is filled with the expected surprise and bafflement and as the day continues to repeat,you get the classic Bill Murray and the reactions you have come to know,love,and expect from him.His character,as a result,gradually grows into a better person.It's fun,and it shouldn't be missed.


Making room for Harvey.
I loved the way this film makes the viewer sympathetic to it's main character.Seemingly,Jimmy Stewart's Elwood P. Dowd has a friend in the form of an over 6'0 tall rabbit named Harvey.To his friends and family,and to us the viewer,there is nothing there,but the camera makes allowances for him anyway by including him in nearly every shot that Dowd is in.The camera believes he is there,thereby making you believe he is,too.I like that.The only possible flaw I can see here in this film is it's now rather outdated approach to mental illness,but you overlook such things because you realize that times were different then.Jimmy Stweart shines as always,here,and the supporting cast is perfect.In particular,Josephine Hull was a delight I had never experienced before with her classic comic timing and reactions.Great film.


Not as good as Sandler and Barrymore's previous films,but good.
I've come to expect good things when it comes to Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starring together in a film,since their first two outings together were quite pleasing.As the film began,I got a little worried as it was not looking good at all.As the film rolled along,it gained some momentum,and by film's end,all was well.Is it their best work? No,I would rank this number 3 among the 3 films,but it had just enough steam to carry it through and it gets good marks from me just the same.I look forward to future films with these two as middle aged,and later,elderly couples.I have no doubt that they will get better with age.

God's Not Dead

Very well done!
While I don't believe that even the most atheistic of college professors would stoop so low as to demand of his students that they believe as he does without even giving it a thought process,I do enjoy this story quite a lot.Stories such as these need no huge names to back them up,although Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain are fairly well recognizable.When it comes to God and spreading His message,all we really need is the story,and it's presented well.I found myself wishing that I had the intellect of the young man presented in this story,and that I could bring people to believe as I do,but the truth is,as solid as my Christian beliefs are,if there are people so determined to NOT believe,I couldn't present a strong enough argument to change their mind.I found the ending to be quite touching,because though I have never witnessed the conversion of a non believer to Christianity,I have no doubt that it's a beautiful moment.Very well done!


My wife and I chose this film on a date night because it seemed to be the best option at the local theater,which isn't saying much.I'm not much on futuristic films,but I gave this one a whirl anyhow.I guess the fact that Kate Winslet was in it had something to do with that,seeing as how she is one of my favorite actresses,and this time,she's a bad girl.The rest of the cast,I couldn't say I was familiar with.The final verdict,given everything I just said was one you might expect.I was completely dulled out by this film.Not even Kate could save me from wanting my money back.So much for an exciting date night.Oh well,the wife and I had each other,which is always great!

His Girl Friday

Grant great as always,but Russell steals this show!
It's hard to steal the spotlight from the likes of Cary Grant,but Rosalind Russell pulled it off with flying colors in this film.It goes a mile a minute as it seems most films from the era do.The story compels you to keep watching,and contains dramatic moments inserted in just the right areas.Cary Grant never ceases to be great in anything,which speaks volumes for Rosalind Russell who steals the show to the point of deserving top billing here.Ralph Bellamy offered great support as Russell's fiancé,feeling like a fish out of water between Grant and Russell,who play co workers/ex married couple.A rousing thumbs up!

National Lampoon's Animal House

The king of sophomoric comedies,if you are into them.
You have to have a certain kind of humor to consider this a great comedy film.I understand that I'm probably in the minority if I stop short of calling this film a great comedy,but I just don't have that certain humor.There were a few moments in the film where I found myself chuckling a bit,but the other moments were loaded with vulgar language and blatant sexuality that I must say I am getting a bit long in the tooth for.I suppose I should have watched it when I was younger,at say 18-21,then I guess it's possible I would give it higher marks.If you are into this kind of humor,go for it.It is considered the best of it's kind,after all.If you are more like me,I would steer clear.

The Great Dictator

Chaplin gives the best of both worlds.
Charlie Chaplin is amazing to watch.He brought the very talents that mesmerized us in his great silent films to the sound era,thereby giving us the best of both worlds in this film.The sound era was unkind to many a silent star,but not Chaplin.He made the transition with flying colors.He showed us new talents,while not letting us forget all of those elements from his silent films that made him a star.There is great support all around him,and his final speech at the end was stunning.Upon seeing it once,I had to go back and watch it again several times,not only for Chaplin's great performance,but for it's rousing message,which could be considered just as relevant today.Great comedy film and great film.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Great ensemble comedy.
Based on everything I have heard about it,I bet this film was an awesome theater going experience,with it's "announcements" coming over loud speakers and at concession stands about the status of those in pursuit of the buried money.Makes me wish I could go back in time and experience it,but alas,it was 2 years before my time and my first viewing of it was on DVD.It was still awesome,but I do wish that could include those theater announcements in a special edition of the DVD.That would be a treat.Great ensemble comedy action here with a virtual who's who of the comedy world of the time doing what they do best.I do wish Stan Laurel would have accepted their offer to be a part of it,but I guess it wasn't meant to be.He wasn't going to work without his good friend Ollie Hardy.It's a laugh a minute great film.

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