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They don't make games like this anymore
I must of played this game 100 times ..I got 5 stars on every scene (on hardcore mode)..Then I discovered the "cheat modes" (that can only be accessed if you get 5 stars on hardcore mode in every scene ).I haven't played this game in years..But, I still have it !! Definitely one of my favorites !

The Expendables

I was good enough to be remade 4 times !
Don't think you can knock this movie !I love it !..People just don't like it becuse it was made in the Philippines..I'm sure they're all Sly Stallone fans and they like the BS remakes ..Originality is what makes a film !

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

It's Disney ....What do you excpect ??
To all the 'hard core" and "die hard " Star Wars fans out there ...Just stop and tell yourselves "It's only a movie " !!..Rian Johnson's movies were complete crap before this ...Especially, Looper !! And,I like Noah Segan as an actor !!But, Joseph Gordon Levitt or Lewitt ,what ever his name is ,just sucked as a lead character !! And, the direction from Johnson didn't help ..So, I already knew TLJ was going to suck !!.Plus ,Mark Hamill's interviews before the movie was released ,was a dead giveaway !!

Phantasm: Ravager

Cheese wizz style crap !!
I've been a die hard Phantasm phan for almost 30 yrs ..And,I've waited for this movie to come out for almost 20 yrs .. I have never been SO damn disappointed in a movie and it's creator in my life !!..The movie ended the way it should of began !!!..It didn't have the dynamics like any of the previous sequels​(including Phantasm : Oblivion).. Nothing to scare you , excite you or make you even give a sh*t about the story anymore .. I think,NO pretty sure,that the series died when Scrimm died !!Now , Coscarelli has not only sold-out the phans ...But,now he's selling the rights to the highest bidder from any Hollowood studio !..BTW ,Where did they find that sh*tty rapper to do that Disney-style pop-rap song during the end credits ??

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn Of The Dead and Cocaine in Pittsburgh in the 70's
Now,if Tom Savini didn't look so "tweeked" on The Document Of The Dead (in behind-the-scenes interviews)and me doing some research,I wouldn't have written this review.I seen a man who hasn't slept in days(possibly weeks)doing constant make-up for zombies,with black rings around his bugged-out white eyes and a very pointy red nose.I couldn't believe coffee was the only supplement feeding a "army" of filmmakers working nothing but late hours in a mall(and needing the ability to concentrate at all times).Cocaine is the most perfect drug for that situation,and the most horrible for any human being for that matter.It's a bad medicine,but at the same time being a useful "tool" for extreme situations.THIS IS NOT YET FINISHED!!

Father's Day

Father's Day 2:Fuchman Family Values
This is a review Im going to write as fast as I can!It takes,not only balls to make or distribute a movie like this.It also takes lots of psychedelic drugs to understand where Astron-6 is coming from when they make it their "goal" to bring back the "strait to tape"independent movies of the 80's.These are the movies I grew up watching as a kid!Others were watching mainstream movies like The Goonies,My Pet Monster,The Wizard and The Wonder Years and all that crap..I was watching movies like:Screwballs,Phantasm,Creepshow,Gotcha,Hamburger"The Movie"and you get the idea!!Dad Raping is a sick twisted way of telling Hollywood "I'm gonna f-you and you are going to pay me to do it"!I must say I heard rumors of Lloyd Kaufman saying "he likes little boys" in a past interview!!This I hope isn't true!!He seems cool,he has a wife(that's not a little boy)and I think it's all B.S!!Anyway!I have a great idea for a sequel!!Also,I think Astron-6 should make Star Raiders into a space-alien/soft core porno knock-off!!Like Loose Screws meets Christmas From Mars and then they "gang-bang" Star Trek!!Father's Day made history,to be the first movie to introducing Dad Rapage!A man named Ahab(Adam Brooks)is tormented his entire life,because he witnessed the rape and murder of his father many years ago,by "The Fuchman".The Fuchman stabbed him in the eye and little Ahab survived the attack. Ahab(now wearing an eye-patch)and now a grown man living in the woods,living off of "maple syrup"(or so he thinks that's what it is)and living with constant nightmares about The Fuchman. Ahab is seeking peace and a much delayed revenge for his father's rape and murder on Fathers Day.Twink(a male prostitute)is a person who would do anyone or anything(for that matter)if the price is right.His father(in the meantime)is sick of bailing him out of jail and sick of him being a "male prostitute".So Twink and him have a disagreement and Twink runs away from home.Only to comeback home to find his dad raped and killed by The Fuchman.Twink,now homeless and still a prostitute,runs into a priest(of course)who wants to help him find god and instead they try to find The Fuchman.They do some research and find Ahab(still seeking revenge)in the woods"living off the syrup of the local trees"in a isolated cabin.They team-up together and hunt down The Fuchman.I will not say anything else!!Other than in the end,Twink finds a piece within himself.The priest finds who he is as a person and Ahab bangs his own sister.Now here is my idea for the sequel(if there is going to be one).The Fuchman Family should be explored!!They should be family of "serial rapists" who live on a "steady" diet of their victim's's genitals.The Fuchman family are the ones now seeking revenge,for Chris Fuchman's(The Father's Day Killer)death.Ahab(now living with his sister at a strip-club)is clueless of the fact that there is a family of "pecker-eating serial rapists" hunting him down.So on all of the days in the year he picks Father's Day to bang his sister for the 666th time and in doing so,he unlocks a curse to where everyone he is in contact with becomes a serial rapist.This should be interesting;considering he's living at a strip-club,and he's constantly around beautiful women...OK,I know better than to give "certain filmmakers" too many ideas;but that one I'll give to The Astron-6,free of charge of course..I was going to go into the whole "psychedelic adventure" I had getting to the Los Angeles premiere of Father's Day(at a midnight screening).Where it involved a L.A Metro bus load of drunken Mexicans who were half-mad on cocaine and Modelo beer;and me smoking D.M.T with them,still on the bus,talking in Spanish about drugs and politics..That doesn't seem appropriate for a review,but it did happen and nobody got hurt or killed...Good Times!!


To show the true side of people's sick human nature,TAKES BALLS!!!NOT DESPIRATION!!
Ryan Nicholson (along with very few other directors)should be given some credit!!NOT LLOYD KAULFMAN(that damn child molester)!!I can't understand:Why when everyone sees a extreme,explicit and ridiculous low-budget horror movie they think(almost automatically)TROMA!!Plotdigger M.F.!!Ryan,KEEP MAKING MOVIES!!You are obviously p*ssing-off the right audience.WHICH DESERVES TO BE P*SSED-OFF!!and pleasing the(other)right audience.WHICH DESERVES TO BE PLEASED!!This is a revenge movie,that shows the sick stuff people do to each-other every day.If people don't like movies like that,WHY THE HELL ARE THEY WATCHING THEM??I'm waiting for sequels for all his movies.Ryan if you read this:KEEP USING THE SAME ACTORS AND ACTRESSES,THEY'RE


The Losers

If you want to see "real"stunts and "real"special effects!!Watch this movie!! If you want a CGI cartoon watch Avatar!!
Man,I hate to read how some people hate the good classics.When there's all this commercialized,politically correct & sensitive "stuff" that some Hollywood loving"whoose"would call good entertainment.A little note for the people that are un-aware about "Hollywood movies"and how they claim to make the best movies in the world.They spend more on advertisements for the movie than they would on the budget for the production of the film.They are always afraid to take chances on new ideas and very talented writers and directors that think for themselves and don't worry about the box office "mumbo-jumbo"or the "bratty"youth demographic.The Losers is a real great movie,that is the real thing when it comes to "real" stunts and "real" action."Real" being the key word when talking about this movie.I as a viewer appreciate stuntmen going to risk their careers and lives for the sake of art,entertainment or just a pay check.GOOD PEOPLE!!The only thing I hate about this movie is that"love song"..Man,that's a weird song to put in that movie!!The movie holds up for many reasons.One,there was a horrible remake of The Losers last year.Two,The Expendables is practically the same movie!Except,for the 5 million dollor cast!Which should've only been worth $200,000 for the whole "over-rated"cast and probably the whole computerized crew.Three,The Losers is better movie than all that I've seen from this era.How can you hate a movie that has real fights in the movie and behind the scenes?

Cycle Psycho

Watch this movie..Only if you like biker or horror movies from the 60's and 70's..Not Avatar!!
I found this movie by simple coincidence;but then again I was watching a lot of horror,exploitation and biker films from the 60's and 70's.I found this "rare gem" on DVD at one of the last good video stores in Los Angeles.I only rented it because of Steven Oliver R.I.P and his performance in Werewolves On Wheels.Which I thought needed more blood,boobs and most of all...swearing!!MPAA sucks!!and that movie is a good example of how they can ruin something which could have been a pretty darn good horror/biker movie that could still hold up to todays "expolitive standards";but with much more of a cult following than it has today.I wish they could make an uncut version of Werewolves!!!As far as Savage Abduction.It's a "ballsey" attempt to please watchers as far as Director/Writer John Lawrence,who has a few good biker movies previous to this one, tries to do when he mixes the comedy,suspense,action,exploitation and biker formula all into one film.I think this movie holds up a little better than others..All because I am seeing bits and pieces of certain memorable parts of this movie and seeing them in later films.I could give one good example:Compare Joe Turkel's performance in Savage Abduction and look at Joe Spinnel's R.I.P performance in 1980's Maniac...

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