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The Gentlemen

This series is poetry if you love movies like Lock&Stock, Snatch and The Gentleman. It's Guy Ritchie at it's best. But not only that.

First,to the characters are pretty well developed, unique and deep enough to love of all them even they represent most of them the worst of our society. The hateful or d*mb the character is, the more you love. That's unique here.

Second, camera work, length of episodes and visuals are almost perfect. I really love there is only a few CGI scenes are most of them are old school way of filming mixed with best scenarios.

Last, the story is engaging and I wish for a minimum of two seasons. This one is a masterpiece and at the same time, best British quality television series in 2024.

¿Quién lo mató?

My wife is Mexican and was the one to choose this one. I didn't know anything about this crime before start watching it. I really enjoyed.

First, the cast is superb. I know Luis Gerardo Mendez from Narcos Mexico and Club de Cuervos. He's a talented actor. To add, all the other cast are great too. Most of them are pretty similar to real people.

Second, I have enjoyed the whole story divided by characters. I think it's quite original and interesting to understand all the main characters.

Last, the conclusion is great. I love how they have created this series trying to respect the intelligence from the viewers.

Anyway, I recommend this one if you love Mexican crime pretty well done series.


Ending ruins everything
I am not going to spoil anything saying the ending ruins everything good here. I mean there are several good points, but as a whole believable experience it doesn't work. I mean, last episode is an insult to intelligence. Some big plot holes that are not explained at the end. So, consequently the overall experience is bad.

First, the good: the cast is acceptable, the settings are interesting and the sub plots are the best. But there is nothing else.

Second, the bad: as I said the script is weak, the filming orange-blue filter added here is terrible, and the hidden agenda does not work here.

So, overall a failed series that could be far better just with a more risky script. Netflix, stop thinking your viewers are d*mb. Well, at least some of them.


Spaniard NARCOS
I am a big fan of Narco series like Narcos, Zero Zero Zero, Gomorrah, Suburrah, Narcos Mexico... So consequently I am always up to a add a new series to my collection. Marbella is an interesting product. Not original and full of cliches but still entertaining.

First, if you love similar series, you're going to enjoy this one. The cast is pretty good (Even some of them are debuting here), the settings are great and the script is acceptable even most predictable.

Second, music is cool too. Pretty good mixes including old and new remixes. To add, camera work is great and action scenes too. Not a big amount of cheap CGI what is great, and visually it doesn't look cheap.

So, overall if you're up for an entertaining 6 episodes Narco-Spaniard-Marbella world, this is for you. Put your expectations on the right place and enjoy.

The Jester

Who wrote this?
I am a big fan of horror films. So I love to support independent horror movies. So, consequently I noticed this one could be interesting as very similar movies like the great Terrifier. But I was wrong. This can not be categorized as a cheap copy of Terrifier.

First, The Jester as a villain is great. I mean for a b-horror is acceptable. I've watched tons of worst things, including Zombie's strippers. Yes, it's a movíe. So, the big letdown here is the script. It's only interesting for 15 minutes. Then it becomes incoherent and impossible to believe if your brain still works. A lot of plot holes, bad acting and the ending is ridiculous.

Second, overall the whole thing is a mess. A wasted opportunity to create something at least decent. So, much potential wasted. C'mon.

Last, I do not recommend this one, even for people that need to choose between washing dishes or watch this abomination.

Red Rose

Great soundtrack
I have watched similar series like Red Rose and probably is not the best of the genre but still watchable.

First, acting is correct but not great. Sometimes it looks like some of the actors are overacting. Anyway, nothing is perfect and the soundtrack is great here. It is pretty funny to watch Gen Z dancing my 90's favorite songs. Not real because nowadays youngsters only listen reggaeton lol. So, not real but fun.

Second, the script is predictable and not great. Just mixed feelings. The series starts strong but only the first 3 episodes. Then it sinks by itself and the incoherent of the whole thing. The last episode does not help. I felt a lot is missing.

Anyway, the series is just Ok if you're in the mood of some killings, a mysterious app and the usual easy to follow script. Best is soundtrack by far.

Late Night with the Devil

One of the best
The movie could have been an authentic masterpiece like The Exorcist. I'm not kidding. It's the best original horror movie I've watched in the latest years, and I've watched hundreds. What was wrong here? The ending. I'm not going to spoil anything but watching the movie as a whole thing it was perfect till the last moments. I can't go further but you'll understand what I mean. But to be honest, let's focus on the greatness of this movie.

First, the camera work, acting, Fx's and style are superb. Incredibly real, raw and enjoyable if you're a horror fan.

Second, music, settings and direction are flawless. Fantastic work from all the technical aspects.

So, overall an amazing horror movie that could have been easily on top 10 of all history, but the ending is not as good as other productions. Anyway, nothing is perfect and this movie is still great.

LaRoy, Texas

Cheapey Fargo
Fargo was the first masterpiece of this style. I love it. So that's why I love movies like LaroyTexas, a B-grade imitation of a unique style. Is the movie bad? Not really, it's entertaining till it becomes ridiculous. Then again entertaining and ridiculous ending. I kind of like it, but at the same time I think it has more potential than the showed here.

First, the cast is great. I mean for a B-grade movie is extremely good. But I'm not sure some of them looked like they're acting in a soap opera.

Second, the script is predictable at it's best. Not really great if you have watched similar movies.

So, overall if you haven't watched anything from Fargo, I mean series and movie, you're going to enjoy and score this higher than me.

La mesita del comedor

The hyped table
I had read about this movie and how good It was, so consequently I have decided to watch it with high expectations. But I was wrong, this movie is over hyped because several reasons.

First, the movie is overall weird, acting is bad (Except from the main male character) and the plot weak.

Second, the psychological tricks here doesn't work. It's a bit forced and not real. Again weird unrealistic situations.

Third, the characters are not likeable. I only root for one. All the others I just wished the worst for them lol.

So, overall the movie is not good. Just forced. Yes, there is one big hit, but that's all. Sorry, I don't buy over hyped movies.

Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román

Narcissist people are usually similar to this clown called "El Rey del cachopo" in Spain. A person who believes his own lies. The problem is when this person becames famous because an invention. Incredible.

First, I am Spaniard and I heard something about this story. After watching the mini series, the Truth is even worse than all the lies the media said. I don't want to spoil anything, but this case is absolutely infamous.

Second, I think the documentary is interesting, not because what happened, it is because the camera work, the real characters and without any hidden agenda apparently.

So, consequently I recommend this one if you have enjoyed "El Cuerpo en llamas" or "El Caso Nenúfar".

Land of Bad

Pretty decent
I have watched this movie several times. Same kind of rescue mission, the try to introduce an intense plot and the usual so so execution. But I was greatly surprised about this one. Land of bad is over the average rescue mission movie.

First, the cast is great. I mean you don't expect too much with the usual script, but here the two main characters does a great job. Secondary actors are just decent but enough to keep interested in the story.

Second, action scenes are great. Not the usual cheap CGI that is so common.

Last, the settings and camera work are great too.

So, why is not a masterpiece?... Easy to guess. The script. Even predictable still entertaining. Do I recommend the movie? Yes, but keep your expectations on the right place. It's just entertainment.

The Thing

I love horror movies coming from 80's and 90's so consequently The Thing is probably on my top 5 of horror movies from all time. And believe me, I've watched more than a 1000. Why The Thing is so great?... First, the cast. I can't remember another movie without any other women and so well done. I mean , Alien is great because Sigourney Weaver, Halloween because Jamie Lee Curtis, but The Thing is Kurt Russell. One of the best underrated actors from all time.

Second, the Fx's are still amazing 45 years later. Old school ones. I mean no CGI or cheap visuals.

Third, the settings are superb. Scary unique and pioneer to do horror in the Pole.

Last, the movie is interesting from beginning till the end. Including the ending. Great one.

Anyway, I don't want to spoil anything saying this movie is a masterpiece, still in 2024. Enjoy.

El caso Asunta

Something is missing
I'm Spaniard so I really wanted to watch this mini series based on a true crime case. I love to support everything coming from my country. The cast is great, the crime was outrageous but the execution of this series is just so, so. It's just a copy paste of the original documentary and does not add anything new.

First, there is a memorable acting masterclass coming from the mother, that's all. Nothing else. I mean, it could have been a masterpiece but it is not. Several good actors in, so why not to make shine all of them?....

Second, the execution is mostly poor. The camera work is far from other great productions coming from Netflix. Locations are just ok. Nothing remarkable.

Third, the storyline and some of the invented fictional characters are terrible. They try to imitate "Galician accent" and it is embarrassing. Why not to hire real people from Galicia? For example, the great Luis Zahera is one of the most talented and loved ones in Spain. A big letdown.

Last, there are other great series based on Spaniard true crimes like "El cuerpo en llamas", "Antidisturbios" and "Crims" from Carles Porta. Far superior all of them and more accurate, realistic and interesting than this copy paste.


I am Spaniard so I wanted to love this one as much as possible. The cast is well know in Spain and most of them are reputed actors. So, that's not the problem here. I mean, the script it is: weak, cheesy and full of cliches.

First, all the characters are stereotyped as the usual characters. But here everything is overacted. Some scenes are embarrassing. Soap opera level.

Second, the story is entertaining but I was able to guess around 95% of the 2 first seasons. So, if you have watched similar series, this one is not as exciting as it wants to be.

Last, even all the downgrade I have been entertained most of the time. If you stop your brain, it's easy to watch and enjoy. Not what I expected but still watchable.

Road House

Do not take it seriously
I am a big fan of the original Road House. So, consequently I was scared about watching this remake. But to be honest it is different, and sometimes different is not bad. I prefer remakes that tries hard to get the idea but with a different touch. Is Road House better than the original? No it's not. It's different.

First, Jake does a good job. Not as good as Patrick because it has not the same charisma. But it's acceptable.

Second, the big surprise here is Connor McGregor. I don't like him, but to be honest is the one who steals the show. I think he can become the new Vinnie Jones for Guy Ritchie's movies.

Last, if you love the original, you can watch this one too. It's funny, violent and entertaining. Not as good but different, in a good way.

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer

Not what I expected
I am a big fan of crime documentaries so consequently I know great ones. The premise is good here, but the execution and the story is poor compared with other more interesting, dramatic and creepy ones.

First, a serial killer in Germany is a nun in Mexico for example. I mean, if you're looking for something "shocking" look in another place. This story is just one more. Nothing new here.

Second, everything looks overacted to create a big shocking story that is just Ok. Maybe it's me, but is there any hidden agenda?...

So, overall if you haven't watched any good crime documentary maybe this one is for you.

American Nightmare

I can't believe this was real. I mean, it looked like something coming from a bad tv cops movie. A bad script that turns to be real, even the effort and ineptitude from police. I'm in shock.

First, I really enjoyed the documentary series. I liked how was directed and how creepy it looked like from beginning till the end.

Second, something is wrong with justice. I mean, why some stories are taken seriously and others not. Law and justice are apparently the same to everyone. Or not.

Last, I think overall the story, development and cruelty makes this one of the best crime documentaries I have watched this year.

So, if you're in a mood if a creepy real story, this one is for you.

April Fool's Day

Hidden gem
I have watched this one now in 2024 and what a great surprise. It is an authentic hidden gem. One of my favorites from all time is Friday the 13th from the 80's, so that's how I discovered here in IMDb this one. Probably one of the best.

First, it is pretty original, goofy, unpredictable and gory.

Second, it is what a great slasher was in the 80's but with a great script.

Last, I have really enjoyed everything here from begining till the end.

So, overall if you love 80's slashers or just the 80's and you're up to an original slasher, this hidden gem is going to fulfill all your nostalgia. Enjoy.


41 years ago...
I can't believe Christine movie has more than 40 years. It's a cult classic for some generations. The ones that were born in the 80's and early 90's, and loved slashers or horror movies. The movie is extremely good if you compare with nowadays productions. It aged well like good wine or cheese.

First, Christine's Fx's are superb. It doesn't look cheap as other of my favorites from the 80's. If you watch original Terminator, from same age, and bigger budget looked cheaper than this one.

Second, the BSO is great. Amazing Rock and Roll mixed with an acceptable cast and story.

So, overall if you love 80's horror, this one is a must.


Cult horror classic watched in 2024
You can't do more with less. A simple story with several cliches here and there but that 80's vibes that makes the simple the better.

First, Fx's here are superb. I have watched this on 2024 and it is better than 90% of actual horror movies. I mean, nowadays everything is made by CGI and ruined at the same time. Here everything feels so real. Fx's included even it was made 40 years ago.

Second, cast is great. Great acting from main characters. Maybe I'm too nostalgic but I have enjoyed too much everything here.

Last, the dog is great here. It does not look fake. Real. Scary. Amazing.

So, overall a horror cult classic that to me was a great discovering.

Reina Roja

The queen of cliches
I am Spaniard so I was really excited about this one. I really loved to write a good review about something well made in my country like "Antidisturbios" for example. So, consequently I started to watch this based on a successful best seller. But I was wrong thinking this will be great. I am not sure why the hype of scoring this production as a 10.

First, the story is full of cliches, predictable and certainly boring. You can predict almost 95% of the story without reading the book.

Second, the acting seems forced and full of cliches again. Sometimes it looks like a soap opera mixed with Matrix and Saw. Terrible. Even the lead woman does a great job, sometimes is annoying because of her dialogues.

Last, the stereotypes here again are forced and nothing to do with the reality from my country. People from Vasc Country speak Euskera not like here a d*mb invented language.

Anyway, I do not recommend this series if you have watched similar ones. Boring, predictable and not clever. Even the stereotypes are wrong.


Watched (again) in 2024
I am a great fan of Halloween movies. The original one is one of my favorites. So, consequently I was disappointed about the last two Halloween movies. The last one from last year is the worst by far in a long time.

Anyway, I remembered about the two Halloween movies that Rob Zombie made around 15 years ago. All I have to say is the first Halloween is great. I really loved it. Probably as much as the original.

First, acting is great, music is sublime and gory fox's are amazing. It doesn't look cheap, and it's even better than I remembered.

Second, the DC is even better than the original cut.

So, if you miss to watch a good Halloween movie, this one is your option. Enjoy!

True Detective

Season 4
I really love true detective. Season 1 is one of the greatest shows of all time. Season 2&3 were acceptable even not for everyone. Then season 4, is an authentic disaster. I don't know where to start but I'll try.

First, the cast (Almost all women) does a really bad job. It is a mixture of bad acting and cheap soap opera feeling. But, to be clear, I have a huge respect to Jodie Foster (Clarice) , but here her acting skills are embarrassing. She is as cold as the supposed plastic ice (embarrassing too).

Second, the story is bland, full of cliches and overall unbelievable. A wasted opportunity.

So, if you love True Detective, do not watch this. If you love Jodie Foster, watch The Silence of the Lambs. And if you want a great show watch Fargo the first 3 seasons instead.


If you love Narcos Mexico
If you love Narcos and Narcos Mexico or series like El Patron del Mal, this one is for you. This is the best I've watched in a long time. And believe me, I've watched several good ones like Gomorrah, Zero, zero, zero, or Suburra. So, consequently I know how to differentiate between a cheap soap opera or a good one, like Griselda.

First, the filmmaking here is great. It doesn't look cheap like other Netflix's productions. Great costumes, settings, cars and ambiance. Music is great too.

Second, the storyline is great. Amazing narrative. Cruel and vast story about how an ordinary woman became one of the most notorious criminals.

Last, it could have been better with two more episodes explaining extensively the ending. I finished the story without knowing the ending of some other characters.

Anyway, nothing is perfect, but if you love fiction related to Narco's world, this one is for you.


Great 90's vibes slasher
If you love slashers you'll probably know who is Eli Roth. I love slashers, so I am always up to watch his new movie. I mean his the father of Hostel saga, so why not?...

First, the movie is not original but it is quite enjoyable. I think it's inspired obviously in movies like Scream or I know what you did last summer, but with a new touch and some interesting additions.

Second, the gore is great as usual Eli Roth movies. Maybe a bit exaggerated but if you really love 80's - 90's slashers you're going to love this one.

Third, acting is pretty acceptable. Cast do an acceptable job. Interesting not to watch, for once, the usual forced Z generation cast, that includes hundreds of stereotypes and genders. I support inclusive movies, but some of the new slashers are extremely weird.

So, overall, if you love slasher movies I recommend this one. Not an Oscar winning , obviously, but enough entertainment for a popcorn - slasher night.

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