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They Call Me Magic

It's Magic
First, I grew up in the 90's as a teenager loving NBA basketball. I remember Magic's smile and showtime. This documentary helped me a lot to understand who really was and Magic Johnson. One of the best basketball players of all-time.

Second, the documentary it's pretty well done, probably not as good as The Last Dance but not far from it. After watching this, I think Michael was the best player but Magic was overall better. With all his mistakes I think he has more charisma than Michael. His smile is contagious and it's difficult not admire for what it represents.

So, overall a great documentary if you loved 80's - 90's NBA and specially the Bird vs Magic era. Enjoy!

John Wick: Chapter 4

John Weak's
John Wick first movie was an authentic masterpiece. Action was pretty well executed, even credible, thanks to Mr Keanu Reeves work and an interesting script and great choreographies. So consequently, I was pretty excited about the 4th statement. Same director, Keanu, and one of my favorite martial arts actors: Mr Donnie Yen (If you don't know who is him I recommend to watch IP man movies), simply amazing.

Anyway, what can go wrong with a great talented cast and a great director?... Almost everything.

First, the action scenes are extremely long and unreal, even sometimes boring because the repetition of them. You know nobody can't kill John, from the beginning because of his new Marvel's anti bullet suit... Really?

Second, the movie itself looks like a videogame or a superheroes movie. It has lost it's soul, any realistic or human scene. A shame. Watch the original again to know what I am talking about. To add, the script is inexistent. The most predictable one from the Saga.

Last, it's great to include animals but sometimes it's embarrassing to watch several ultra unreal situations. I really love animals but stop making them superheroes, (watched Sisu too this week).

So, overall, is it a bad movie? Not it's not. It's the just the John Weak's of the saga. Best again are the filmography, music and direction. Beautiful but empty.

The Hitcher

Rutger Hauer show in 2023
I really enjoyed this one. Great cast, interesting scenarios around The Joshua Tree National Park and a risky script. Here in The Hitcher there are several amazing scenes that are pretty well directed. I am not going to spoil anything, but this movie is better than 90 per cent of thrillers done in 2023.

First, the superb cast does an amazing and intense job. Rutger Hauer acting is incredible. An acting masterclass from beginning till the end. One of the best performances I've ever watched. And I've watched thousands of movies.

Second, the music and action scenes doesn't look cheap even in 2023. No CGI just real action, raw intense and pretty well filmed.

Last, this movie has become one of my favorites from all time. Why? Because this is almost perfect if you're in the mood of an action/horror/thriller including one of the best A+ performances I can remember. To add, if you love the 80's and have watched Blade Runner this one is for you :)

Nightmare Beach

Horror b-movie including 80's vibes
First, the movie istelf starts pretty well because it has all the ingredients to be cool; 80's vibes, cars, girls, parties, drinks, gore and a little of Sci-Fi.

Second, I really enjoyed the first 60 minutes. Good memories from the 80's and some nostalgia from here and there. What it really worked here are the mistery aura from the killer, the gore and the main characters as acceptable actors.

Third, the settings are cool and the bikers gang and music are the best probably. The Sheriff is a classic actor from Horror movies. Don't want to spoil anything.

Last, the bad. The last 20 minutes are terrible. It ruined almost everything and everything ends really fast. Poor. Really poor. Not to mention some characters "disappear" and we don't know anything about it.

So, overall a horror entertaining b-movie with 80's vibes.


Inglorious Bast ards meets The Immortal
The movie itself could have been a masterpiece but the last 30 minutes are full of much damb to put it on the same place of top notch movies like The Raid or John Wick. It's more oriented to new generations that doesn't think watching this kind of films. Do not get me wrong, if you're in the mood of a brutal action crazy damb movie, this one is for you. But for me it stays in half ways of logic, drama, action and Sci Fi film.

First, the landscapes are great, cinematography too and the action choreographies are brutal. Great use of blood and Gory and excellent music during the action. On the other hand, and what I didn't like was the excessive CGI to conclude the last two chapters. You have to stop your brain to accept everything you see. A shame, because the first 60 minutes are "almost credible" and dramatic except for one scene.

Second, all the cast are superb. The starring is great at his role. Also all the secondary actors are great on their roles. To add, the female characters are cool too. So, nothing to complain here.

So, overall if you're in the mood of crazy and a total nonsense of an action film, this one is for you. I have enjoyed half of it. The Scifi part don't.


The truth about facts
As a Spaniard I really enjoyed this documentary to understand clearly the manipulation and the desinformation the Spanish Government did in 2004 responding to the Al Queda attacks in Madrid.

I was only a teenager when this happened and it was really shocking because several reasons.

First, the national tv and government lied about who did it because several economical interests.

Second, the manipulation and denial from all the politics in charge in that moment is embarrassing.

Last, this documentary helps to understand how economical interest are the most important things for governments even over the truth.

Just Before Dawn

80's good slasher
Respect for this slasher that was filmed 42 years ago and it is still enjoyable.

First, the movie is a kind of Friday the 13th type slasher but changing the lake for the mountains.

Second, the settings are magnificent. The woods and nature were brilliantly choose. Amazing how even the poor quality filming the beauty is there.

Last, the script is just ok for a slasher and acting is correct. Nothing remarkable but nobody does a terrible job. To add, gore and murders looks pretty good keeping in mind this movie has 42 years old.

So, overall a great slasher if you love low budget jewels and 80's vibes.

Guy Ritchie's The Covenant

Amazing filmography
First, it is not the best Guy Ritchie movie but still a great product. Great cast, the story based on real people and the amazing filmography and music makes this amazing.

Second, technically the movie it is almost perfect, but on the other hand, the story itself is predictable and non original, even you haven't read anything about it. You have watched this movie several times.

Last, Covenant, works as a serious popcorn movie. Violent but watchable with the usual Hollywood script. I mean, it could have been a masterpiece with a more risky and twisted elaboration. But it is what is it, a great story, well directed and technically brutal. Enjoy.

Console Wars

Great nostalgia
I grew up in the 80's and my first console was a Nintendo 8 bits, and I think it was the most successful present received from my dad in my entire life.

I discovered the NES from a friend and it was magical. A magnificent entertainment system and using colors! That was the starting point to became a Nintendo fan.

But after having the successful NES I started dreaming about having the Sega Mega drive and it was even better! I remember Sega a the best console at that time.

But, again Nintendo beated Sega with the Super Nintendo. One of the best consoles ever. And I bought it too. The 90's were fantastic. Pure Nostalgia... This documentary explains everything from the point of view of people who created those dreams. Interesting to know what happened to Sega and why. If you're around your 40's now you're going to enjoy this documentary as a kid.

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Sink
First, I am a big fan of all the previous movies, but this one is weak. The cast is bland. I didn't root for any of the female characters. To add, I was wondering around 30 minutes about the sex of the "DJ".... Need to check on Imdb lol. Second, a 4-5 years old as a bad ass looked pretty bad. Terrible idea.

Third, the original and even the remake, had a great script and a great execution. Here everything looked overacted. Even the CGI effects looked cheap and the excessive gore doesn't improve the lack of intensity or interest.

Last, the old building as the main setting does not work here. Best scenes are the opening ones in the cabin. They should have continued from there.

So, overall I really wanted to love this one , but It does not work as a movie or prequel or sequel or whatever it is want to be.

The Burning

Friday the Cheapsteen
I really love slashers coming from the 80's. Friday the 13th created an unique vision about how a cheap movie can become a cult classic creating a new era of slashers.

The Burning is a Friday the Cheapsteen. Everything looked cheaper than the original. Even the ending is far worse.

On the other hand Tom Savini (again) does a great job with the Fx's here. It does not look cheap even forty years later.

Script here is not bad or original but it has all the ingredients to be as good as FT13 , but what really fails here is the ending. It looks embarrassing keeping in mind all the other decent job.

So, overall an good slasher if you love Friday the 13th but not great.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Predator ( not the 1987 original)
I didn't know too much about this Jeffrey Epstein before watching this in 2023. The documentary is interesting but maybe not as solid as it want to be.

First, the execution is quite interesting till last episode where everything seems rush to end in a bad way. There is no much information about his last days or hours. It's only explained superficially. I have to double check about what really happened.

Second, some of the victims looked like actresses. I don't know why the filmakers gave it to them like a script. Sometimes looked less credible than it probably is it.

Last, I think J. E. was not the full responsible of this. People like D. T or B. C. should be embarrassed about this. Also the Prince. What kind of people are on the supposed top of society?

One Ranger

John Malkovich trying hard BBC accent
I was in the mood for a low Budget b-movie. I just noticed this one could been interesting. The trailer was acceptable and Malkovich was in it.

So, consequently I downloaded for free and after 20 minutes I just noticed everything starts to make nonsense. I mean, I was not expecting an Oscar winning script, but at least a decent one. I was wrong.

The movie itself is an insult to intelligence. Really damb decisions from all the characters and really, really predictable from beginning till the end.

To add, John Malkovich is the worst acting part here. Why he is trying hard to speak so slow and have British fake accent?

So, overall a bad B-movie that could have been far better with a more risky adult oriented script.

Day of the Dead

Masterpiece in 2023
I just watched this for first time now in 2023 and what a great discovering. A zombie's classic from the boss Romero.

First, the script is not as simple as it seems. It has some deep emotional treatment about the relationship between zombie's and humans. Sometimes seems that the real plague are the humans.

Second, the Fx's are amazing. More than 40 years and still looked incredible. I don't understand why nowadays they stop using this kind of makeup and magic tricks. Definitely, CGI has ruined the genre.

Last but not least acting is more than correct, even it is not and Oscar winning show.

So, overall a masterpiece even in 2023.

Slumber Party Massacre

Rainbow slasher
I do not understand why nowadays slashers are so bad. I mean it is not as difficult as it used to be. Nowadays we have great FX'S, great B actors and from time to time some great scripts. So, why Slumber Party Massacre is so mediocre?

First, this abomination tries hard to change the rules of old great slashers like the original one. Here we have a bunch of men that act like women in the 80's. Why? Also, several women that acted like men in the 80's , including a feminist agenda here. Terrible.

Second, the storyline and the script here is miserable. A shame and embarrassing. Even for a B-slasher you need a convincing excuse to kill. Here everything looked damb.

So, overall one of the worst slashers I've ever watched. And I watched more than 500 hundred.

Andre the Giant

Great documentary
I grew up in the 80's watching WWF as a great fan and thinking everything was real. I was only 5 years old. I discovered the wrestling world thanks to videogames too. Andre the Giant was one of my favorite characters to fight with. It was great about having in control a big guy against all the others.

At that time playing Nintendo 8 bits and watching WWF on Sunday morning was the best thing to do. The WWF fighters looked for me like super heroes.

So, when I watched the Hulk vs Andre during WrestleMania III it was one of the best moments ever. A young kid thinking maybe Hulk could defeat Andre for the first time. And he did.

Today on 2023 I've watched this documentary about the great Andre the Giant , and I think it's a great one. So sad to discover how he was suffering from pain last on his days. The vision from an adult vs my vision from a kid. Rest in peace giant. You're always be the unique giant.

Scream VI

Disney's Scream
Scream VI wants to add a new perspective to the franchise and in some ways it works till the conclusion. An insult to intelligence.

First, the positive. The New York setting work pretty well. A new and fresh renovated scenario, even the idea was probably taken from Friday the 13th , Jason takes Manhattan.

Second, the bad. The script is horrendous and acting is bland. They tried to be "cool" including generation X, rainbows, flowers and excessive female characters. No male leaders here. Why?

I was praying Ghostface to kill everyone.

Third, Ghostface with a shotgun looked kind of weird. What is next? Ghostface with a Chainsaw? Maybe Jason's machete?

Last but not least, the ending. Terrible. Pathetic. The worst by far from all the Saga. I'm not going to spoil anything saying it's not credible or acceptable if you're a real fan of Scream or slashers. C'mon. Who wrote this? A 6 years old?...

So, overall a movie that wants to be fresh and clever and it works only for a few minutes. When you start thinking about it... it sinks by itself.

Hopefully is the last one.

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Great mini series
I haven't watched before anything related to the infamous Richard Ramirez, so I didn't know how was developed all the crimes he was convicted for.

So, to me the mini series has been pretty interesting, raw, crurl, gritty and real.

First, the tone of all episodes are based on real images mixed with other fake ones more into fictional. And it works pretty good. The detectives don't act, they are just two great storytellers.

Second, the duration is almost perfect. Personally, I think the last episode feels like something is missing, because it goes to fast everything. It could have been great maybe another episode.

To sum up, great mini series about Richard Ramirez, the night stalker.

Runaway Train

Great in 2023
I am just discovering old new classics and this one is a little jewel. I can't understand why nowadays producers can't create great movies with simple and credible things.

First, the story it is not original but entertaining. It keeps you on the seat during the the almost two hours. The end is great for me and it works well.

Second, the cast is great. Credible, dumb psycho's but with soul. Important to include a great cast for such simple neurotic roles.

Last, FX's here are better than 95% of nowadays CGI. Embarrassing to watch how old school can create this on 1985.

To add, music is great too. Great oldie vibes and interesting song for conclusion.

So, overall this movie is better than 75% of movies created on 2023. Something is not working in Hollywood.

Creed III

Creed the Videogame
Creed III is more than a boxing movie but far less than Rocky I or II for example. Even Creed I and II are superior, and not only because Stallone. All that four movies are better because something really important in a movie: the script.

Creed III is the same old story, again, just including a great cast, but ruined because of the script.

It could have been an amazing movie just with a more risky script. As predictable as the new Top Gun Movie. Visually both almost perfect, but mostly empty repeated cheesy story.

So, overall a wasted opportunity to finally do something different, fresh and with a different ending.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey

The Texas Pooh Massacre
I am not sure what I have watched. Seriously, I'm in schock lol... I am a big fan of slashers so that's why I've watched almost all the great and the surreal ones too. This movie is on the top list of the worst. But, let me tell you something, if you want to watch a slasher starring Winne the Poh you can't expect an Oscar winning here. But I think it could have been far better with a more serious script and actors.

First, the movie is maximum a Z one. It is bad, really bad in all aspects. Even the gore looked pretty cheap.

Second, the music is terrible. As bad as you can expect in a Z++++ movie.

Last but not least, the best are the girls ready to dissapear. Didn't feel anything for any of them. Good job Winnie and friends.

So, overall if you want to waste some time watching a terrible slasher, do it. Even you can find somehow entertaining if you're in the mood.


Another drug crime drama
I really enjoyed this predictable but pretty well drug crime drama. It is below of masterpieces like Sicario, but still watchable.

The storyline is based on the usual crime drama's that include some action here, some violence there and not really any great twist or surprise here.

Best here are some of the characters that you can root for. So it is interesting to know more and more about them and how the story ends. I think the story is quite decent and the conclusion obvious but pretty well executed.

So, overall good but not great, it could have been far better with a more risky script. I don't know why movie's directors are always using the same formula, an acceptable 6/10.

Cocaine Bear

What can you expect about a movie called Cocaine Bear?
First, I really enjoyed the movie even it's flaws. I expected less from the first half of the movie. So it was great entertaining.

Second, the second half is extremly weird and predictable. Even the overused CGI almost ruined any credibility of the supposed "based on a real story".

Third, overall, the movie is funny, goofy, crazy, dumb and forgettable, just because the plot. A bear sniffing cocaine the whole movie.

Last, I am not going to spoil anything saying the premise was crazier than the execution, because the really weak script. It could have been a masterpiece, but instead you got an over the average gory crazy bear feast.

To add, this was the last Ray Liota's movie, so respect for him.

After Midnight

The Anthology movies are just OK. Not scary, gory or anything remarkable. Just Entertaining.

If you are looking for a 80's decent suspense B-movie this one is for you.

The movie itself drinks from Tales from The Crypt but the result is weaker. Acting is OK, script is predictable and the three stories are decent enough to entertain you for a while.

But don't get me wrong. You will forget this movie as soon as you turn off the TV. On the other hand, the 80's Nostalgia works here if you're around 35-40 yearss old. Good memories from our childhood here and the golden era of horror creativity/slasher, even here the glass can be half empty or half plenty. You choose.

The Fearway

The movie is an amateurish way to copy several movies like Reeker or Jeepers Creepers. But in a bad way. The movie looks extremely cheap and the script is non existent. The ending is a joke. Nothing new here or interesting.

Is it a good movie? No it is not. Is it entertaining? No, it is predictable. Why the three stars? I really enjoyed watching the Joshua Tree National park settings and the main actress does a good job here. The other one is a tip. A tip because I love independent B cinema.

So, if you're looking for a similar movie I recommend instead of this one, the movie Reeker. More creepy, better Fx's, more original and with more or less the same budget.

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