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Going to California

This show is gold.
A true masterpiece, which is very different from your regular prime-time sitcom. This series focuses on different aspects of life and society, and deals with issues that one might encounter at some stage of his life. The characters are very realistic, with unique personalities which you will have a hard time finding elsewhere on TV. Spiced with some humour and an everchanging cast of beautiful women, this show will nail you to your TV sofa, and make you count the days until the next re-run. P.S. David Faustino has a guest appearance in one episode! If this doesn't convince you that this show is great, nothing will!

Fast Sofa

A very interesting and unique movie.
I personally enjoyed this movie a lot. It doesn't have neither a sophisticated story line nor stupid cheesy elements which are so often encountered in mainstream films. The movie has a nothing-to-lose feel about it, which is very relaxing and enjoyable. I especially enjoy road-trip films (see Going To California), which makes this one very close to my heart. Also my fondness of Heavy Metal allows me to relate to the main charachter Rick. Probably the best scene in the movie is the one in which he wakes up in the morning after being beat up and drives off to kick his offenders' asses to the sounds of Ace Of Spades.

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