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I didn't watch this until a long time after it was released on DVD. To my surprise I found it far better than I anticipated after it had received so many bad reviews. The era the movie was portrayed is quiet believable. I am an Australian and i'm not a big fan of Nicole Kidman but in all fairness to her, I think her performance and that of her co-stars to be quiet good. I really couldn't imagine anyone else playing her role. The little aboriginal boy stole the show. This movie does go for a while but not too long especially if you prepare for it. If I didn't already have a big enough DVD collection I would purchase this movie to watch again. In fact after I downsize my collection I will add this one in a 5 movie pack. It really is worth watching a few times.8/10

Jersey Shore

Good to Watch (mild spoiler only)
I have nothing in common with these people expect that I am of Italian decent (2nd generation). A lot of what they get up to makes me sick but I think i enjoy this show so much because its entertaining to see the different personalities and strange behavior. Its definitely not boring. The girls show a lot of booby flesh, dance crazy and provocatively, fight, make up and sometimes have sex. The guys, Vinnie and Pauly D in particular, often pick up chicks for one night stands. Its fun to watch the relationships within the group, the arguing, making up, and its hard not to find something to like about each one. I don't think most of the low scoring reviews are being honest. I think people should get off their high horses and rate this show truthfully. You might not agree with certain behavior, but you still watch it. Whats up with that?? My rating is based on my enjoyment factor. I want to own the series on DVD. 10/10

Division 4

A classic police drama set in Yarra Central Police Station, Melbourne
I am so disappointed that I have to wait till 3 am (to 4am) to watch repeats of this old Australian police drama series. It is just as entertaining now as it was back then. We return back to black & white colour and the slower pace of Australian life in Melbourne. It is so cool to see the cars and fashion of the late 60's and early to mid 70's and the genuine Aussie characters, many of whom having appeared in other Aussie shows. It is also fun to note and compare the changes in law today. The cops really make this show. I enjoy watching these repeats so much, and as I said earlier, disappointed at the late 3 am start. It would be a lot better deal if the money-hungry "Quizmania" was scrapped and Division 4 brought forward to the 12 to 12.30 am time slot. With 300 by 50 minute episodes this series would be very welcome on DVD. I hope other viewers feel the same. Perhaps we might see a DVD release in the future.

Swept Away

I want a sequel!
I first watched this movie with my 18 year old daughter a few years ago and we both enjoyed it very much...I just love the sea! I own a copy of Swept Away and I won't be parting with it because i'll be watching it over again. After reading some of the negative comments I felt compelled to give my opinion. Swept Away has a good solid plot and a great emotional ending. All of the acting was good including Madonna's performance. I don't know what people were expecting from Madonna. I am not Madonna's number 1 music fan and I doubt that I even own one of her songs so I believe my opinion is unbiased. Its time people judged this movie for its content instead of jumping on the Guy Ritchie/Madonna b**ch fest bandwagon. Madonna looked good and played her part well. The ending is screaming out for a sequel. Please Guy read my comment and act on it. Madonna's in great shape right now. I want to see more! 8/10


Berry Good!!
I love this movie! I can't understand why there were some negative comments.I stayed up very late/early to watch this pic as it came on TV in the wee hours of this morning. Well worth the loss of sleep. Halle Berry was her usual gorgeous self. She dons a blonde wig ... both wacky and cool! Teamed up with Natalie Desselle who cooks up some irresistible "soul" food, you couldn't have asked for a better duo to keep you entertained..never a dull moment. Heart warming and fun. This story line may have some similarities with other movies, but this one has been done very well.

If you haven't already seen this light-hearted comedy, you should! You won't be disappointed. 10/10

Year of the Comet

This movie HAD potential but lost the plot.

What a terrible shame this movie turned out so bad. Within the first five minutes of watching this film I wanted to see MORE. YES, I was excited. Then after five more minutes into this drama/thriller, I'm tearing my hair out. What was with the terrible attempts at trying to add some humour?? The bottle of wine was worth a LOT of money. Why the messing around?? The guy was left hanging on the side of a building for far too long. And the silly Greek guy at the airport, blah blah blah. I'm surprised it didn't become a MUSICAL!! This film had the potential to be good...very good!!.. only to be spoiled by the failed humour and ridiculous ending. The only saver was the beautiful Scottish scenery. If you value your spare time, then don't waste your time on this one!! 2.5/10

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