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The Capture of Bigfoot

Bad movie
This movie is the best film ever made in BFW (the "W" stands for "Wisconsin"). Unfortunately, it is also the worst film ever made in BFW and should only be watched by those who believe that snow is entertaining.This movie takes place in BFW. That would be short for bum f**k Wisconsin, and it is the middle of winter too. The practical upshot of this is that every scene has snow in it. Yes, every one of them. Even the scenes shot inside have snow, because there is either a window or else snow melting off of someone who just came in from outside. To be honest, there is one scene without any actual snow in it, which is when the game warden is reading through the newspaper archives. Guess what is on the front page of the newspaper? Yes, a picture of snows. Good grief. Yes, you get to see Bigfoot, but you will also see a whole lot of snow.Did not like this movie at all. Lesson Learned: The phrase "Wardrobe by Kmart" should not appear in a film's credits. Did not like it at all. Boring.

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