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Webseries nowdays, have been too much unrealistic, vulgar and attention seeker for no reason at all. Few of them had quality but mostly webseries were sold on non-quality Content. Here comes Kaafir which sets an Example of Quality writing and socially important content. If this is not enough then Outstanding performances and Emotional connect are two more strong reasons that makes Kaafir a Must Watch Film.

Kaafir is a story of a Central character Kainaaz who is Pakistani but accidentally crosses the Border and entered in India. The expected circumstances under the cover called National security issues puts her in more problems and she goes on to have worst incidents of her life in Jail. The 2nd most important character is Vedant, an Indian Lawyer and Journalist who fights for Kainaaz's rescuel but has some unforgivable and unforgettable past that makes these 2 characters full fledged. The 3rd one is Cute yet powerful and mandatory character called Sehar, obviously Daughter of Kainaaz. Bhavani Iyer as writer has written every character very smartly, realistically and relatable mind. Apart from these 3 the other characters are too equality important in this narrative no matter how long they stay on screen they got that much importance on screen. Bhavani not only wrote the characters Beautifully but also crafted them with genius mind as you can see not a single character looks unrelated or immature, every character had that backstory and much needed conflicts. If this is an Exam paper then undoubtedly Bhavani Iyer has topped the charts with Full marks.

It is very difficult to keep people engaged for 7 hours throughout the narrative with the Performances and that Very Difficult fort has been breached by Actors. Dia Mirza is Explored like never before in Kainaaz role, she delivered The Best Act of her career. No more words can describe it, just Hats off to her. The same story is followed by Mohit Raina who again delivered most Matured Performance of his life. The cute little girl Dishita Jain portrayed Sehar with Zero acting knowledge and Full Natural skils. Rest of the Cast members have supported them with full passion and each of them deserves special mention.

Director Sonam Nair will be remembered for directing this Universally important subject with 100% conviction. She has made a gem and shown us that she is a Genius storyteller. Kaafir could have been a Fisco or an average affair without Sonam Nair. There are so many Cinematic nuances to learn, there's so much to take home and keep it with you forever.

What works in Kaafir? Almost everything. The script, the acting, the cinematography, the execution, the direction, the emotional connect, the love story, the quality phenomena and what not. What doesn't work? There are quite few scenes which pokes like a hard rocks in this Smooth flowing river but one can forgive them saying it humanary natural mistake. Overall Kaafir is Brilliant Writing meeting the Outstanding performances and Class direction to deliver a Must See Product. Make a list of films made on India-Pakistan border affairs and i bet Kaafir will stand tallest in the list. Yes, you read it again, Kaafir is that much High level experience. If we believe India doesn't produce good writers then give a watch to Kaafir and you will apologize for the above statement. This India-Pakistan human emotions story with full of conflicts is Strongly Recommended for Quality lovers. A CLASSIC !

RATING- 8/10*

Game Over


Thriller is a genre which has been loved by all kind of audience and Critics. Mostly thrillers stay with us for more time than any regular entertaining film. Game Over is far away from Mainstream cinema not just because of content but also when you look at it's lay out in promos. And the final product is nothing different rather it is even more surprising. Game Iver is half heaven and half hell of cinematic experience, why so? Let's find out in details.

Game Over is a story of one Central female Character played by Taapsee Pannu who is stressed, tensed, confused and scared. You know how difficult it is to live with so much problems in life so you can imagine how she must be feeling. The side story of Fight for it spirit, never give up is also enthrilling but that basic Fictional Plot is.... Okay, Let me say it clear, you can either reject it for being unrealistic and get away or you can give it a chance, believe it and then Enjoy the Thrill generated soon after. The writer has tried something different this time, he mixed up Realistic thriller and fictional writing together to leave us quite confusing. Taapsee Pannu has given Amazing performance in this never seen before character of her life. She believed on those nuances, those expression, those screams and made us belive and feel her act. The background score is engaging and well supported by Cinematography. Couple of scenes are High Class examples where you might lose your control from comfortable seating, as those one or two scenes are scary as ghost.

Ashwin Saravanan directed this Thriller with full conviction and that conviction is fortunately seen on screen. He has worked on so many nuances and those nuances will work high time for you if you could notice them. The biggest USP here is the gripping second half after the Narrative being clueless in the first half. At Interval point you even question that is the Game Over? Then the tagline 'Game On' appears, you get excited for the later half and the real game begins. Overall Game Over is a Spellbounding Thriller with Realistic Execution and Fictional Gaming plot which deserves to be given one chance from viewers and after that you won't be disappointed, and you can trust me for that. Most of the one line review is divided by If and Had excuses because the Storyline forced to do so. So, If you believe Life is a Game then belive me Game Over is a Must Watch Thriller.

RATING- 6/10*



Some films are bad when it comes to screen experience, some are bad when it comes to execution, some are bad at basic writing. Bharat is that film which is Bad in all the aspects mentioned but unfortunately as a film it turns even worse. Salman Khan has never been a guy who is expected to deliver Classic Films and even after keeping the Expectations low, Bharat does't even come close those expectations. The Worst thing about Bharat is even after you made up your mind for a Bad film, it still looks better in reverse or Worse case.

Bharat is a story of Bharat played by Salman Khan who is committed to his Father's promise of binding the Family together till his last breath. The partition riot separates Bharat from his Father and Sister and he keep hoping for their return for 5 Decades or something. The writing is total fiasco, the soulless script, clueless screenplay is nothing short of a Torture. The link between 2 scenes is missing, that connection of one long Platform is never built up. Ali Abbas has got Nothing, i mean absolutely Nothing in writing to show it on screen therefore a bad Director hits the Worst note in film-making. Why did he need 155 minutes runtime to show this weak script with Disater Climax? Countless childish moments are irritating as hell. Only that one emotional scene of Indo-Pak relatives Greet Meet is watchful but again debacle dialogue writing has killed that scene too. When it comes to Salman and Katrina's Film i like to keep Acting Paragraph empty so let be Blank again. Disha Patni has small cameo but she looks hot and additionally she got better entry scene and impactful role than all other female character in the film. Sunil Grover is watchable, rest others just does not act at all, seriously why were they there in film. Music is Good and probably the only good thing in this product but here too we have got a problem that Good Music arrives on Bad times.

Bharat is one of those films which you can leave at half time and you still don't wanna regret. Heartly Congratulations to Salman Khan for making Hat-trick of Crap films on Eid. Tubelight, Race 3 and now Bharat. The best thing about Bharat is, Salman Khan is coming after Crap film like Race 3 and he keeps the standard of thelat film intact. Overall, Bharat is a Film to Skip for many reasons. Watch it to only and only to find your reasons of skipping it.

RATING- 3/10*

PM Narendra Modi


The biopic fad is taking over the industry as the new joining is the biopic on a heavyweight name, Honourable PM Narendra Modi. One has to be a Modi fan or admirer or follower to make a film with such vision. The writers and Director of the film seems those Modi-Fanatics. Wait, Don't get it wrong, it is Just about the film. Biopics usually face the same problems of accuracy, fictitious changes and then going pathless into the cinematic liberty. The same happens with PM Narendra Modi here.

PM Narendra Modi is packed with inspiring tale of our Hon. Prime Minister who rised up from a small village of Gujrat and took the nation by storm. The film also showcases his childhood portion which is unknown to many people around the world. The incomplete thing is, Film ends with the historic moments of Modi's life when he took oath as a 14th Prime Minister of India. We have witnesses so many Cinematic things by Modi since he became PM and those occassions should have been added to make the film complete. Let it be.. Fortunately the heroism, the swag, the rowdyness of Modi is there and it is executed in massy way so that we can make some noise and whistles in theatre. Vivek Oberoi as Narendra Modi looks good, be it from looks or accent. He could have pulled it with more convinction in his acting though. Rest of the cast got not much to do and they are fine with thier minimal appearances. Music is a let down here, not a single song make it to the favourites, nor sounds good in the narrative. Writing is fully formed to glorify Modi like never before that at one stage you might question yourself, is he a God or what? Cinematography, Production design and rest of the Film-making fields are decent to average. Coming to the Direction of Omung Kumar may feel resistive. We have seen some good films coming from him and he had to keep the level similar at any cost unless he is trying something out of the box. This film wasn't that out of the box thing for sure. Then what goes wrong? The fear of keeping the standard of dignified name, yes it could be that.

As a whole, PM Narendra Modi fulfills the Modi fanatic expections in the way they wanted. It wins a Biopic of Big Brand Narendra Modi but as a feature Film it is lost in it's own cinematic liberty. If you are a Modi Lover then enjoy this Modi-fied bonanza inside theatre while you celebrate his victory outside theatre also. This one strictly made for Modi-Fans.

RATING- 4/10*

India's Most Wanted


Surgical strike has became a trend since encultarative success of 'Uri : The Surgical Strike'. That film had everything to tell the story in commercial manner but here the case is different. Why? Because it is not direct Surgical Strike or an Attack, it is an estimated and unpredictable chase and capture mission. Although it is predictable for cine viewers who can clearly sense the coming events and like mentioned earlier that commercial package is missing too.

India's Most Wanted is an unbelievable story where 5 Unlikely heroes saves the billions and never gets the fame and credit for that. Five patriots from a small town team up to capture India's Most Wanted Terrorist and travels to Nepal without any official back-up. Can they manage to get him Or they fail? You get all the anwers in the film. Writing viz the film looks healthy but the Screenwriting seems outdated and melodramatic. As an Actor Arjun Kapoor finally gets a full-fledged acting role and does the Justice to his part by fair Margin than earlier ones. Supporting cast is impressive while Jeetendra Shashtri as 'Friend' steals the limelight. Amit Trivedi fails to give the needed musical support. Actually, the chase films which are more curved towards story-telling should not have mainstream music. Editing by Banerjee is pacy if you can exclude songs and unneeded portion. Cinematography and VFX Work is Good. Raj Kumar Gupta delivered a Fantastic film like Raid last year so the expectations level was higher this time and unfortunately he couldn't live upto them. When you have clear sense and focus on the film then you shouldn't be using the same old formula because the story is not regular, right? All What goes wrong has been sum up in one line, i guess.

In a nutshell, India's Most Wanted is much needed story for the Audience but the look out by the makers remains average. This script could have been told with better viewing experience, especially from the Director like Raj Kumar Gupta. Although he misses the main protocol, somehow he manages to keep something watchable in the narrative and saves the ship from the Crap stroke. The patriotic feeling and sympathy towards the untold and unknown heroes can be watched once.

RATING- 5/10*

De De Pyaar De


De De Pyaar De was seeking attention from the trailer itself when we knew a successful name like Luv Ranjan is coming after Super Hit SKTKS. But one doubt was spoiling the mind that he's not the Director this time but just a producer, so were we supposed to trust New Director like Akiv Ali? No, we were not. Keeping the expectations Low for the valid reasons told, has worked on High note for De De Pyaar De as Akiv Ali manages to exceed the expectations by fair margin. DDPD can surely be called a Successful Debut for any Director in this genre. But how much successful? Let's find out.

De De Pyaar De is not a Love traingle but it is pretended to be a love triangle in urban style where sophistication doesn't stand for a long time. It is a story of Rich guy around 45 and a hot young girl of 26 falling in love of each other in London. The guy is Divorced (not actually) who decides that his Girlfriend should meet his Ex-wife and other family members in India before they get married. That Family visit creates fiasco and then lies, cover ups and relationship bond theories are explored. The narrative here is Funny, Entertaining and engaged especially in the first half while the ending portion is bit dragged and unexpectedly slow. The biggest USP of the film is it's Dialogue writing, you get into it at the beginning and you never go out of the Intelligent Conversations until the lukewarm ending arrives. You may remember the Flirting conversation of Ajay and Rakul for some time or might even use some of those dialogues in real life. As an Actor Ajay Devgn is decent, his acting talent deserves better roles indeed, this wasn't it. Rakul Preet looks Hot, Spicy and she is talkative as hell. The most sensible character is played by Tabu and she keeps the sensible act intact. Supporting cast along with Special appearance of Javed Jafferry and Jimmy Shergill will surely receive your love. Music department is fairly good, although some songs appear at the wrong occassions it can't be blamed fully because couple of situational songs lifts the screenplay up.

Coming to the main thing, the writer and the Director of the film Akiv Ali did leave an impact. As a debut Director he surely deserves the credit and therefore some mistakes can be forgiven. He makes sure you don't lose the interest, you don't lose the grin smile on your face, he keep you immersed with the narrative for 100 minutes and then last 20 minutes might not be that tall but again the last scene of the film hits it back to the tempo along with interesting hint on the Sequel. The only thing he lacked was, the Bang On Climax. Luv Ranjan Films had the Climax lifting it up and may be that's why the repeat value was there, here Akiv miss that but he still has guaranteed Hit material in hand. Overall, De De Pyaar De is an Organic Fun ride with special mention to dialogues writing and is surely watchable for the youths, couples and even family members (with lots of beeps). It could have been the 7/10 film but that not so intellectual climax made the difference.

RATING- 6/10*


We have seen plenty of films based on Scams having multiple stories included, and getting slightly away from the main content. Only few of them were stucked to the content and there also screenplay had some extra filmy material. Setters doesn't have it, not a rare case but one of the rare. Setters is a straight forward take on trending issue of setting it in Government Competitive exams and therefore much needed subject finds it's way on the silver screen. It lacks the top class film-making but is surely a decent and watchable attempt.

Having many twists and turnarounds, the script should not be revealed to spoil the fun but a brief can be told as, it's a tom and jerry stuff between Setters and Cops. Shreyas Talpade plays a negative character Apurva and the characterisation by the writer is smartly done job. Aftab Shivdasani is honest as honest cop Aditya. Others such as Pavan Malhotra, Vijay Raaz, Sonnalli Seygall, Jameel Khan, Ishita Dutt and rest of the cast members are composed and discliplined to thier characters. Setters has some good writing skills and the screenplay is well planned, not well executed though. Kartootien is the only song in the film and that is not useless. When most of the useless songs spoils the tempo in thriller films, this one is that rare situational theme song which doesn't scramble the content. Ashwini Chaudhary as director handled the subject sensibily but he lacked that wow moments from the writer itself. Will it be fair to blame him then? At least he didn't walk on a commercial film-making path, must thank him for that.

Government Competitive exams are deathless and so does the scams are ageless, it will just get better day by day as the technology is never ending. So the film-making on it must be updated, we might have to cross the boundaries of limited vision in coming days but for now just be happy with a decent attempt. Setters, overall is a well planned watchable thriller and a straight forward pinch on a realistic subject without losing time in typical filmy masala.

RATING- 5/10*

Avengers: Endgame


Marvel took a decade to set the "End Game" on high standard and that plan has worked big time. We can feel the buzz, the hype all around the globe. Finally the Final Chapter in Avengers saga is revealed and does it live upto the hype? Yes, it does. Avengers End Game has every freaking element of heavy Commercial entertainer along with moving climax for die hard Marvel lovers and a fulfill end to the journey.

End Game was awaited for the one final Slash on the deadliest villain who killed half the universe with just one snap. People were excited to see how remaining superheroes battles with Thanos and do they survive? The script is 180 minutes long which is perhaps the longest film in Marvel Cinematic Universe so as expected it takes time to settle the atmosphere. Unexpectedly, Russo tries some Intellectual kind of stuff to get it right but leaves so many goofs which remains unanswered. After getting it right, since 140 minutes are gone, finally you get to witness what you actually wanted to see in this film from the start. The visually stunning phenomena takes charge and you just can't stop screaming out loud for your favorite superheroes.

The climax fight is followed by bit of emotional portion where you have to say goodbye to your superheroes. Marvel ends it good, but is it good enough? Is there anything new to see? Answer is No. End Game is the same Marvel stuff we have been watching since a decade, except that one segment where all the Marvel Superheroes comes together for the first and last time. Russo tried thier ordinary version of Quantam Physics but doesn't explain the theory till the core, in addition they took so much time to set the plot. Overall, Avengers is a complete Winner package and will rule the box office but it is not that High level Cinematic Experience which can be remembered for years. If tou like all the previous films of Marvel Cinematic Universe then this is something more for you, so don't miss it.

RATING- 7/10*



Makarand Mane was a name to remember for classic film 'Ringan'. Then he had forgettable project 'Youngraad' which can barely be called mediocre. Kaagar was that perfect opportunity to come back strongly where Production Value, Cast, Overall impression and almost everything falling at right place. The opportunity is missed and how? By far, actually. One would have never expected it to be such disaster but gotto move on now.

Kaagar lacks the basic ornaments of writing, and the logic as well. The writer seemed confused asking himself questions like whether is it a Love Story or a political drama or a what else? The script has a story to tell about Rani (Rinku Rajguru), Yuvraj (Shubhankar Tawde) and Guruji (Shashank Shende) changing thier basic perspective continuesly. At one moment it looks like a smooth going love story, suddenly it turns into a political drama and then again turns the genre to thriller/suspense (not exactly). And what do we get as a final output? A Clueless Film. Moving towards the acting zone, the trio Rinku Rajguru, Shubhankar Tawde and Shashank Shende easily sells it on thier acting. Even other cast members put thier best. Screenplay is not that long and thank God it's not, those 120 minutes passes without any boring moments if you can forgive the basic writing. Action and violent scenes are damn realistic and perhaps the best part of the film. Music too passes quickly keeping the pace intact. Decency of cinematography and locations is has been kept. Makarand Mane's Direction is completely Lost. One can still remember his Ringan and that class for some years but here you don't see a single glimpse of that class.

Too much of cinematic liberty and fictitious vision of writer+director has taken Kaagar far away from common sense. It does not really give you any reason to give it watch, neither it win as Love Story nor as Political Drama. The basics has to get right otherwise you never come in a race, Ringan is that Horse which never comes in a race yet fails. You keep searching for at least one reason to call it a Good film and the search never ends.

RATING- 4/10*



It's been a span of some years we have seen an Eternal Love Saga in Bollywood which can be called a Quality film. The last one i remember is Veer Zaara, although some good films came after that but couldn't match the quality level. Kalank was looking a film going somewhere half to that level but again the Fisco in writing didn't let it reach that mark. A rich production design goes in vain because of confused writing, lukewarm vision of ordinary Director and tortoise speed screenplay.

Kalank is set in Controversial Partition era and tells a tale of Love, Betrayal, Religious fights etc. ending up on a question that was it a Kalank or an Eternal Love? The same question appears in your mind as an audience that what the film actually was? Was it love story or was it a Love triangle or was it a sacrifice? And did that simole script need such a confused screenplay and long runtime? While we keep searching for answers, some good performances by actors and rich production design are delight to watch. Every song of the film is a theatrical cinematic experience, in which Audio, Video and Lyrics everything hits the right notes. Then what goes wrong? It is Writer, Screenwriter and the Director who deserved to be bashed for thier mistakes. Many scenes are left incomplete, plenty of unconventional moments, characters are not well written, they even used reference of Jinna for Religious fights but we never see that cruelty on screen, that "Bull Fight scene" has kiddish VXF and many more mistakes were found. Abhishek Verman couldn't even handle an ordinary film like "2 States" then how was he capable to handle this Big Budget film?

Dharma Production is on a dream run with thier recent films tasting a success but i fear this time Dharma will see their Biggest Commercial Underperformer in recent time. Kalank is a Musical and Visual Hit but a Cinematic Flop. May be the timing of the film has gone wrong, people nowadays don't expect Love Saga especially from the young actors and young Director. This script might have worked 20 years ago with the directors who were specialist in Love-traingle zone. A potential Eternal Love Saga has been spoiled by Lukewarm Vision of Director and it's slow paced screenplay.

RATING- 4/10*

The Tashkent Files



How many of us knows that 2nd October is the Birth Anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shashtri as well? We call India as Country of Gandhiji and Nehruji, why not Shashtriji's? How strong was India's Position on Global Map when Lal Bahadur Shashtri was Prime Minister of India and how all of sudden India lost that strong position just after his mysterious death? These all are unsolved puzzles and we have had enough arguments and political propagandas over this, but Tashkent Files is just not about this, it is something more than that. It is about Secularism, socialism, terrorism, politics, our rights and bla bla but when all of these comes with a Great Cinematic Experience then believe me you just can't afford to miss this gem.

The Tashkent Files deals with multiple issues at the same time keeping Shashtriji's death mystery at the center, rest phenomena of beneficial nature of people, types of terrorism, racism and the Fake Truth which has been accepted by our society etc. is created with Perfect mindset by the Writer and the Director Vivek Agnihotri. He finally comes out of his Adult Thrillers zome and delivers a Must See Experience. The entire cast does the justice to thier roles with thier own perfection. While Shweta Prasad showcases Best act of her career, Mithun Chakraborty, Mandira bedi and Pallavi Joshi stands out. Music was needless but there is one theme song "Sab Chalta Hai" which fails to impress, although Lyrics hits the Sharp aim on the subject. Dialogues are Knocky and you will utter 'Wow' for them at some occassions.

At one moment, The Tashkent Files feels like Bollywood version of Hollywood Cult Classic '12 Angry Men' due to those Arguments and conference scenes but the motive was different here. Apart from unrevealed Facts on Shashtri, it also focuses on few political agendas and propagandas in thrilling mode. Overall, The Tashkent Files is much needed Intellectual Must Watch Film for Bollywood in this year and is certainly the Most Intelligent+Thinkable product of the year so far. One must have some brilliant knowledge of History to judge this film, and that's the reason why I am not sure whether to call it a Classic or not, hence rating is 7/10*

Romeo Akbar Walter

We have had some patriotic films in recent time, some of them were thrillers, some were inspiring and some were patriotic juggernauts. RAW doesn't really fit in any of these categories because it has it's own separate league. RAW is an attempt to give a grand Salute to some untold and unknown hardcore patriots who gave up thier entire life, sacrificed all they have for the nation but never got deserving recognisation. Although as a film it lacks the Quality, that Patriotism feel doesn't let it end on a disappointing note.

Romeo Akbar Walter is a tale of Romeo Ali (John Abraham) who had a dream to work for the nation just like his father but his mother doesn't allow him. After Becoming a Banker and living a regular life, he was chosen by RAW Chief (Jackie Shroff) to work as an Undercover RAW Agent. Later, he gets caught by Pakistan Government and how he manages to find his way on his own all these Interesting chapters are put in with perfect balance in this narrative. At some moments film looks so bad but later we get answers of all the queries but still that Useless Love Interest chapter irritates. RAW is thriller with less commercial elements which needs to be told without any other filmy elements but sadly Makers didn't realise that. Music, Love Interest, Family Drama and some other things are added uselessly.

Director with a straight forward vision could have made it a much a better film but fails. John Abraham finally gets a perfect role to explore an actor in him, except him nobody from the cast impresses. Overall, RAW can be watched once to know some unknown and untold stories of National Heroes who never got the fame and recognisation. Some may call it a dull film, some may call it a useless attempt but as a Citizen of India we all must realise that this stories like these needs to be told, otherwise we get useless Masala scrips every friday.

RATING- 6/10*



There are multiple films made on the same story of jungle where Human's hunger for money destroys forrest world. The Animal comes in mind in that story is most probably an Elephant who is more profitable for hunters. It's been almost 30 years we haven't seen a film on the same old story and here comes Junglee loaded with New Action Mania. The same old story does feel predictable but the action sequences and new set of storytelling makes it a decent watch.

Juglee is the same predictable story revolving around Eliphant hunting, and later turning into a Revenge drama. Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat, Atul Kulkarni, Makarand Deshpande and rest of the cast members plays thier roles fine on screen. A Writer should have tried to write something new so that film would have looked more interesting. Screenplay is Tight and that's why film never looks dull or boring. Action and stunts are eye pleasing and the Camera Work is well supporting. Chuck Russell as Director fails to bring some special product, but thank god he doesn't deliver a crap.

If you real feel for the animals then Junglee will hit your chords very well, apart from that it is still a very entertaining cinematic experience. But if you are looking for something more than a Decent product then wait, keep those expectations well in limit. The emotional touch of Animals may tug little rings in your heart and the Action mania towards the End works on high note. Overall, Junglee is a Good One Time Watch or rather a decent watch for all kind of Audiences, no matter what your taste is, no matter what your age is.

RATING- 5/10*



There are countable Epic war films made in Bollywood that's why hardly one or two stayed in memory. Bahubali has to be that Historic Film to remember for years with Freaking Grand Canvas and Brilliant vision of Rajamouli. Sadly no other director in India has managed match that or even go close to that. Kesari was Promised to be that Mountain scale film with Terrific story to tell but unfortunately lacks that Vision. Excluding that, it is a Good Commercial Entertainer for regular Indian Audience.

Kesari tells the tale of Bravest battle ever fought by 21 Sikhs against 10, 000 afghans. We actually see those 10, 000 invaders on screen and that makes this film to look lavish in screen. But it was a Big responsibility to handle, where the Director couldn't stand tall. There are so many illogical moments and small small mistakes appearing continuously in the screenplay. The biggest question arises that if everyone was dead in the film then who the hell told this story to next generation? There has to be some logic behind this if you are making a historic film otherwise have to admit that your research is not that good. Acting department is fine and the cinematography is the best thing about the film. Music was unnecessarily added, when the film has taken the pace why do they need to spoil that with songs. Another problem is, the best song from the film 'Ajj Singh Garjega' which could have been one of the Best Cinematic portion in the Film doesn't even appear for a moment. The entire storytelling is fictionalised just to make the heroes shine brightly, no matter if it doesn't make any sense. The director wasn't capable to pull off this one.

Although Kesari is a good entertainer with enough commercial value and mass elements for Pan India audience, one might feel that this one was a potential gold converted into silver. In non commercial zone Akshay Kumar has delivered some Classic and Very Good films recently but the commercial zone is quite below the belt. He will taste the success again but that memorable stuff is missing this time. Why do we fail to match Hollywood? Because of that typical melodramatic and emotional propaganda by Indian directors. Kesari was a chance to make something close to "300" level but stays in limit for those typical audience of our nation so let them enjoy what they want.

RATING- 6/10*



The Lunchbox was a Gem, by the Director called Ritesh Batra and this tagline was enough to create humongous expectations from Photograph. Additionally cast names like Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Sanya Malhotra and Brilliant Trailer upraised the bar. But in a Film it misses something at the end, even if lives upto to the expectations throughout the narrative. However, Photograph is the Confirmation that Director Ritesh Batra is a Genius and he will never come up with mainstream product.

Photograph is a deep meaning tale which begins with the Photograph and then Flows like a stable River. In between many situational laughters, realistic humour and unusual screenplay keeps this one engaged. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sanya Malhotra are totally amazing as lead pair. Their Expression, thier accent, thier decency is surely gonna fetch them many accolades. Cinematography is pure realistic and smartly done job which can be noticed through angles, zoom ins and blur moments. Director Ritesh Batra brings another offbeat and Loveable film but he fails to bring the same convinction in the climax. But the good news is, he never loses the Quality, he keeps it intact for 110 minutes.

Deep meaning films are hard to digest for massy audience and some classy audience too doesn't really reach to the core. Photograph could be one of those film where the Final Impact is not that powerful. Little bit more detailing in the Cliamx and Photograph would have been a Classic. Unfortunately it misses the Big mark by short distance, still doesn't fail to give you experience of watching something unusual stuff. Overall, Photograph is another Deep and Genius film by Ritesh Batra, only 1 mistake doesn't make it bad or Average, it is still a Very Good Film by far.

RATING- 7/10*

Ti and Ti


Rom-Com is one of the most popular and audience friendly genre in not only Marathi Cinema but also in Bollywood. We easily see 10 or more Rom-Coms annually in both the Industries, hence the excitement of watching something new does not generate. How different can you make the film in this Genre, this question is never been answered. The potential for Content is very less in Rom-Coms and Ti And Ti is stucked with those limitations.

Ti And Ti has an Interesting story of 3 Fresh Looking Characters, Pushkar Jog, his wife Prarthana Behere and his Ex-girlfriend (Crush would be a better word) Sonalee Kulkarni. Pushkar and Prarthana are married and on thier Honeymoon trip Pushkar meets his Ex-Crush. This Crispy thing generates interest to some level and the songs coming one after another keeps the film pacy. Although we hardly get any Laugh Riots, the decency of the Screenplay keeps the ship floating. Again the same problem appears that how different or unique can you go in Rom-Coms, those Limitations spoils the built tempo and the Floating ship of Ti And Ti starts sinking. The musical department somehow keeps the head up but same typical Rom-Com storyline along with Love Triangle and Flirting moments remains ordinary. Acting wise, Siddharth Chandekar is a surprise package and his character relates you more than anyone else. Director's Vision is strictly Average so the Direction Skills.

As a whole, Ti and Ti is a Strictly Average or rather i would say a Decent one time watch and that too for couples. This one looks lavish on screen while everyone from the cast adds the much needed freshness. If you have limited expectations and wanna go for light Rom-Com then Ti and Ti might be a perfect choice for you.

RATING - 4/10*



Sujoy Ghosh was the name to look forward since he delivered Classic thriller Kahani. He went quite low with other films but the Expectations of his Comeback were always carried. Badla was looking like that Comeback Film from the Trailer, and the Cast made it look sure shot winner. Now the Final Product is out and it is nothing less that whatever promised. Sujoy Ghosh is Back with another Fine Thriller which should not be missed.

Badla is a Revenge Drama where Characters aren't set till the end, you keep getting shocks on alternate occassions asking yourself that who is Protagonist and who is Antagonist? Taapsee Pannu is showcased as Protagonist but is she really that? Amitabh Bachchan plays a Neutral Lawyer throughout the film untill the Brilliant Climax blows you away. Amrita Singh is a Pleasant Surprise as she plays one of the Most Important Role in this Maze. All of them Act with thier souls to make the Chatacters very much audience friendly. Background Music is Top Notch, it gives you that feel of Anger, Scare, Thrill etc. Writing is Perfect, and it was Expected due to Remake thing. Sujoy Ghosh as Director does an Excellent Job, he manages to keep you hooked till the End and forces you to Clap on the Very Last scene. The screenplay in the First half is Ordinary and it could have been much better compared to overall impact of the Film therefore this remains the only let down here.

As a Whole, Badla is one of the Finest Thriller made in Bollywood with Magic of Illusional Truth. You keep asking for turnaround moments and Film responds quickly to your requests. The Mahabharata Characters reference works on upper side, generating little bit more Interest. This one is a Sujoy Ghosh Trademark film and should not be missed if you like Quality Films, especially in Thriller Genre. This one would have been a Classic if the First half supported enough. Comparatively, it does not surpass Kahaani but fortunately goes very close to that level, nevertheless Badla is still a Must Watch.

RATING - 7/10*

Luka Chuppi


Luka Chupi wasn't looking convincing from the trailer itself, that actually helped to keep the expectations lower and not to feel much disappointed. A desi Film with Simple story and Light Comedy is always welcome but what if an Ordinary Script goes even more ordinary and then Light moments goes in vain because of unnecessary fiasco created in the screenplay? Not Good, huhhh. That's what Luka Chuppi is.

From the Trailer we got an idea that the Film tells the story of Live In Relationship and Marriage fiasco in Funny style, but in film there are some more factors like Politics, Emotions and Youth Generation thinking in addition. The basic conviction goes wrong here that what exactly Director wanted to say? Was he confused while focusing on multiple subjects in one script? It seems that, he was. Making sense is always important, no matter if you are telling big story or small one and that doesn't happen here. Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon shows Good Chemistry on screen, the supporting cast is good too. Pankaj Tripathi is a Show stealer who brings Gauranteed Laughters whenever he is present on screen. Music is a Plus point but all are recreations therefore credit goes to the originals. Screenplay has many goofs, writing includes unnecessary elements, Dialogues are decent. Direction is Immature and confused which could have been much much better. The vision was Overgeneral.

As a whole, Luka Chuppi is a Below Average film, apart from some real, genuine Laughters there is nothing more in the dish. That USP thing is missing which gives an Identity to any film. Hit songs and Startcast might help but still Box Office Success of the Film is doubtful. A better director with better vision and this one would have been a Good Light Hearted Comedy, but for now it is less for sure.

RATING- 4/10*

Total Dhamaal


Total Dhamaal was looking a disappointment from the Trailer itself because the VFX and Execution looked so childish and we were expecting some real fun like first film of Dhamaal franchise. Film fulfills everything promised from the Trailer so does the Crap things follows too, but this Non-sense Attempt on the similar script of Dhamaal makes some sense in the Climax. An Illogical Copy Paste of Dhamaal Script with different characters does bring some Hilarious Laughters but most of the scenes lacks the Logic and Quality.

Total Dhamaal has similar plot like Dhamaal where a groups of people are in the race to find the money. Here the Zoo factor works on Emotional side, and that's probably the Best Part of the film. A bunch of Actors who have Great acting skills are wasted in intentional overdose of Slapstick comedy. Music is another minus point while VFX work is the major one. Screenplay is Kiddish, intolerant half the time and full of fun half the time. Major disappointment is the low amount of Logic which is unacceptable at multiple occasions such as, the guys can jump from any height and can still survive, Defence Job workers can be IQ less, Cars can fly like flees, a couple can survive Flood from nowhere and the list goes on.

The problem with many Franchise films is that, most of the films survive on Goodwill of First Film of the Franchise (Dhamaal, Welcome, Golmaal) but no one seriously tries to make a better or even good film as the First Film of the Franchise (Exceptions- Munnaabhai and Hera Pheri). Total Dhamaal is another addition in that list cause the First Dhamaal will be remembered for years but it's sequels won't. It can be remembered as 'Golden Opportunity Missed' because Indra Kumar brought an Amazing Star cast together but fails to deliver that kind of product. Total Dhamaal is for Immature Audience who can tolerate anything for the sake of Laughter, mature ones should either stay away or can bear it somehow for the Climax.

RATING - 5/10*

Gully Boy


Gully Boy was a thing to watch out for, from it's very first trailer. The songs added some extra boost to make the Excitement level higher and the Final Product DOES NOT DISAPPOINT AT ALL ! Finally, Zoya Akhtar makes a Film with Logic as well as Entertainment. Gully Boy will go down in memory as Zoya Akhtar's Most Entertaining and Appealing film till date. Gully Boy is a Winner from each and every aspect, hence the Box Office Success and Love from Audience is Gauranteed.

The Best thing about Gully Boy is, it never goes illogical, Boring or too much intellectual (which was a problem with some previous films of the same director) yet it manages to pull off the enough conviction. Zoya Akhtar goes to the core of small things of the Characters, for instance the Language, the Swag, The Local Humour, The High-Five, Emotional Connect etc. Gully Boy has it's own zone of storytelling, which is curved towards the Realistic Lifestyle of Characters, thier accent with Local Flavour of Mumbai. Ranveer Singh nails as Muraad, not to speak more but he is probably the Contendar of every Award Show Nominees list. Aliaa Bhatt is Fearless and you'll love her on screen. Every member of Cast lives the Character, with special mention to Siddhant Chaturvedi as Sher. Music is Top Notch and certainly the Biggest USP of the film. The Raps will make you groove on it, especially the Lyrics will hit your hearts. Cinematography speaks through it's angle, the Slums, the Club looks realistic even though most of them are shot with Deam light.

Overall, Gully Boy is a Treat to watch, especially for Rap and Music Lovers. It doesn't really miss anything as all factors like Acting, Script, Screenplay, Music, Direction hits the bar by enough Margin. Gully Boy miss out Quality in few scenes, nevertheless it is still a Winner like i said before. Nothing is more pleasing when you see, Zoya Akhtar arrives in a Proper Commercial Entertainer Zone without losing her Content.

RATING - 7/10*

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga


"The Secret" this is what they told us in trailer, right? But it was quite easy for movie buffs to predict the Secret. As expected, the secret is exactly what we were thinking, its about true love crossing the barrier of gender. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga tries to showcase the Brave Script of taboo subject, but somewhere the Screenplay falters, if not fully. Nevertheless, it was a "Well Tried" by the entire team.

ELKDTAL is not a complete fictional story, it is a mirror image of some real incidents happened in our society. Although, it is presented with some filmy and dramtic elements, one can easily accept it. Problems appears in multiple fields like Acting, Screenplay, Execution, Direction etc. which doesn't let Strong script overcome. Sonam Kapoor portrays a sweet girl but that's not enough when some important scenes like tackling as brave a Girl and emotional flavoured moments arrives. Rajkumar Rao doesn't explore an actor in him Fully and that's unacceptable. Juhi Chawla goes unnoticed due to overacting, so does the supporting cast. Anil Kapoor remains the one only saving grace here. Music is a let down, moreover it's irritating where the screenplay is already faltered. Execution is Strictly average and the reason for that is filmy vision of Director. The script didn't really need any dramatic portion then why Director went through that path? The full focus should have remained on content other than Feature film ingredients, especially when you are attempting a Taboo breaking subject.

As a whole, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga is an Important film for the society but the problem is, it is not made for everyone. The appeal and impact is limited to some people only, unlike Padman which was a Universal Appealing Subject. It may bring change in some people's life who have undergone such torture, but the question is, apart from those sone people will an entire society accept it? Unfortunately, the answer could be No. Because our country is not ready to accept such things, at least for now. After some years we might see some changes and that time people might recall this Film. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga deserves the one time watch from you just because they have tried some different subject, otherwise it does not surpaas the Expectations after raising the bar with the strong Script.

RATING- 6/10*

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi


Indian History is always something where every Film-maker try to find a story which should be liked by audience. Then how could a story of The Queen Of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai left out? If not today then tomorrow someone would have surely made a film on it as we all know it is a Potential Story to make a Great Film. Team Manikarnika Glorifies this Great story in thier stucked and average execution.

The first half of the film is nothing less than a Fiasco where you keep waiting for Quality but you never find it. At one point it even feels like this one might turn out to be a huge disappointment. But somehow the second half does the job, it saves Manikarnika from that Debacle tag and pushes it to safe Average mark. And there also most of the credit goes to the Actual Story which happened 170 years ago. Thanks to the sympathy which goes to the Legacy of Rani Laxmibai and her Bravery despite knowing that the film is not justifying her standard upto that level. It was a Script with Potential of turning it into a Best Historic Film of Bollywood but the entire team of Manikarnika Misses this Opportunity.

Kangana Ranaut as Manikarnika doesn't look like the one in the first half, she looks a cute and sweet doll. Then in 2nd half you see real anger and that enthusiasm in Kangana. Supporting cast could have been much better, so does the direction. I could even say that Make-up man does a better job than Director. Writer too doesn't bring anything interesting, neither in script nor in screenplay. Dialogues are much better comparatively, though. Execution is mediocre, it has unnecessary loudness, poor VFX, goofs, loo breaks, couple of songs on wrong occasions etc. Overall, Manikarnika is a Golden Opportunity missed, and reason could be the pressure of handling big story of big name from the history, so big responsibility it was aftreall. But still the questions appears that it had all the needed ingredients like story, budget, production value, canvas, everything then why? This one is still watchable for some Goosebumps moments of Pride, war, patriotism and our Precious History.

RATING - 5/10*



Biopics are raining like anything nowdays, anyone is coming up with Biopics without wasting time. Another film joins the party, this time quite roaring and controversial personality. I personally didn't have much expectations and may be that thing has worked here as Thackeray surpassed my Expectations and left me with satisfied experience. For me, It is Surprisingly good and Engaging film.

Thackeray is a well known story to all of us, because it is based on Bal Keshav Thackeray who had been a famous political leader of Maharashtra. Film Thackeray tells the story of Balasaheb Thackeray from his early days when he beared all the injustice and then decided to fight for his people. The tale is bounded by Taut Screenplay and Perfect Directorial Skills. Couple of mistakes in the begining but after that nothing really goes bad. Thackeray is almost a Songless film expectedly, but one situational song is there to boost the screenplay. Nawazuddin as Balasaheb Thackeray does full justice to the role, he wears the character with the ease. Strong Characterisation and Excellent get up of all cast members is the Biggest USP of the Film.

Thackeray had some sensitive and contriversial scenes which could have been explored more deeper but it is still okay not to disturb the built tempo. Unexpectedly Abhijeet Panse delivers a well made biopic where i can say Balasaheb Finally Roars on Big Screen in a Well Made film. Watch it to witness Balasaheb's Power and aura in his own style, and if you think its not enough then brace yourselves, the sequel is Coming...

RATING- 6/10*



Simmba might be remembered for the Best Ever Surprising Cameos in any Rohit Shetty Film. As promised it is a Perfect Mixture of Comedy, Romance, Emotions, Hit Songs, Mass Elements and true Blockbuster cameos by Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar. Ranveer Singh makes a Solid entry in Mass genre while Rohit manages to keep his standard on his own level. Along with the wholesome Entertainment package Simmba also tries to spread awareness on Sensitive topic like Rape cases happening in our nation giving the reference of Nirbhaya Incident.

Simmba is a Story of an Orphanage child who becomes a Cop, Sangram Bhalerao (Ranveer Singh) and he is dishonest to his Uniform, his job but loyal toward money and extortion. How he faces some painful incidents and that turns him into an Honest Cop, this entire journey is presented in Entertaining way. Ranveer does so much Overacting (Writing Mistake) in 1st half, the kiddish accent, the sloppy english he speaks might irritate you on alternate occassions. Then we see real Actor Ranveer in 2nd half, you see that anger, you feel the Rowdyness and you clap on his Dhaasu Dialogues plus machoism. Sara Ali Khan looks beautiful but has got very limited screenspace. Supporting cast includes Siddharth Jadhav, Ashutosh Rana, Vaidehi Parshurami, Neha Mahajan and many more marathi artists, is Fab. In negative roles Sonu Sood, Saurabh Gokhale are impressive. The best thing about Simmba is it's Script, why? Because it never goes illogical, it is sticked to the Logic, it is sticked to the Reality. The problem appears in Screenplay which is extra Lengthy, especially in 1st half, it could have been much more engaging or we can blame editing to the some extent for the same. Music is Amazing, all 3 hit songs 'Aankh Marey', 'Tere Bin' and 'Simmba' comes in the 1st half only to make the lengthy 1st energetic and then 'Mera Wala Dance' is End Credits song. Cinematography is good, action sequences are massy, punchlines have humour as well as slapstick one liners. Director Rohit Shetty has done what he is doing since years, he might have not hit the high level bar but he doesnt go too down either.

Overall, Simmba is a Good Entertainment Package to buy in festive weekend for the families. It had the chance to go to Singham Level (High Repeat Value and No Loo Breaks) but misses due to Screenplay and controlled vision of Director. Still, it is 2nd Best film after Singham of Rohit Shetty in Action genre, hence better than Singham Returns. It might have ended as an Average affair but the Trick of cameos by Rohit Shetty has worked big time. The way Ajay Devgn sets the screen on fire and Akshay Kumar surprises at the end, both the things uplifts the tempo in the 2nd half to End Simmba on a Very Good note and that makes you leave the auditorium with sufficient happiness. As far as Box Office is concerned, there should be no stopping in the Extended Weekend for Simmba and it will surely emerge 2nd or 3rd Biggest Grosser of Ranveer Singh. In the Sense, this is 6/10* film but i am adding 1* extra for the Dhamakedaar Cameos l, therefore 7/10* Go For it....



When was the last time you saw a Masala Action Entertainer in Marathi Industry? Probably it was Lai Bhari way back in 2014. Here comes the second film which runs on a same path as Lai Bhari, and guess what, it has same actor and same production value along with same devotional touch. Co-incidentally all the factors have came together to make Mauli another True Commercial Mass Hysteria.

Mauli is a step ahead of Lai Bhari in the first half in all aspects such as Writing, Dialogues, Twists, Action, Direction and Mass elements. The dragged portion in second half and few illogical moments succeds to irritate you but then again Devotional touch and Emotions works to save the sinking ship. Talking about the story of Mauli will spoil all the fun of your viewing experience as the backdrop is quite bigger, therefore let's not talk about it. Still the basic plot can be told in brief as, Mauli is a Story of a Cop "Mauli Sarjerao Deshmukh" played by Riteish Deshmukh. His 3rd transfer in 6 years has taken him to Village where a deadly Villain "Nana" played by Jitendra Joshi is ruling with his evilness. A female character Renuka portrayed by Saiyami Kher and side role played by Siddhart Jadhav adds the enough support in lead Cast. Riteish plays the coward simple Cop and Hardcore Action Macho Hero on alternate occasions. The script written by Kshitij Patwardhan is healthy in first half but loses the tempo in the second half. Again the Devotional content in the Climax force you to forgive that lost tempo portion. Camera work is Fantastic, screenplay is below par but the good news is, it does include plenty of 'Clap Worthy' and 'Seeti Maar' moments. Director Aditya Sarpotdar has crafted the product keeping mass audience in mind, hence Classes might feel disappointed.

As a whole, Mauli is a Combo of Action, Drama, Dialoguebaazi, typical Mass elements, Couple of Hit Songs, Machoism of Hero and the last but not the least is The Devotional Touch. Usually Marathi Industry don't see hardcore commercial films and if you are looking for that kind of Blockbuster then Mauli is a delicious Spicy (Masala) Dish for you. If you like content oriented stuff then either skip it or give it a one time watch keeping your brain aside for 2 hours.

RATING- 6/10*

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