Poll: Your favorite non-Jaws shark film?

A poll by ur23192370

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Meg - Busters

A Megalodon is a prehistoric shark with a length of about 20 meters or more. Ever since scientists explored relics of this extinct creature, mankind has fantasized about it. The Meg is now in theaters, and has flooded the box office with tons of dollars. If you would make a mockbuster about 'The Meg' - What name of these below would you pick for it? (The following titles are existing shark mockbusters - with completely fictitious second lines.) Making fun of it as mockbusters do, usually. Discuss Here. :) A big thank you to Jessica for helping.

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Where would you most like to swim?

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Song Written by Madonna for a Motion Picture

One of the most influential music stars of its generation, Madonna is known, among many things, for her work in Motion Pictures. She has written various songs for films in her career. Which is your favorite song written by Madonna for a motion picture? (not counting songs perfomed by her but written by someone else) Poll by Pencho15 Discuss Here

Shark Week: You never forget your first shark

Starting on 10 August, 2014, is this year's famous "Shark Week" on Discovery Channel. Other networks are getting in on the fun by celebrating "Snark Week" and other such tributes, including airing several shark-themed movies. Which of the following shark flicks was your first? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/233073602/

Favorite Aquatic Character

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Title drop! (2)

Which of these films had the best title drop? title drop - a part of the movie in which the film's title is mentioned Credits to the website TV Tropes for inspiration and to jalapenoman for one suggestion Title drop! (1) Title drop! (3)

Best JCVD Actioner

Jean-Claude Van Damme turned 61 on 18th October 2021. Before venturing into films, he earned a black belt in Karate, won some major kickboxing games, and learned ballet for five years. He prominently acted in action flicks during the 90s, and he continues to feature in action movies. Which of these action movies starring JCVD do you consider his best? Discuss the poll here IMDb rating of 5.0 or above; No sequels.

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2014 Film Black List

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Killer Animals

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Spring Break!

Spring Break is week where many college and high school students head to the beach for a week full of crazy parties, underage drinking, and idiotic stunts all while blowing their parents' money. It is a time that causes a lot of bad decisions, future regrets, and has been the subject of many awful films. Which of these movies about this pastime was the most bearable? Discuss here.

Animal Attack!

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Favorite Samuel L. Jackson Movie Quotes

Legendary Samuel L. Jackson celebrates his 75th birthday on December 21, 2023. Known for his commanding presence on screen, he has delivered iconic dialogues in memorable films such as 'Pulp Fiction', 'Snakes on a Plane', and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, embodying characters with a delivery as sharp as the lines he speaks. Which of these selected Samuel L. Jackson quotes is your favorite? Discuss the poll here

Blue is the Title

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