• Warning: Spoilers
    Overall a very strong movie by the late great Lohithadas. His cinematography primarily uses elements of the scene in itself without much post production or editing to give a very realistic feel that engrosses you in the scene of every shot. The cast did an excellent job in each of their roles, Meera Jasmine in particular shined in her role as Priya. Ouseppachan put together an excellent collection of songs all of which appropriately compliment the films story, the scene's emotion, and the characters' chemistry.

    While I personally feel the beginning of the movie is the weaker part of the film, it appropriately sets up the levity and whimsical innocence of Priya's and Sajan's bantering. The chemistry between the duo truly begins to clicks after the program scene (Rakuyil Padi song number) and as a viewer, you are fully with them as they discover more and more about each other that slowly draws them closer together. The scripting and the dialogue effectively endear the characters and divulge you as a viewer through the emotions Sajan and Priya are going through. You laugh with them as Sajan finally concedes to accept Priya's financial help and friendship, you want to cry with Priya and feel for her when she shares her pain with Sajan; you smile when they find happiness, despite their own suffering, through each other. There is no need for suspension of disbelief in this movie as there often is in many love stories' cases, everything feels well connected and characters react and behave in a manner very true to life.

    Beyond the main cast, the supporting cast's performances for the most part hold their weight along with Kunchacko Boban and Meera Jasmine. Kudapalli Leela's performance as Rajendran's mother makes you absolutely loathe her character, but you can still connect with her and share her emotions in the climactic scene. Shammi Thilakan delivers a fantastic performance as Rajendran, truly driving home that while he does care about his family, he is blinded by his control issues and his ego which ultimately lead to his downfall.

    Personal favorite scenes of mine were the scene where Sajan and Priya say goodbye as Sajan prepares to leave for Delhi, the climactic scene, and the final montage scene before the ending.