• The original Predator movie was a classic, largely because of its simplistic plot, but naturally helped along by the presence of Mr Schwarzenegger up against a cool alien.

    Then came Predator 2 - the same cool alien, but no Austrian counterpart. Then came those Aliens vs Predator movies and the less said about them the better. Unfortunately, these three misfires left the Predator franchise a bit dead in the water.

    Hooray for 'Predators.' Okay, so it'll never outdo the original. In fact, sometimes it gets so close to the original that you could be mistaken for thinking it's a bit of a remake. But it's not. Don't worry about it. Although technically more of a sequel to Predator 2 than the first movie, Predators keeps everything that is good about the original and just sort of shakes them all around a bit.

    Predators gives us another jungle, albeit on an alien planet instead of South America, a bunch of hunted humans, this time all sorts of mercenaries instead of one platoon of Americans and three hunting aliens instead of just the loner.

    If you can get over having (the only slightly skinnier) Adrian Brody in place of Conan the Terminator and were a fan of the original, you'll probably like this. There are plenty of nods to the first film and it shows us a little more of what those dastardly head-hunting aliens get up to. They even bring their 'dogs' along for the ride.

    If you like your action bloodthirsty and non-stop, this ones for you (even if Arnie couldn't make the cameo that was originally written for him).