• The technology in "Murder By Phone" (also called "Bells") is impossible. You just have to set that aside and watch the film without questioning...and if you do, you will very likely enjoy this Canadian film.

    You see the girl die at the beginning of the film. She receives a phone call and when she answers it, her eyes begin to bleed, she shakes and then the phone explodes! Nat Bridger (Richard Chamberlain) investigates the case and almost immediately he comes upon very nasty and awful phone company reps...who do everything they can to frustrate his investigation. Not to be deterred, he presses on...and ultimately learn that a weird machine has been created that can be used to kill by phone!

    The biggest shortcoming of this film is that so many folks want to stop Bridger...and since he's only one guy, why didn't they just kill him?! Too easy to laugh off...but still kinda fun in a mindless sort of way.