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  • A lot of people laugh at David Hasselhoff and write Knight Rider off as a corny piece of 80s television. I still think this is one of the coolest shows ever, and I freely admit that Knight Rider can be pretty idiotic at the same time. The series was basically a cartoon and that can make it hard for some people to revisit when they grow up. I think that Knight Rider is one of the best unintentionally hilarious shows ever created. The silly aspects of the series make it just that much more entertaining in adult life. Knight Rider is an endearing and nostalgic series that finds a way to entertain you despite how ridiculous it can all be. "Michael & KITT", how can you not feel the tug of the old days back in the 80s when you hear that? We all grew up with this show back in the 1980's as kids, the appeal of a cool looking black sports car that could TALK was irresistible back then. Today I guess we look back at Knight Rider and wonder "wtf". It might make us recoil, and get pretty damn embarrassed with some of the out there stuff we used to think was so cool.

    The immense flaws of logic and continuity that plagued Knight Rider were easily hidden to a casual child viewing the show back in 1982 (I was 5 years old), but they really stick out like a sore thumb when viewed through adult eyes. The same damn stock footage was used ad nauseum, the frames were sped up to make a car going 20 mph look like it was zipping along at 400 mph, blue filters were always used to make it look like it was night time; and as others have mentioned, the fight scenes were never, ever believable. I don't think they even had any kind of trained fight specialist on Knight Rider, it always seemed like the director just told Hasselhoff or the stunt doubles to simply go out there and just make up some crap that could pass for jujitsu or tae-kwon-do. But again, this is what makes Knight Rider so fun.

    This series is loaded with all kinds of unintentional hilarity. Some of my favorites are when David Hasselhoff's stunt double wears a mustache in a take, or the episode when the stunt double's Michael Knight afro wig accidentally flew off while he was doing one of those patented "Hasselhoff-Fu" roundhouse karate kicks. It seemed like Michael Knight could take down any bad guy with one well placed karate kick to the head. Let's all be honest with ourselves, a big reason this show was popular was because it featured a really cool looking black car with that cool looking red scanner mounted in the front. Everyone loved that car, and there is no doubt that is the reason Knight Rider is a part of American pop cultural lore. I'm 26 1/2 years old today and I still like this show because it's my childhood, and because it's from the 80's that we all love and grew up in. Things would get so stupid, you often wondered if there would be a button on KITT's dashboard that would say "Drive Very Fast" instead of "Super Pursuit Mode". The show didn't magically become any more nerdier in the 2000's then it was in the 1980s. Even back in the early-mid 80s most people over the age of 15 had a tendency to laugh at Knight Rider. It was always cool to children that didn't pick apart the series, but not so to anyone above the 9th grade. The prime target audience was boys that were roughly 9 years of age. So if you were already over the age of 13 back in 1982 when Knight Rider first aired, then you were likely going to always be too cool for a show like this that leaned on being a live action cartoon. Yes it is amazing that this series lasted on NBC's prime time for 4 years. But aren't we glad it did?
  • In 1982 an unknown actor named David Hasselhoff burst onto the scene in a weekly Friday night series aired on NBC. Hasselhoff played Michael Knight on a brand new 80s vehicle oriented TV show (that frequently targeted boys) called Knight Rider to rival The Dukes of Hazzard on CBS.

    Hasselhoff was what many in the industry call an "8 x 10", a perfect hunky man with shoulder length wavy hair and beaming smile. Hasselhoff was also gifted with a keen sense of humor and wit, which allowed many of the outrageous stories of Knight Rider to work and not be taken too seriously. Knight Rider was about an undercover cop named Michael Long who was betrayed and left for dead in the desert. Long was rescued by an eccentric billionaire by the name of Wilton Knight, who nursed Long back to health. Wilton Knight also gave Long a new face and identity as "Michael Knight". Knight convinced Long to use his police officer skills to help his private organization (The Foundation for Law and Government), and equipped him with a super car with artificial intelligence named KITT (Knight Industries Two-Thousand). The supporting actors like Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson complemented Hasselhoff wonderfully as Devon Miles and Bonnie Barstow. It is rare that a cast gels so well like this, and in many ways KR was more about the characters then the stories or KITT.

    Despite some negative and absurdly over the top reviews here, Knight Rider remains one of the most fondly remembered action adventure TV shows of the 1980s. Knight Rider was not an L.A. Law or St. Elsewhere type drama, nor was it Harlan Ellison level science fiction, and it never tried to be. Knight Rider had some camp, but campy doesn't mean a dog meat series. Every single one of those action/adventure shows from the 80s like A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard, Blue Thunder, Airwolf, Hunter and MacGyver had plenty of instances of overt stupidity. They ALL had their "what the hell was that about?" moments. Every one of those 80s shows. So why is Knight Rider singled out and getting ridiculously picked on like this?

    The show was a fun yet not too serious one hour adventure series. Many people here seem to be overly concerned with "looking cool" as adults and join in on the over the top teasing of a series that you know everyone loved back in the 80s. Stop trying to be so cool just because you're now an adult in the 2000s versus being the young kid that watched this show every week back in 80s. I highly recommend Knight Rider, (it will blow you away!) and check out the newly released DVD if you can. The Season 1 DVD has rich vibrant colors and sound, complete with an assortment of extra features that will keep you busy for days.

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  • The basic premise of Knight Rider has already been covered here numerous times, so I'm not going to delve into that. Everyone knows that Knight Rider is about an ex-cop with a new identity, working for a private foundation that provides him with an indestructible super car. But if you read some of the reviews here, you might think that Knight Rider is the worst TV show that was ever made. Knight Rider could get corny at times but it was nowhere near as terrible as some people say it is. There's nothing at all wrong with a show being campy.

    Knight Rider wasn't "all about a cool car" either. If that was true then why didn't the two attempts to revive the show in the 90s work? Knight Rider 2000 in the early 90s and Team Knight Rider in the late 90s both failed to recapture the 80s glory of the original. Team Knight Rider even had 5 talking super vehicles. That proves that there was something to David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight), William Daniels (voice of KITT) and Edward Mulhare (Devon). They had a special chemistry that made the series work. David Hasselhoff for all his William Shatner overacting antics, made the show work too. Another man might have tried to play the material seriously, but the Hoff knew better. Knight Rider wasn't a show that was trying to change the world, it was merely a one hour action/adventure block of entertainment. The people slamming Knight Rider were probably too old to appreciate the show as children in the 80s, or they are too young to have been around in the 80s. I bet a lot of these mean spirited comments are from some dopey Generation Y kids born in 1989 or something like that. I think the shows success speaks for itself.
  • Oh man when I was a little kid I used to watch this show religiously. I loved this show and when the reruns are on T.V. I watch them too. I used to watch them on U.S.A. when I was in High school and loved the episodes again. It reminded me when I was a little kid. K.I.T.T. inspired my love Pontiac cars and one day I will own a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am with T-tops. If you have never seen this show and happen upon it one day I recommed watching it, this is a classic like the A-team.
  • I was a kid when Knight Rider was in its prime time and yes I watch it no matter what. Currently have the reruns of Knight Rider on and I must say there are somethings that bug me. Like every kid in the 80s I loved K.I.T.T. Now for all you people that say David Hasselhoff can't act come on, o.k he's not the best actor in the world but he wasn't that bad, I think he was great for the role, but the things that bug me were like how everytime Michael say something like "K.I.T.T get Devon on the line for me" and Michael would go and press 20 other buttons and the reuse of footage. I must admint David Hasselhoff was good looking at the time, just about in every episode Michael would do his good dee and get the girl at the end, well they did drop to his feet, just about all apart from Bonnie, thats the only time we see Michael try so hard and get turn down, but you can see they are more then just friends. Michael and Devon I can say are bit like Maxwell Smart and the Chief off Get Smart but the only thing was Michael was a lot smarter but it still irritated Devon like Max did the Chief. Some episodes did a get a bit boring and could have been better, but over all Knight Rider is still a good TV series.
  • People are picking on this show for ridiculous reasons. IT was not SUPPOSED to be this great acted, perfectly mistake free show. It was an homage to the classic cliff hangers of the 50s. The flashing lights on the gas pedal were there for effect. It was never supposed to be a guide to those driving. A simple formula, really. Flashing lights = cool! By the way, to complain about show for mistakes and actually make a mistake in your complaint is kind of funny. We DID see the truck driver. In fact, in later years, he became a regular cast member. (And quite frankly, it made the show worse.)

    The show was fine. Seriously, if you are watching the show expecting Shakespeare, then the mistake is YOURS not the shows.
  • I was 3 years old when Knight Rider was released in 1982, I remember vaguely seeing some of the episodes when they were new. I find it puzzling that people will "nit-pic" a TV show that lasted a decent 4 years on the air, yes maybe corny to todays standards, but the show was harmless entertainment. Unlike TV programming today, at least it had it's own originality. Kids could watch it without a lot of heavy violence or nudity, (which was like none in Knight Rider. to name only a few.) on the contrary, it was very much sci-fi, as well as drama, and action. Bottom line, it's a TV show, get real folks, does anyone have imagination anymore?
  • I just saw what another guy had written about this series and I must say he is so far wrong on this subject and is probably not even from the era of the Knight Rider, A-Team, Airwolf, Magnum PI, Simon and Simon, MacGyver, and Harcastle and McCormick. All of the shows listed above are some of the best shows ever in the history of TV and how anyone has the audacity to sit here and type in a bunch of drivvle and say that Knight Rider had bad actors, bad stunts, and bad filming shows to me they know nothing about the show. The only problem Knight Rider had was, it was way ahead of its time. Knight Rider was a lot like KITT it was the show of the future. Now I will go on and defend Kinght Rider like any true fan would. David Hasselhoff may not have been one of the best actors, but none-the-less he is a fairly decent actor. In turn, the KITT car was a real Pontiac and at times it was a dumb car, most people know this stuff, however this is a TV show not real life, so if it may have seemed fake in manner, then maybe you should sell your TV and sit in your house like a bored bump on a log. My rating for Knight Rider is 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
  • Knight Rider was one of the staples of my TV diet as a preteen back in the wonderful (?) '80s. The main attraction to this young car fanatic was that...CAR. I swear, back then, that jet black Trans Am was awe-inspiring. It wasn't an '80s car in the sense that we know now, but an *'80s car*...new, ultra-high-tech, computerized! All those flashing buttons and lights and monitors were, like, so sophisticated. It even had a steering wheel that was a cross between an airplane's and a dragster's. Never mind that this Knight Industries 2000 talked with a voice like a somewhat more streetwise version of HAL 9000. Wow!

    It still has an air of futurism in my memories--it seems like it should still seem fresh now in the year 2004--but then of course I haven't seen it since its original run ended. Maybe better that I shouldn't, or risk ruining my memories.

    What I do remember, outside of having a minor crush on Bonnie and the chemistry between all the leads, is that as much as I enjoyed this show it had a distinct thread of creepiness running through the whole show. Technology had part of it--remember KARR, KITT's evil doppelganger? Or the episode where someone's voice had been cut apart and "reassembled" to say something different? But what I remember the most was the explosions. Funny how many shows I liked back then had lots of things blowing up (like The A-Team, another Universal TV favorite).

    Knight Rider's creeped me out for some reason...the one non-KITT image I remember over any other from this show, for some reason, is a large stack of fuel drums set ablaze by bad guys in a factory or airplane hangar, and a long, long scene of these drums exploding and shooting into the air like rockets, accompanied by a repetitive stock explosion sound effect right into the commercial break. I dunno, I still get the willies thinking about that one. Then again, there's that Lear Jet getting blown up in the opening credits...that one WAS kinda cool.

    Very strange what twenty years can do to one's memories of a show...some things are cystal clear, others (like the stories) I'm not sure I ever really paid attention to. Such is TV. KR was one of my faves once upon a time.
  • Like a lot of you here, I grew up in the 1980's (born in 1978) and I have been catching the reruns of Knight Rider on the Sci-Fi channel. I'm also pretty shocked at how goofy the show is compared to how I remembered it as a kid. Not much in this series makes sense, and hardly any of the story lines will captivate you. I can barely sit through an episode and it's only loyalty to my childhood that even has me watching the show in reruns. One thing that bothers me is that opening credit intro sequence. It's very MISLEADING to the tone and content of the series. The opening credits with KITT racing across a purple tinted desert is VERY COOL, and it implies a dark and menacing series that exists in a sinister hi-tech world. The universe of Michael Knight, "a man that does not exist" seems to be like that of Tim Burton's Batman or the recently released Daredevil, where anything can lunge out at you from dark and shadowy corners. But when you watch an episode of Knight Rider, you realize that it's NOTHING like the opening credits. Not even close. The show is more like an episode of Superfriends or Gilligan's Island. You might as well have the Skipper be the one driving KITT and calling him his "little buddy". The show fails to deliver on the evil world that is promised in the opening credits, and that is something that has always annoyed the hell out of me about Knight Rider.
  • Crooked small town cops, evil business men in three piece suits, roundhouse karate kicks, these are the trademarks of any number of 80's action adventure TV shows. You also know you are dealing with an 80s TV show if there are a lot of stories about revolutionaries in Mexico or some unknown Latin American country, cattle rustlers, or if there are plenty of car chases using cheap looking 1970s styled cars. Nearly every TV show from 1977 to 1986 featured these plot devices. Knight Rider may very well have been the silliest of the bunch.

    Before David Hasselhoff became an embarrassing alcoholic, and even before his Baywatch years with Pamela Anderson in the 90s, the man played Michael Knight back in the early-mid 1980s. Teamed up with a talking super car named KITT, the two battled evil forces in California and it's nearby surrounding states. Distinguished actor Edward Mulhare brought some respectability amid all the stupidity. The episodes tended to be consistently formulaic, with next to zero continuity between episodes, characters often said and did things that directly contradicted the previous week's episodes. One episode had Knight's boss Devon tell us that Michael better be careful because he is about to tangle with the man that ordered the hit on Knight when he was previously known as "Michael Long". Yet in the pilot episode of Knight Rider, Michael Long was merely an unlucky police officer who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time out in the desert, thus why he was murdered. There was no "hit" ordered on him. Does anyone remember that episode of Knight Rider where Hasselhoff's character orders a hamburger and then just leaves? Germans love David Hasselhoff, but he was a star for NBC from 1982 to '86.
  • I've sat here and I've read a lot of comments from people about the TV show KnightRider and there are a several from people who talk down this show. My thought is you have to remember when the show was written okay it was written in the 1980s oh wow that should give yourself a clue to how the stories were written.... Now myself i grew up on TV shows like KnightRider, The ATeam, The Fall Guy and i loved to watch them every time they were on. some of you guys act like you have a car just like KITT in your very Driveway which even after all of the years that have gone by they still haven't came up with a car as close to that one portrayed on that TV show. some of you think that those stunts were simulated ha ha ha. iam sorry but what era are you from the 1999? back in the 70s and 80s CG was not yet thought about people they did real stunts with real cars some equipped with special roll bars and struts to protect the stuntman. Plus if you don't like the show don't watch it but you don't have to sit there and run it down. David Hasseloff was and is in my personal thought a very good actor. and for some of you who have written in here trying to pass yourself for someone from that era people really liked having big and outrages hairdos back then just like people like to have every part of there body's pierced from one end to the other today. it goes with fads okay if you think the 80s were bad tune into the 70s you haven't seen nothing yet okay. now that i have tried to put a few of the party poopers in there place i will go on and say that i love the KnighterRider series and it brings back a lot of fond memories for me for when i was a kid! i still watch them on TV or actually DVD now since i don't hardly catch them on TV anymore. Kitt and Michael were a great team their relationship was really great there are times i wish my car cared about me like KITT cared for Michael. especially in bad and inclement weather. And Really how many of you out there haven't ever gave your car a name now come on! you have no imagination what so ever! If you sit there and knock every great TV show that ever hit the airwaves. well thats all i have to say on the subject everyone out there take care!!!!!
  • I like this show a lot. Not as much as, say, The A-Team, but it was great fun! As others have pointed out, some people get a real stick up the butt and complain that its corny, implausible, some of the acting is dodgy etc... So if we agree, whats the problem? lol But seriously, what do you expect from a show like this? A new Shakespeare? Does everything have to reach that standard of excellence? Surely there's nothing wrong with some light-hearted fun. If you're still not convinced that this was from the golden age of TV, turn on your TV set and just see how things have improved since those awful 80's. Have a look at the horse doo doo passing for entertainment THESE days. "Reality" TV shows featuring half-wits sleeping, sitting on sofa's or getting drunk and talking rubbish (Big Brother, anyone?). Tons of similar, generic sit-coms that need to have laugh tracks to let you know when to laugh (ever sit there and think "was that the funny part?"), propaganda channels posing as news, MTV is a shadow of what it used to be... Yeah, thank God the 80's are over and Knight Rider is a thing of the past, huh? The trouble with comedies these days is that they take themselves too seriously. There always has to be a serious love story alongside the "comedy", always some feigning of intelligence and seriousness going on. I wish the people making TV shows these days would realise that you don't need that boring rubbish. Shows like Knight Rider were corny, implausible, but GREAT fun!
  • I am watching the reruns on sci fi. I can't watch a whole hour without seeing mistakes and bad acting. However, when I watched the show back in the '80's, I thought it was the best show in the world.

    Now, it is something after the reruns of x-files or some thing to watch until StarTrek @ 6 (now The Hulk, Yuck, that's even worse!!)

    Oh well, I will always love the "Michael Knight" from my teenage years and Let keep at that way...
  • A bafflingly popular bit of '80s fluff, "Knight Rider" was a slightly higher-quality Glen Larson production than most. It quickly abandoned its intriguing premise (a mysterious loner with no past wanders the country dispensing justice to the victimized) and degenerated into a series of disconnected stories about an amiable do-gooder playboy whose sidekick was a computerized car. Although typically described as "science fiction," there was very little to either the pilot or the series that would qualify as science fictional: the car was merely a deus ex machina that allowed writers to gloss over the analytical processes of investigation, and enabled facile story exposition by giving the hero a confidant/foil.

    A talented police detective (the unjustly maligned David Hasselhoff) is betrayed and left for dead, only to be rescued and given a new identity as a roving troubleshooter for a privately-funded foundation dedicated to finding "peaceful solutions to violent problems." This vague mission statement rarely related to anything the hero did. He seldom left the highways of Southern California and generally rescued disco-era hotties from the machinations of evil business tycoons. With interchangeable plots, typically unconvincing special effects and undertalented guest stars ranging from the anonymous to the has-been, "Knight Rider" was really not a very interesting show. Yet thousands of die-hard fans continue to eagerly view the programme and vehemently await reunion movies, sequels, and/or belated spinoffs (and judging from the comments here, universally find fault with them all). I think there is material here for an abnormal psychology dissertation; any takers?
  • David Hasselhoff plays an idiot crime fighter (with his shirt always open and chest hair bare for all to see no less) named Michael Knight that drives around in a talking super car called KITT. I wish Hasselhoff and the producers were a bit more serious though, they could have had a serious Michael Knight who was actually serious about fighting crime, but instead they just pander to all the homers and yahoos out there that like cool cars and cheap explosions. It worked in the 80s and the same concept of beautiful women and cool cars was used again recently for the movie "The Fast and the Furious". KITT is a super car that can do virtually anything, drive at limitless speeds, bulletproof, jump over anything and of course it has artificial intelligence. William Daniels does a pretty good job of providing the voice of the always wisecracking car KITT, otherwise there's not much else to say about Knight Rider. It's basically just a show about a cool car and that just about sums it up. The writing and stories are generally sub-par and the acting is community college theater level terrible. But hey it has cool looking black Trans Am car.
  • So what happened? I remember loving Knight Rider when I was a little kid. I just caught some episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel, and the show is just awful! Gawd, I can't believe how retarded this series is. It's loaded with camp villains and some really stupid plots. But this is what I watched on TV back in the time of 1982 to 1986. Bad acting and fake looking stunts appear to be part of the intended design of Knight Rider as well. How many times did they resort to using toy cars or bad miniatures on this show? One too many I'll tell you.

    The physical fight scenes in Knight Rider are some of the worst I have ever seen in my life. Why couldn't they have gotten a real fight choreographer for Knight Rider? The character of Michael Knight was supposed to be some kind of kung fu expert, but when he fights the bad guys his moves are anything but real martial arts. The guy fights like a freakin' idiot with that made up karate he uses. Then there were the stunt doubles used for David Hasselhoff. They were all so damn obvious! If your stunt double has a mustache and well you don't, I think that's going to cause some problems.

    Back in the 80's when I was a kid, I thought Knight Rider was totally radical and totally cool. Today I am an adult in my 20's and looking at this show makes me cringe with embarrassment. It's mind boggling that to this day such a stupid show manages an incredible loyal following of fans. I suspect 80s nostalgia has more to do with it then the actual quality of the series. Though great childhood memories don't make up for a terrible TV show, and Knight Rider is cheesy series that can't be taken seriously by anyone over the age of 14.
  • Avoid this. It's just a waste of time and airspace starring a pre-"Baywatch" David Hasselhoff and his talking car. Hasselhoff is Michael Knight and his car is KITT. Every episode is the same nonsense about some crooked businessman or corrupt sheriff ruining an honest small town of do-gooders while Michael/KITT comes to save the day with a their model car stunts. Why was every single sheriff they came across either a bad guy or someone that gave them a hard time? And why is David Hasselhoff always trying to pull some kind of karate in every role he does? Does the guy even know any karate? Devon always calls when Michael is on vacation and KITT never thinks he can make a jump, but of course he can. There was also at least two episodes featuring Michael defeating bad guys in a helicopter by leaping onto the chopper from an already moving KITT and then just reaching in and tossing the bad guys out of the chopper with one hand! Super Pursuit Mode seemed awfully redundant, since KITT seemed to have no speed limit while in "regular pursuit" mode. The car should have flipped over making those sharp turns while going 300 mph. And what kind of idiot drives 300 mph through a residential neighborhood? KITT would have also ruined his shocks after every jump, and don't give me any of that "molecular bonded shell" stuff. There was actually one episode where Michael and KITT turbo boosted onto the 18th floor of an apartment high rise. It was never explained why the 2 ton car didn't go crashing down through the apartment, or how KITT eventually got out of there. Stephen Hawking ain't watching this show I'll tell you that.
  • David Hasselhoff stars as a mysterious young loner on a crusade to champion the cause...Yeah whatever,with his highly dubious afro and plethora of chest hair he is the archetypal cheese meister.With the help of his super car called kitt they drive about investigating crimes.For people to believe this their intelligence is being hugely insulted.Even young children could see through this joke of a show.The plots were paper thin,the humour was terrible and hasselhoff's acting along with his bit part co-stars is laughable at best.I'll not even mention Hasselhoff having a pencil line drawn above his lip(i think it resembled a moustache)to play the evil Garthe Knight.This summed the entire show up-an unfunny absurdity.Glen larson created a hideous programme which has been the bane of society.A happy day for civilization when it was finally cancelled.This abomination had infected our screens for long enough
  • It was amusing to see the first criticism of this really empty, schlocky garbage, but then alarming to read the attacks on the guy for telling the truth. I hope the defenders of this show are at most 12 years old, so there's some excuse. And the very suggestion that guys have to like this show because "cars are cool" needs to be kept after school for about 15 years. Then again, we elected Reagan (twice) during this time, so maybe we get what we deserve.
  • Now as a kid I loved this show, but as I have grown older I realise why I still appreciate it so much. The reason is a simple one; I am partially like the character of Michael Knight. He is a loner in a dangerous world, and in some way I can relate to that feeling, though I do not want to be involved in any crime-fighting business of any sort. Looking back Knight Rider made 80's TV a good time to live through and who can forget the talking car, KITT, what a dream to work with that would have been.

    This review is going to be a little different, considering I am reviewing a TV show that lasted 4 years or more. I am going to look at the 6 main characters, my favourite episodes and what I found to be good and bad with `one man making a difference'.


    David Hasselhoff: He was the main star of the show, that being Michael Knight. His character had his face blown off as the cop, Michael Long. However, after billionaire Wilton Knight, found the man near to death in the desert, he had found the ‘one' he wanted to front his new crime-fighting outfit. In a social sense, Michael is a real ladies man, with Knight able to attract almost any female he wants. He is a good fighter and can take on almost any person he wants. He works very well with his Trans Am, KITT, that has artificial intelligence.

    Edward Mulhare: Edward played Devon Miles, the front for the foundation for Law and Government. He is of British decent and Michael gives him nothing but a headache, from all his antics. He is a very knowledgeable fellow when it comes to criminal activities and personnel. In addition, his experience from war and prison camps helps Devon in many areas of his work for FLAG. He died in 1996 from lung cancer.

    Patricia McPherson: Patricia starred as Bonnie Barstow, a female mechanical engineer who looked after Michael's car, KITT, and was given plenty of opportunity to do so. She was a university student and then become a member of FLAG, who makes Devon and Michael look good. She is stunning on the eye and a very intelligent computer operator to boot. I think Bonnie is a good character to have on Knight Rider and to have her as a female Mechanic is even more intriguing. Patricia also had a contract dispute, that saw her role temporarily taken over by a new actress.

    Rebecca Holden: Rebecca replaced Patricia McPherson in the second season as the mechanical engineer, April Curtis, who looked after KITT. She was a good replacement, though she did not have the same appeal that Bonnie had, which is a comment I hear all the time. April is a bright and bubbly character, which also helps make Knight Rider a fun show to watch. Her experience in other areas also helps in her job for FLAG ( boy I wish I had that going for my resume). With one episode entirely devoted to April's niece, a lovely young girl who has a very dangerous medical condition.

    William Daniels: He played the popular voice of KITT (the Knight Industry Two Thousand), who controls the car that belongs to Michael Knight. KITT is a funny personality, if you think of him like that, who is very protective of humans and makes many friends along the way. He changes many times throughout the four years onscreen, with ‘Super-Pursuit' Mode a fantastic innovation. Can anyone find me a car like KITT?

    Peter Parros: Starred as Regional Cornelius the third (RC3) in the 4th series. I am still unsure why he was ever given the role. His character has the worst vocabulary I have heard, and does nothing to invigorate the 4th series, though he does try to. He is sort of a back-up for Michael, but is lacking in FLAG class, that suits Michael Knight. I would have to say Peter Parros is one of the worst actors I have ever seen.

    My favourite episodes of Knight Rider:

    Just My Bill ( Series 1): Michael becomes the bodyguard for a crusading state senator who has stepped on one too many toes.

    Race for Life (Series 2): Michael races the clock to find a gang leader who's the only compatible donor for a girl needing a life-saving transplant.

    K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R. (Series 3): Kitt's evil prototype Karr returns, seeking to destroy Michael and Kitt with a new laser stolen from the Foundation. [Knight Automated Roving Robot]

    Junk Yard Dog (Series 3): Michael vows to nail the owner of a toxic-waste dump when Kitt is nearly destroyed in an acid pit.

    Knight of the Juggernaut (Series 4): Michael hopes a street gang can rebuild Kitt in time to prevent a criminal mastermind from stealing a radio-active isotope. Devon is kidnapped and impersonated.

    Killer K.I.T.T. (series 4): An embittered electronics genius gains control of Kitt's programming and turns the car on Michael.

    Knight Rider did have its faults. I found that the reusing of the same actors for two or more episodes was a pretty poor, as was the repeat of many driving sequences. While the driving stunts were so poorly executed at times that I can not understand how I did not know it was being done by a stunt man.

    Yet this show also had it's good points. The fighting stunts were enjoyable, as was the idea of a talking car and how KITT was improved from season to season, with the best improvement ‘Super-Pursuit Mode'. I am not going to rate this show, but I will admit this, that there are better TV show than this one. However, this show did have a certain nostalgia with it, that for some reason I can not let go. Perhaps I am trying to remain young and innocent and enjoy a bit of action TV.
  • OK, I used to watch this as a kid, and thought "wow". Now I watched it and I laughed my head off. Its so bad, its good. I mean, the acting was way WAY over the top, the plots were outrageous, the special effects are simply hysterical (spot the model??). But it belongs in a time where computer graphics was rare and expensive, and the show should be just shoved on to some satellite channel and shown at 3am where the drunken masses stumble in from a night on the town or insomniacs need something to get themselves to sleep.
  • Knight Rider is a classic show and one that made my youth enjoyable and worthy. However with hindsight it is a TV classic but not a great classic which it could of been. I will summarise why it is a notable show and how it was badly executed. First the strengths. The Pontiac Firebird is appealing and catchy, the music is good and notably memorable, the idea is fresh, new and exclusively modern instead of a traditional crime unit investigating we have gadgetry and technology and how this in a specialist manner is effective to fight crime in the mobility of a car and the view of the leading character consolidated in to the required fast action scenario. lastly it was done at the right time in the right decade.

    Now the gripping negative aspects

    The leading characters are wooden, adolescent and corny which goes hand in hand with the story lines making it more like a cheesy soap based and the exhausting quantity of episodes that dragged the series rather then the quality. For the scenario formula to work efficiently the leads should be limited and the quality of character has to be advanced, formal and deep. The criteria must be genuinely crime based and sophisticated such as trafficking, smuggling, vice, corruption and espionage with hardcore action but not violent for it to be viewable to a wider family audience within 3 seasons and a sensible amount of episodes whilst reaching its maximum potential. Knight Rider 2000 does insures some of these mistakes but the other spin-offs over do and spoil the original idea.

    in short a notable TV classic but a tragedy not a disappointment
  • I have a pet peeve when it comes to TV/movies, and Glen Larson is one of the worst offenders I've ever seen. That is, in a show, when a bunch of characters are watching a video on TV, they sometimes watch video that nobody in the show shot. The video they are watching could only have been obtained by the camera man filming the show. This is a giant blunder!! I've recently seen a few episodes of this show on RTN and there was an event such as this in almost every show I watched. You may argue that KITT has the magical ability to take video where there is no camera, but Larson also did this in Magnum P.I. I think it's more of an M.O. for Larson's work than KITT's abilities. I wonder if he was hoping we were not bright enough to notice.
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