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  • Very disappointing that CBS didn't give this show a fair chance to find a larger audience. With its interesting and talented ensemble of players and curious plot quirks it was certainly as fascinating to watch as NBCs "West Wing" or HBOs "The Sopranos". As far as O'Neill goes, well, it has always been difficult to watch him work without remembering his wonderful comedic antics as Al Bundy, but his Mooney characterization was in a whole different league and deserved to be judged as such. This was a good show. Too good for TV maybe.
  • If you don't want to use your brain to watch a television program, do not watch "Big Apple". It is a show that challenges you to think alongside the characters, live with them and learn. Not a 'typical' cop show or performance for the multi-talented Ed O'Neill, who rarely sees the better side of a critics penned impression. Mr. O'Neill portrays a 3 dimensional police officer, including the distinct pain of helping a family member in need, allowing you to feel him as if he were your own family member. Real pain, Real life. Nope, Al Bundy is not present in this performance of a good cop in a tough world. You don't have to look close, just give it a chance, and it'll bloom.
  • A very interesting cop show with an excellent cast led by Ed O'Neil and Titus Welliver. I watched this show one time and got hooked. Instead of going for the shock value like NYPD Blue and other shows, this show actually takes time to tell stories.
  • I too fear for this show's survival, but only because it is one of the most demanding things I've seen on network tv. the former "Al Bundy," far from having little to offer, is a revelation, and he is on a team of truly great actors.

    The show is nuanced & edgy, and almost all the characters have indicated enormous depth in a very short time. That can only happen when both writing and acting are wonderful.

    Visually the show is sensuous, with a cool blue color feel and great cinematography.

    It may be a bit too rich to survive as a staple of the american tv diet, and that would be a pity. It's exploring the moral and psychological grey areas that most of us can only get on the Sopranos.

    I trust David Milch, and once again, I'm grateful.
  • It stars Ed O'Neil and Titus Williver an it's a great show that has heart and real situations that cops and under cover goes through. It's entertaining and very cool how they have the structure of the show. It has a base to work with. If this show gets better ratings it will stay there! It's against Friends! It's low ratings but high on my list of shows to watch! It's on CBS at 9pm central time. It's a great show! Watch it and give it a whirl! You will not be dissappointed! Out of 4 stars I give it 3 stars. Actng is top notch and the plots carry the stories!
  • I wish CBS had given this one more of a chance. It was a very ambitious project. Trying to follow the intertwining of these 3 factions (Feds, NYPD & Mob) all at once was confusing. It just needed to clarify itself and ease us in more slowly. Ed O'Neil is awesome and I will watch him now in anything!!!! - but I prefer it be a Milch project. I'd like to see them rework this.
  • I can't understand why this show never made it. The acting is superb and so understated. The writing is crisp and caring. The dialogue is true and forthright. And it seems it was filmed in HD.

    Go figure.

    The story line evolves on many levels -- with the writing straight out of NYPD Blue. This team also wrote for HBO and other networks.

    Why did the viewing public not watch this fine show? It certainly beats me. It is so sad when a good to great show suddenly disappears.

    Well it's back for another short run in HD.

    Time to enjoy.
  • "stonfree" said it very well in his comments. Really, Ed O'Neill gives one of the best performances/characters I HAVE EVER SEEN on television, in this show. I wonder if somewhere there are the remaining episodes? They assembled an incredible cast for this show, and some of the best writers. But it was probably because of the need to keep track of characters and plot lines and relationships that made it essential that you not miss an episode. A very intricate show, not inclined to tidy weekly packages. Nowadays, with the networks re-showing episodes on the internet, or on their sister cable channels, maybe this show could have gained a following? It is a sin that this show, and all of those involved (especially Ed O'Neill), didn't get even half the credit they deserved for providing something of such quality. Or what if like HBO had picked it up and run with it...? Wishful thinking. Just the thought of an evening of television consisting of THE SOPRANOS, SIX FEET UNDER, and BIG APPLE would have been amazing. The only reason I didn't give this show a "10" is because I hold that in reserve as a sacred ultimate plaudit. If you perchance see this crop up somewhere, do try to see it - and watch it from the beginning so that you can really appreciate it.
  • I like Big Apple. It's taken me several episodes to understand who everyone is and what's happening, but the complex plots are one of the reasons I enjoy the show. Big Apple is, well, big, with a large and impressive cast of characters running around in different plots which are just beginning to intersect. Have to pay attention--forget the bathroom breaks--but this show is worth the extra effort.

    The ratings for Big Apple haven't been as good as hoped for, which makes me sad. The networks rarely take a chance on rich, ambitious and morally ambiguous shows like Big Apple and my viewing options are much poorer for it. I commend CBS for taking a chance with Big Apple, and I hope they stay with it.

    I encourage people to watch, if for no other reason than the cast. The acting is great. Ed O'Neill is amazing as Mike Mooney; Michael Madsen and David Strathairn are wonderful, but they're always wonderful; I pretty much love the whole cast and would watch them in any show.

    If you want a second reason to watch: David Milch. He's a brilliant writer and there isn't anyone like him writing for TV. If you like interesting, complicated people, who want to do the right thing but can't always get there, Milch gives you the goods.

    Big Apple is solid drama and I don't mind if it's been a little confusing in the beginning because "easy to understand" often becomes boring and predictable. Big Apple has what it takes to be exceptional.
  • I have watched all of the episodes so far of this great new drama, and I think that it is a wonderful show. I think that the acting is first class, and the storyline is very intriging. Unlike the other person who commented on this show I feel that Ed O'Neil is an excellent New York city cop. I feel that he portrays the role as honestly or more honestly than the other great actors on past drama shows.(Jimmy Smits, David Ducovny, Martin Sheen, Dennis Franz, etc.)I also find it very refreshing to see Michael Madsen have a chance to display his great dramatic talents. I hope that Big Apple is a very long running crime drama.
  • The creative strategy behind this show is so similar to NYPD Blue, that I'm not sure it will attract enough viewers, as it doesn't really offer much that is different. Ed O'Neill plays a boorish character heavily borrowed from Sipkowicz of "Blue," but without some redeeming qualities.

    Also, the show is very dark (visually and thematically) and humorless, to the point where it becomes tiring. Perhaps this will change with time. So far (2 episodes), there's been a lot of plot to cover.

    The relationship between the younger FBI agent and his informer (also a childhood friend) is the best thing about the show, as well as the low-key intelligence that David Strathairn brings to the role of the director of the NYC office of the FBI. Unfortunately, the show is more geared around O'Neill than Strathairn, who is relegated to a Sam Waterston type role (and not the Waterston of "Law & Order."). He deserves better.

    I don't think this one will make it. Milch's previous CBS outing," Brooklyn South" had a more engaging group of characters.
  • This is one of the best written and acted shows to have been aired in a long time. They have to set up the characters and plot line, and it's opposite ER.(Tough position) Ed O'Neill and the rest of the cast do an extraordinary job. The plot line is not like the other law enforcement. It is very realistic, i.e. the scene about "a good shoot" between Moody and Trout, If you have ever actually held a person as they pass on, this scene and the acting can be appreciated. I hope the public gives this show a chance, because as far as I can see it is one of the best written and acted shows to come along in a very long time. Go get em guys! Good luck
  • I was looking forward to seeing this new show that premiered last night. It was like Al Bundy trying to play cop. He had the same silly mannerisms and was totally unconvincing. The storyline was the same as a lot of others. Each Dept. wants to take control. This was just one ego trip for the different departments. I won't waste my time watching this again. I give this show 3 weeks, 6 weeks tops.