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  • A low budget but tightly done Norwegian horror movie about an ancient Werewolf that survives until the 21st Century and wrecks havoc on a small town. This is not necessarily anything new or unusual in the genre of Werewolf movies, but maybe that is part of the charm. It has all the basic tropes of the Werewolf legends. I won't list them for fear of spoilers, but this is not the movie to watch for a new take on werewolves. More likely, it is an homage to the source material on them. The cast is good. The Direction is decent. It is a solid horror movie. The special effects are the weakest part. It is foreign language with English Subtitles.
  • artabuneta3 February 2023
    This is one big pot of nonsense stew. The script doesn't have a single original idea, everything is borrowed, both from superior movies and equally stupid ones. It's like an amateurish mashup of every werewolf movie you've ever seen. Ginger Snaps in particular says hello throughout, there are echoes of When Animals Dreams, which is actually a decent Scandinavian coming of age cum werewolf movie. A chaste and sanitized ghost of American Werewolf in London is somewhere in there, too.

    There's a bit of teenage family drama thrown in, there's young love, both of which don't take the story anywhere.

    The dialogue is very bad, the production bland, the overall look is that of a minor TV movie. There are multiple goofs and continuity issues.

    Worst of all, the movie is a bore.
  • What could be lurking in the dense forest or in old shafts?

    As a child you have a thriving imagination when it comes to monsters, as an adult you have often seen the real monster.

    But that's not what this is about, it's about classic stuff woven into the icy mythology of the Vikings.

    What initially creates an eerie, cold atmosphere later turns out to be a rather bland filmed story with sometimes strange moments.

    A big problem here are the effects, often the scenes are completely ridiculously exaggerated.

    Almost an embarrassing battle record.

    Unfortunately, the short scary moments cannot carry a whole film.

    A real shame.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like it when a world is self contained. It can be most absurd or fantastic if its characters live in this world, take it "serious" and act like it. This film builds a world but its characters don't stick to it. This keeps dragging the viewer out of the story. The one that got me was the hunter. Spoiler! Near the end he drives full throttle in a store front where the werewolf stands. A man that was established as a hunter that hunts werewolf for all his life. Confronts the werewolf unprepared. As if. This scene really ruined the movie for me. It blatantly took the world it spent 1,5 hours to build and slapped it into the viewers face. Why? Because its a "cool action scene"? Disappointing.
  • rwvgmrg6 November 2023
    I had to create an IMDB account just to write this review.

    Like a few other people the harsh reviews on this are just weird. Is it a game changer in the genre? No. Is it decent and watchable, for me, absolutely. Liv Mjönes gives another solid performance as the new to the town police officer. It clips along at a decent pace. Are there flaws, sure. It could have spent a bit more time building tension or back story. Thankfully the CGI was better than expected. Would be set up well for a second movie.

    I would definitely watch it again, especially with family members who are easily scared & miss out on these type of movies.
  • pabyrnes5 February 2023
    Well it started off poorly and it was all downhill from then on. Seriously how can Netflix churn out such rubbish time and time again? I'd say 99% of their output is totally unwatchable, similar to an old Video Store in the '80s with shelves and shelves of Z List movies peppered with the (very) occasional decent film yet they're looked on as if they're the greatest thing to happen to TV since John Logie Baird. The simple solution is for them concentrate on quality over quantity, but will it happen? Don't hold your breath. As for Viking Wolf, well don't bother and go and read a good book instead.
  • I have to hand it to the norwegians, they always seem to have some of the best movies and this is no different. It was fun and intriging to watch. The cast were pretty good though I cant compare them to other films that they were in., but from what i can see here they were great. This movie is all about a young girl named Thale. One day after hanging out with friends by the bay, she is attacked along with others, that one bite changes her, and not for the best. What we come to is a stand off with other wolves. There is quite a bit of blood shed as a warning but I liked the mystery of it all and the atmosphere built up worked. Overall an enjoyable norwegian thriller.
  • If u were a werewolf fan, I honestly tell u that it's a far cry from the Underworld franchise with Kate Beckinsale (Selene) nor Teen Wolf with O'Brien. Its Nordic style gave me an exotic impression, which was the only thing that kept me on my seat.

    It has severely limited SFX, and a fairy thin n straight forward plot. Each character is not fully developed and none of their role is compelling. For the whole movie time I totally didn't understand why Liv gotta work almost alone as a police officer. I couldn't feel any love in the movie, regardless the family one not the fancy one. The university lecturer/ vet seemed more like a junior lab tech. Expert, seriously? The director should have chosen a more seriously-looking actor (e.g. Imagine Tom Cruise). And then the old man werewolf hunter looked like an amateur. Get someone looks like Sean Connery please! And how boredom was his advices!!!! Just silver bullets n habitats. Any movie fan can tell her more! Twist? None at all. Ending? What a vague ending. I surmise the director also got fell flat and didn't wanna have a sequel. Thus forget about any cliffhanger.

    Lastly but not the least, the werewolf looked plastic to me. It's fake, lame, absurd, and def not a scary one.

    After all it's Ok as an entertainment, B-class, for 1-1/2 hr. Don't expect anything else.
  • I love a good werewolf movie so was interested to see what this one was like.

    My overall impression was that it paid homage to the classic "An American Werewolf In London" film, one of the best werewolf movies ever made. It's got the same love and loss theme, and I'm sure the writers intentionally did this, reinventing the film 40 years on.

    Yes, I agree, the werewolf CGI was poor - a sign of a low budget - and who cares? If you focus on the story, it's hardly a major distraction. And the slight twist on the werewolf myth was clever - no lunar changes from man to beast and back again. It's a one-way trip.

    It feels like the film takes place over a few days or so, making it quite believable that the investigation turned from a hunt for a wolf to a gory bloodbath once the young girl herself turned after being bitten. There's no time for police reinforcements, etc. It's a small, relatively remote, blue-collar town forced to confront the fact that werewolves are real. There's no time for them to get their head around it - they're literally at the mercy of events.

    And the ending was good enough, leaving you to consider what you would do as a mother faced with that choice.

    I enjoyed it - the pace was great and there was no unnecessary exposition and very little side-story padding. Just a straight out werewolf movie.

    Worth watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you want to check the most stupid movies of Warewolf of all time, I bet this is a close one. Not even considered a "teen movie" - the plot is so stupid and had huge holes everywhere that it is outrageous. Police woman is as stupid as her daughter, she suspects her daughter was infected and find her daughter best friend killed and she did nothing. She doesn't try to contact her daughter. The girls know she is a wolf, and contact no one for help. She takes a bus to run away, nonsense. Bus enters a tunnel that later has no lights. The experimented hunter, uses a van to try to kill the animal, before he advices only way was silver bullets. Animal tranquilizer does nothing first, then it takes it down in 2 secs. Vet shoots a tranquilizer then run. All non sense. Don't waste time.
  • I swear a lot of people have poor taste or have been COMPLETELY programmed by regular, subpar, run-of-the-mill mainstream nonsense, that their minds have melted or they're in a perpetual state of discombobulation.

    Put simply; this film is brilliant!! It's simple, well acted, and is not ruined by the insertion of the most-prevalent western Alphabet agenda.

    This is brilliant! I don't get the hate!... simple is better, in most cases.

    Nowadays we're fed big-budget nonsense, that forces an agenda or two but is unbearable, at which point it becomes a pointless watch.

    This film snuck up on me; I found myself feeling so sad for the girl.

    When her little sister recognised her while she was in werewolf form and said, "I can help you..." I cried uncontrollably.

    Don't listen to the other reviews; listen to me; watch this: you will not be disappointed. This film is decent! Simple, but decent.
  • Tweekums4 February 2023
    As this Norwegian film opens we are told how, almost a thousand years ago, Viking raiders heading south to Normandy. In a monastery they find a fearsome wolf like 'hell hound'. They take it with them as they return... none of the Vikings survive and the creature swims ashore. In the present day teenage girl Thale, and her family, have just moved to the remote Norwegian town where her mother, Liv, has joined the local police. One evening Thale sneaks out of her house to attend a beach party. Another girl is attacked and dragged off by a creature, Thale is scratched. Liv leads the investigation and soon finds what appears to be a wolf's claw. When the body is found it appears to have been attacked by a large, savage animal. An eccentric hunter turns up claiming the creature is in fact a werewolf!

    I thought this was a decent enough addition to the werewolf genre. The prologue made it clear that this was going to be a werewolf film from the opening scene. Part of me would have preferred that information to come out a bit later but it didn't matter too much as it wasn't long before we knew what had attacked the girl. Apart from explaining how werewolves originally came to be in Scandinavia it didn't try to add anything to the established lore. The plot borrows from other films; most obviously 'An American Werewolf in London' but also from less obvious sources... I'm sure the hunter was inspired by Quint from 'Jaws'. The effects are decent enough and the acting was solid. The big question about any horror film is 'Is it scary?' unfortunately for the most part it isn't. While we see a bit of the aftermath of attacks the makers seemed a bit squeamish about showing the gory attacks. Overall a decent enough addition to the genre that fans of werewolf movies are likely to enjoy. Even if they don't rate it amongst the best they are unlikely to consider it one of the worst.

    These comments are based on watching the film in Norwegian with English subtitles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just skip this one! The acting and lines where terrible, the mix between dialects and Norwegian and Swedish was ridiculous. This is something that could have been good in a school play, but in a movie? Haha, no.

    We Norwegians do not speak like that, there were no flow to the lines and the plot was just pure bad. This could have been good if they actually played more into the Vikings and and made the wolf more holy or something. Anyways, skip this one! 😂😂 It's laughable.

    The wolf itself was very badly animated, the makeup was so unrealistic (I guess that's ok for a movie like this), but as an SFX makeup artist I was cringing seeing the bad makeup job they've had done!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Anyone with only a basic understanding of folklore knows if a victim survives a werewolf bite, well, beware the next full moon. As the body count mounts, including a bus-load of passengers either mauled or killed by the beast, there are no extra police brought in at any time, even after hunters, a press photographer, an asylum seeker, and the police chief are torn to shreds. By the way, the big burly police chief can't stomach the medical examination of the first victim, leaving the female coroner and the female cop to poke through the remains. He is scared witless in the woods upon seeing a corpse and instructs the female cop to take charge of the hunt. The animal expert sent to examine the bodies looks as though he is still going through puberty.

    The female mayor is held back from seeing what's left of her daughter's mangled body yet recovers quickly enough to give a chirpy little speech to the townsfolk. A grizzled old man who knows all about werewolves drives his truck through a big glass window and almost kills the vet and the cop who were holding it closed. The cop's house-husband is left bleeding and slumped over the wheel of his car.....he is never seen or heard of again...... The most risible scene must be when the wolf has the cop pinned to the ground, it's massive fangs sink deep into the flesh and bone of her arm, it's jaws gnawing down on the limb and in a sort of conversational way, she calls out to the vet for help. Very soon she is driving home, both arms intact and able to hang up her coat, despite the fact one arm had been broken in her first brush with the wolf earlier on in the film.

    Also, what of those bitten but survived? Oh dear...what will happen in four weeks time?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was a bit like the American Werewolf in London in the 80s. Setting was in a small Norwegian town. The girlfriend of Thale (daughter of the policewoman) was killed by a wolf and Thale was bitten by it. She was eventually undergoing a transformation when the full moon night comes. Towards the end, she attacked a bus of people and her mother have no choice but to destroy her own daughter to stop her from killing more people.

    I do not understand why the movie attracted so many negative reviews and comments. It was for me a rather decent thriller and intense. Maybe the plot was simplistic but it's a movie about werewolf and not sure what majority of the audience expected.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The title Viking Wolf basically reveals everything you need to know about this movie. Greedy vikings back in the day released a hound from hell which made it's way into the Nordic woods. Cut to the present time, it continues to wreck havoc by attacking annoying teenagers. Barring the initial hype created with the Vikings scene, the story follows the routine narrative wrt werewolf movies. A family which has newly moved into the small town and the rebellious teen daughter being her annoying best to be rude to her mom and new step dad. There's a deaf sister too who for the plot's sake only becomes relevant in the final act and ofcourse the mother is a cop.

    Netflix got me intrigued enough to watch this one due to the trending. Anyways it was indeed a predictable age old werewolf movie, just that this one is Norwegian. There were several convenient plot points throughout cutting the tension. It is less gory too compared to other similar films. What I did enjoy was the final act especially the scene on the bus which is why I am going with a lenient rating. If they had explored more of the daughter's character and her equation with her mother then the end result could have been better. Unfortunately the characterization was just not effective enough to root for both the main characters.
  • I felt the need to review this film because of the low number that it currently has. It was an enjoyable and entertaining film with good acting. While the plot is somewhat predictable it's still worth watching. The Norwegian actors and scenery are a refreshing change from so many of the current films online and it gets your interest quickly and turns into an exciting thriller and I never felt let down. It has supernatural elements that develop early on in the story and the female police officer is trying to come to terms with evidence that doesn't seem possible under normal circumstances. She finally is confronted with a choice that's difficult to face!
  • After Troll, this is the second completely brainless movie I endured. It is not a horror movie by any stretch of the imagination. More of a teenage angst film, with a thin sprinkling of ridiculous werewolf on top.

    Every character in the film is totally stupid and unlikable. Plus you have the usual yawn-inducing cliches - bullying classmates, fish-out-of-water teenager, lady cop subjected to misogynist remarks by smirking men.

    One teenager is brutally killed in the woods and the next day, the lead teenager goes back to the same spot casually; because what's the big deal about being mauled to death, right?

    And the lead teenager turns into a werewolf on full moon night and kills her boyfriend. The next day she tries to run away by boarding a bus and again she transforms into a werewolf. Guess every night is a full moon night.

    The slain werewolf is twice as big as a normal wolf; yet the animal specialist doesn't accept that it is a werewolf. He still keeps insisting that it is just a normal wolf with mange.

    And in the end, the experienced werewolf hunter who hands out silver bullets to others himself tries to kill it by driving a large truck at it (he fails obviously).

    The werewolf hesitates to attack its younger sister; but has no such compunctions about attacking its mother.

    The acting too sucks big time. The lady cop, animal specialist, werewolf hunter, the second husband - all need to go back to acting school.

    This movie is a huge embarrassment.
  • Scar383 February 2023
    Warning: Spoilers
    I spent the first half of the film thinking how dull and boring it was, we didn't see the werewolf and the murder scenes were largely covered up, so I was losing my patience and thinking about turning it off, but because of the good acting of the young girl and the hope it would get more exciting I stuck with it.

    In a way I'm glad I did because things did start to happen, we saw the werewolf, which was pretty good CGI, and the changing scene was also very well done.

    At the end I was quite satisfied, but I still haven't seen a recent werewolf that's impressed me to the point where I'm on the edge of my seat, the last one that achieved that was Late Phases.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again, please please please someone make a good scary werewolf film, please.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Incompetent beta males abound? Is this symptomatic of Scandinavia cinena.., maybe not. But still, just an oversized wolf on the prowl. Plenty odes to previous movies which is about par for the duration these days.

    About 40 years after an American werewolf in London and still can't surpass its effects and storytelling. The young actress is lovely with anime eyes, and the chief of police is adequate.., no chief Brody. Landscapes are beautiful, town just livable, any reason to go down to the woods.

    The old wolf hunter despite being grizzled and charismatic to begin with gets a poor send off with a lame crash in his vehicle. Poor character decision making is crux to a lot of failed horror movies and unfortunately this is no exception.
  • Moving with her parents to a new town, a town manages to survive a grisly encounter with a vicious creature that slowly starts to turn her into a similar such creature while her police officer mother investigates the crimes, and when she learns what's happened to her daughter races to save her.

    There was quite a lot to like with this one. One of the strongest features here is the exceptionally well-crafted storyline that offers a fantastic, localized viewpoint and immersion point. That mainly comes from the vantage point of the werewolves who are brought about here with the prologue offering a fine retelling of a legend involving how the werewolf arrived in Norway and how they became a part of the local folklore that goes along nicely with the family drama that takes place in the first half. Going through the mother/daughter rebellion angle gives this a great way to connect on an international angle alongside the usual investigation that goes on is a great way to go about this with all three storylines coming together frequently to provide a fun setup to this one. On top of that, the film's featured werewolf scenes come together quite well. Foregoing attacks to instead feature the investigation into the first attack which happens only in the film, this one instead builds quite an effective subplot involving her gradual change into a werewolf through the newfound extra sensibilities and visions which carries quite a lot of weight here to tide this over due to the investigation finding the cause of the deaths taking place. The attacks here are short but quite fun and brutal, from the opening assault that clues them onto its presence, the encounter with the hunters in the woods, or the attack on the bus passengers which sets the stage for a high-energy finale in the town square that's quite effective and enjoyable. Overall, these factors manage to hold this one up even though the film does have some issues here. One of the biggest drawbacks to this one is the rather sluggish pacing that overlooks the creature's action for a large part of the film. There are two or three attack scenes as the rest of the running time is spent on either the investigation into the culprit of the attacks or the mother/daughter relationship which keeps this moving along but also causes a lack of action during the first part of the film. It also highlights an issue during the investigation analysis reveals the lupine characteristics so late in the film in understanding how the daughter has fallen victim to the curse as they're investigating the first attack that didn't involve her so that's a big leap of logic. Otherwise, there's not much to hold this one down.

    Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The production values are very high and performances quite good, but the potential of this film was never fully realised.

    Many things made no sense, especially the main character's immunity to lycanthropic disorder after being badly bitten at the end.

    After keeping the first werewolf hidden from viewers at the start, the mystery and anticipation of what this beast would look like was very suddenly dissolved into the standard dark wolf that has been seen many times before. The CGI was also pretty standard and the beast's movements were weightless.

    It was reasonably entertaining if you don't think about it too much.
  • After reading the movietitle I first though about a girl which get's biten by a viking, so she can become a mighty ancient scandinavian warrior at night called Vikingulven (the original title) ;-) That would have been a fresh horror movie. But after watching the first minutes, I realized this nearly as an 1:1-copy of 'Ginger snaps' (alas 10 mins schorter). I'm the guy who doesn't like remakes, because they are most of the time a poor impression of the original movie. So there have to be some extraordinary special effects or surprising turns to make that movie worth it's money. Yeah, there are some good CGIs and ambitioned actors, thats why I gave two stars. But using the same plot and only giving the main character (which also looks the same as Ginger) two eye colors doesn't qualify as an independent movie. The money making it would be better spent on Doctors Without Borders or Greenpeace or...
  • KittyG266 February 2023
    Warning: Spoilers
    Really silly, cliched werewolf movie. It's all there - the miserable teenage daughter (played by an actress who looks around 25) who is all angsty because her mother married again, the cute little sister who is a mute, the female police chief who goes all feminine and helpless at times of crisis. And the horribly fake-looking CGI wolf, although it is at least marginally better than the plastic dog in "Gingersnaps". Then there is the "expert veterinarian" (who looks about 14) who turns out to be an expert in werewolves too, and the gnarled old hunter with the funny accent who has been trying to eliminate "the curse" forever, yet is completely unprepared when he meets the wolf face to face. And don't let's forget the two men who are guarding a body in the woods; they are both armed to the teeth, but when the wolf shows up they just stand there looking at it until it kills them.

    Really, really bad - don't waste your time. This movie is about as exciting as a mangy dog.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An entertaining little movie this one, though we've all seen it before. Loner teenager Thale (Elli Rhiannon Muller) has arrived in town with her mother, sister and her mother's new partner. Finding it hard to fit in, it doesn't help that her mum works for the Police. One night when she's out with other teens, she witnesses a murder, was it some sort of wild animal? Her mother Liv (Liv Mjones) is part of the investigation, Thale was bitten by the animal and starts going under a transformation. We all know where this is heading, but it's pretty well done and is enjoyable in a horror light kinda way.
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