Poll: The Silver State Movies

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Steven Spielberg — Executive Producer

Steven Spielberg (born 1946) is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He began his career in the New Hollywood era and is one of the most commercially successful directors in history. Steven Spielberg is the recipient of various accolades, including two Academy Awards for Best Director. Several of Spielberg's works are among the highest-grossing films of all time and have received acclaim; 11 of his films have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Which is your favorite title [co-]produced (but not directed) by Steven Spielberg? Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

Movies at 10 in 2021

Here are some popular movies celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2021. Which of these movies released 10 years ago, in 2011, is your favorite? Discuss here Previous: 10 » 20 :Next See also: TV Shows at 10 in 2021

Mind Control

Which of these movies and series about mind control did you see and like? Discuss this poll here

Movie Clones

WARNING: It may contain SPOILER! From all of these movies that contain clones, which one is your favorite ? Discuss the clones here

The Most Fascinating Killers

Showing killers has a long tradition in several movie genres. They have a wide range from plain primitive manslaughters over aggressive strangers to hyperintelligent evil weirdos. When you look at them, which of them seems to be the most fascinating? Tell us here.

Evil Movie Corporations

Which of these Evil industries do you think has the most evil plans? Discuss here

Favourite Movie/TV where Sean Bean Dies

"A list of the many times accomplished character actor Sean Bean has been stabbed, shot, sliced, diced... and once, killed by a herd of cows. Needless to say, SPOILERS abound!" Discuss the list here

Best Michael Bay Movie

Which movie directed by Michael Bay is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Mind Bending Moments in Sci-Fi Films

SPOILERS! The Sci-Fi genre is well known for its amazing effects, new worlds, plot twists and mind bending moments. Which of these mind bending moments in Sci-Fi history made you'r head spin around the most? Discuss here

Highest-Grossing Sci-Fi Films

Which of these top 35 highest-grossing science fiction films, as of July 2023, is your favorite? Discuss here | Source: Top Lifetime Grosses - Worldwide More: Comedy | Drama | Horror | Romance

Worst Future?

Which movie features the worst future? Discuss here.

What Do You Want for Valentine's Day?

What are you hoping to see wrapped in that heart-covered paper? Discuss the list here

Movie Predictions for 2019

Now that 2019 is here, it's time to remember movies set in that year which were made way before. Some of those got eerily accurate in terms of predictions already, some not and some might have a chance. Regardless of how accurate these movies got in terms of predicting the future, which vision of 2019 is your favorite? Discuss the poll here

Least Deserving Golden Rasberry Nominee for Worst Picture

Since 1980, the Golden Rasberry Awards has handed out an award for the Worst Picture of the year. All of these films were nominated for the award, yet all of them now have a user rating of 6.0 or higher on IMDb. In retrospect, which film do you feel was the least deserving of it's nomination? Discuss this list here

Favorite Billion-Dollar Sequel

Which of these highest-grossing movie sequels is your favorite? Discuss here

Allegory of the Cave

The 'Allegory of the Cave' is an excerpt from Plato’s book, The Republic, which describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them, and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners' reality. The inmates of this place do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life. The prisoners manage to break their bonds one day, and discover that their reality was not what they thought it was. They discovered the sun, which Plato uses as an analogy for the fire that man cannot see behind. The main theme of Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave' is that human perception cannot derive true knowledge, and instead, real knowledge can only come via philosophical reasoning. Which of these films that were influenced by or use the 'Allegory of the Cave' as a base for their plot do you consider the best? Discuss here.

Best Sci-Fi Romance Movies

Which movie in the list is the best sci-fi answer on what romance is? (titles descended by release year) The poll may be discussed here.

Favorite Rebellion Movie

Which of these movies portrays rebellion best? Discuss the list here!

Favorite Scarlett Johansson Character

Who is your favorite character that Scarlett Johansson has portrayed? Discuss the list here!

Fly Me to the Moon

Humankind was always seduced by the inaccessability of the moon. There was a big race for the moon in the 1960s. America and Russia, both had the goal to be the first nation to have sent a person to the moon. But the idea existed earlier. George Méliès had fantasies about the moon and even Jules Verne. When you look at cinematic moon fantasies in movies or movies about real events, which is your favorite moon movie? Tell me here.