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  • rum255024 July 2020
    There is no deep storyline here. However, I enjoyed the beach atmosphere, beautiful people, erotic scenes, lovely music and hilarious nature of some scenes. This is a very good movie if you want to chill out a bit without making your mind exhausted.
  • I'm surprised to see such dreadful reviews for this movie- I actually quite enjoyed it. Yes it lacks any real depth or intricacy but it is wholly enjoyable, pleasantly titillating and the relationships that develop are actually quite interesting. If this was American it would probably be unwatchable but the French are often able to elevate a movie by charm alone.
  • faer_kr16 July 2020
    A French romantic comedy. It's about some forty-something friends who go to a beach house to sell it and spend time together, but their plans change when some twenty-somethings try to seduce them. Quality. Entertaining. Good physicists and good performances. Pleasant sexual jokes, as well as sarcasms. The nudes and the careful sexual scenes and very French. Can a man be with a younger woman and nobody says anything, but if a woman with someone younger is attacked in prejudice? That explores this movie. It talks about mature and young love, of loving yourself at any age, highlights the value of women, of relationships that give security, that there is no age to love and value yourself. In fact this topic is not new: Naomi Watts handles it very well in the drama "Adore", as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones in "My second time" falling in love with men younger than them.
  • It's a hot & humid summer here in Chicago which is typically the ripest romantic season but as we're still in the middle of this pandemic it hasn't felt quite as it should so I personally appreciated the softcore steamy escape to the south of France. I found empowering women themes played out, challenges to double standards, & some funny jabs at adult websites leading to underwhelming "sleepy time". HAH. I'd say a fun flick for a girls (or guys) night or solo wine & Netflix sesh. I'm a 30yo female. I noticed all the acclaimed critics almost all male... lame! They didn't get it?!
  • It was really fun movie don't know why others didn't like it or they expected something, but for me the name and the movie was nice and it have a decent story which will not bore you.
  • Earth did all the reviews here missed that?! I bet the bad reviews belong to feminists reviewers how didn't even bothered watching this sweet honest funny movie... I'm a woman btw.
  • I loved this film! It was realistic, not stereotype and absolutely enjoyable! The characters were really well developed, also the actors are very talented and authentic. The conversations they had were realistic and didn't sound scripted, as opposed to the clich√©-Hollywood-romantic-comedies. That's why you get involved in the relationships of each couple. It is interesting and suspensful til the end. I would absolutely recommend this film to everyone over than 16 ;).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Only while i looked at other reviews i was kinda shocked that this was supposed to be a comedy, im glad i did not watch it with the expactation of a comedy.

    I think it is more like a lighthearted drama, nothing to serious in the setting of summer and beach which give it a vacation vibe.

    Do not expect an exeptional plot, it is pretty basic, i cared more about the summer vibe.

    It looked very well made.

    The acting looked absolutly fine to me, but on the other hand i did saw it with german dubbing, so this might did concealed some bad acting.

    I was pretty much suprised that it was more like a serious movie especially with this movie title.
  • This movie deserves better reviews honestly. Anyone who watches this title expecting some life changing super intellectual plot is of course going to be disappointed, come on people, it's an easy going comedy. Serves its purpose, made me laugh, and just feel good when you are in the mood to watch something casual. I personally think the performances are good, perfect and amazing? no, but definitely engaging for the genre and premise. I'd rather watch this a million times than a Hollywood cringey rom-com.
  • Dlcnrtr18 July 2020
    It is a movie that you feel like you are on a holiday near a villa. This movie is so enjoyable that you can watch to have fun while you are drinking your glass of wine or beer etc.
  • This is one of those movies where each scene by itself is fine, as are the actors and the scenery, but all those scenes put together make for a senseless boring misogynistic story that is not even tied together at the end. And, it's not funny, there was exactly one moment in the film where I laughed (and, mostly because I was waiting to laugh for an hour by that point), all the rest of it was tedious drama and awkward moments that one keeps hoping would end up making some sense at the end, but they never do. What a loss of time. Another problem with this film is the way it portrays women of (all ages) as weak, clingy, hung up on men, ready to sleep with anyone willing and then getting obsessed with them. The only way a woman, according to this film, can leave a man is when another man takes her away from him. Men take women or leave them, women have no agency and no core. Even the female friendship, which is supposed to be central to the story, is shown as being shallow and fickle - it's not a friendship, it's a tolerance or usage, when it's convenient. I am disappointed with this movie, especially because it employs a good acting crew, and I feel sorry for the women who played in it. For the men too, in fact. Save yourself some time and skip this sorry attempt at humor. Go watch Pretty Ugly People on youtube, if you want an engaging relationships comedy.
  • The movie has an interesting premise and it is executed equally well. They have explored 3 different kind of dynamics between 3 couples of older women and young men. I don't understand the hate the movie is getting because the characters are well written and are consistent throughout the movie and they evolve perfectly with the story. None of the romances are sugarcoated and all of them have their bitter sweet moments. Was a really great watch! Hope to see more from the creators of the movie.
  • Good to see women of this age group represented, the movie is heartwarming, and it could reflect how single women at this age feel and the challenges they face.
  • The movie does not open in a promising way, however in hindsight it ends up making pretty much sense. Sex scenes are not sexy, with not forced nudity. Some dialogues might be a little misogynistic but then they try to put a kind of male into perspective. Overall a decent one time watch.
  • atomicis19 July 2020
    Man, I don't know where to begin. Absolutely inane plot that drags along at a snail's pace. Sex scenes that start like a bad porno but then just end before it gets interesting. Save yourself the time and just watch porn if that's why you're interested in this flick; pornos have a better-developed plot.
  • Its up to you if you like romance then you will feel good and this movie is good if u like romance
  • hhhuuu-025464 February 2021
    To be honest I didn't think I'll like it when i started watching the movie, but suprisingly it's good actually i liked it, some people say it's boring, I've never thought it's boring while watching, but to be fair I was masturbareing during the whole movie lmao so I don't know maybe it's boring but no, I don't think so I recommend you to watch it.
  • samionnela128 December 2020
    Just an funny and entertaining movie. Worth to watch when u miss summer
  • ibrakecabra20 July 2020
    Where to start? In the first 5 minutes you can see you're in for a very weak movie! The directing, the plot and the worst, the acting! The acting is so bad in this movie you ask yourself how are those people actors! It's hard to go throw all the film, it's a very cringy one!
  • hectro27 July 2020
    The most uncomfortable hour and a half currently on netflix
  • It's not that bad, though the rating here suggests that some do feel that way. One thing is for sure: not all movies are made to make you feel comfortable. And a movie called Milf (I am assuming you know what that really stands for) is prone to make people cringe. Some of the dialog is even aimed at people who take offense by what some are calling cougars.

    And while this isn't the best movie or drama I've seen, I would say it's more than decent. Yes some of the things and decisions are annoying, but these are human beings and even when they cry and seem unreasonable, you can understand why they act that way. Overall fun and light, with some digs at old versus young. Not all the jokes work mind you, but enough to make this an entertaining watch. If you don't mind some nudity and sexual situations that occur (with the dialog to match that)
  • It could have been funnier and it should have been funnier the actress are ok in the show. But the direction and whoever is handling camera needs to go back to school poor shooting
  • Don't expect anything too deep here. Full of lovely French beach life, and formulaic plot twists. Best thing I can say, is it wasn't a complete waste of time, since we got to practice our French comprehension.
  • Honestly it was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting much in the first place but this film still managed to disappoint me.

    I will keep this review spoiler-free so I won't talk about the plot. Oh sorry there is no plot. This film just feels like watching random scenes that have no connection with each other. There are so many random characters who have literally zero purpose or point in the film. (Ex?-crazy girlfriend? Random guy with 6 year old son?) So many random scenes happen and lead to nowhere. The ending was a huge mess as well. After an hour and a half, I wasn't sure if it could get any worse but wow it actually did.

    The pacing was also terrible. At times it was very fast and you couldn't tell what was happening and generally it was just painfully slow. Again you sit through a random conversation for ten minutes which leads to nowhere.

    Yet there are comments about how this film excelled at reflecting the theme women empowerment when it only portrayed middle aged single women as clingy, easily over-attached and weak. Let's not kid ourselves here.

    Just a horrible film with weak and unfunny jokes. Don't waste your time with this mess.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The divorce rate in France is very high and a little less than USA. so it seem like 3 singled mid age woman wanna have some fun on vacation or trying to sell the house (which there is no story of it).

    but later , 2 of them found some young punks n got horny about it. and they go for it. until in the end reality hit em back .

    So, maybe im old fashioned, there are reviews that some people talking about LOVE, mature woman and independent life? no idea people are that stupid to think.

    talk about RESPECT, DIGNITY and SHAME.. In this movie, when ladies having fun with young boys , even those boys telling each other how was that sex with old ladies n bla bla. and even its more disgusting when a daughter(one of those ladies) was with them , then even she sees her mother n friends with young guy doing stuff and she is cool with it ? ... is that normal France or part of culture ? .

    its not love, its just LUST and loneliness that are together which trigger in those ladies.

    No wonder, french women are in top 5 , the most unfaithful womens in the world.
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