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  • I don't normally feel compelled to write reviews, but after discovering Ballmastrz and mostly enjoying it, I was surprised to see how little coverage it's received. Sure, it's not perfect, and can border on too simplistic at times, but as a whole this is a fun, goofy series with a very interesting world brimming underneath the surface. I think if it was given a second season and more time to flesh out its setting and characters Ballmastrz could become something special. I also ended up liking the art quite a bit; Karacas's crazy, mixed style works well with the over-the-top, anime-influenced world he's built. Episode 6 in particular has some very beautiful and fluid animation. All in all, despite some issues, I liked a lot of what Ballmastrz has to offer, and hope to see more of it in the future.
  • This is literally one of the most insane things I have ever seen, and thats not a bad thing. This show is one of my favorite narrative driven shows Adult Swim has ever produced, and I tuned in every single Sunday (well, Monday, technically) to see it. Its not for everyone, some people can't appreciate the hand-drawn absurdist animation style, but if you know anything about animation, this show has some of the most beautifully drawn sequences I have ever seen. Character personalities start off flanderized (somehow), but nearly every character gets their fair share of character development, all culminating in the season (hopefully not series) finale.

    I highly recommend to check out 3 episodes (40 mins total) and if you dont like it, you dont like it. But if you like this show you will LOVE it. Theres literally no middle ground I have seen.
  • Ballmastrz 9009 is yet another extremely creative show from Adult Swim. Christy Karacas has outdone himself with Ballmastrz for I considered it to be a vast improvement of his previous work SuperJail!. While the art style of SuperJail! made the show rather a visual assault, the same style works wonders for the world of Ballmastrz. It conveys the frantic energy of the post-apocalyptic world and the zanyness of its cast. However, this show does need more time to flesh out and endear us to its characters, the character of Crayzar being the stand out of this season. I would highly recommend people to watch Ballmastrz. I also believe that, given proper time, Ballmastrz will become something great.
  • Ballmasterz 9009 serves as an anime sports parody. I love this show just because of how funny, entertaining, and visually interesting it can be. The art style is extremely similar to "Super jail" because the show is by the same creator, I like the art style though and I think it is better than super jails, having thicker lines and what-not. The characters are lovable and funny, and show is a crazy acid trip. One thing I really like about Ballmasterz 9009 is how visually interesting it is. The characters and backgrounds look glamorous. One thing with the show is that the animation can sometimes be an 11/10, with certain scenes that are 2d but seem 3d, and this may be due to budget, but sometimes the animation can be very poor, but this is rarely, so the show balances the animation quality a lot. Overall I recommend this show, there is a lot to admire about it and yet it is still a goofy hilarious show to watch.
  • If you liked SuperJail! you'll love the hell out of this. It's hilarious, the animation style is all over the place (in a good way!) and just a fun show. The characters are great. It's not incredible, but it's great.

    The references to other shows and series are insane; Everything from Fist of the North Star to Spy vs. Spy, to Thomas the freakin Tank Engine are parodied. I doubt many people under 25 will catch all the references (e.g. the Vampire Hunter D episode, that anime is really old) but it really is something special that this show does.
  • Christy Karacas knocks it out of the weird park into the 5th dimention once again, if you havent seen superjail or this then WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW Cant say enough about how wonderfully weird gorey funny and strange this series is.
  • mwschultz30 May 2018
    This show has been the coolest I've seen in a while, inspiring from the most known, and the best parts of anime. The show has a very unique art style that is simplistic at times but also can be complex, which is good for the story to work with in different environments. And because the shows very much builds a world that is some what believable if you don't count the sci-fi concepts, it feels like these are real characters in the year 9009. It's also extremely funny on top of all that. I don't want to give too much away, just I would just recommend to watch it.
  • TrueSalfordian18 March 2019
    Listen yeah. I've bin looking for some good telly I can sit and mong out to as I'm dipping a Penguin in my brew. I was with the big boys watching 4 On Remand the other night and found dis. I think it's buzzing and a propa good laugh! I don't know what these uva reviewers are on who are knocking it? Maybe u should all stop doing monkey dust and watch again when your hearts are ready to embrace it.

    I no everybody in Salford and have gone out onto the streets preaching that dey should watch this show. It has changed my life nd I have given up nicking bikes forever because it keeps me in the house. Not being funny but no true Salfordian doesn't love Ballmastrz 9009 now because I no them all and everyone here knows it's a propa sick night in at mine wiv cheesy chips and a cheeky bifta for tea when it's on. If you want me to prove it come fight me in Irlam town, it'll be 10 vs. 1 mate trust me!

    Honestly I've been a bit of a bad lad but thanks to finding Ballmastrz 9009, I've turned my life around because I think I relate to da story on a purseonal level. The one what has a spiky head is my favourite because he reminds me of myself as a yoof. Real Irlam lads watch Ballmastrz 9009 end of! Bless up Salford city!
  • l-ransom42322 October 2018
    I freakin' loved it!!! Deff one of the best Adult Swim shows I have ever seen. Characters and plot at dope!!!
  • Maybe if I was a big anime nerd I'd love it, but alas I am not.

    Either way the show is so gorgeous, like I could just stare at this animation for hours on end, regardless of the pretty eh content in the episodes (at least for me).
  • Another wild adventure in a new weird world created by the master himself; Christy Karacas. The art style is bold and detailed, the characters are funny, and the voice acting is great. It's also directed and written well, providing unique and unpredictable stories for each and every episode. No two are the same!
  • mpalmer-327717 February 2020
    I'm an adult who fondly remembers Voltron and Shin Chan. If you smash those together and add Nikki Nichols and Master Shake, you get this show. It's silly, snarky, and introspective. Just enough "woah, this is weird to be intriguing!" Keep it up! Favorite cartoon rn.
  • visureigis27 April 2018
    Bad story and absolutely awful, creepy drawing style. No idea who would watch this garbage.
  • Yeah, honestly, I was ORIGINALLY supposed to hate this show. Mostly because, since this is from Christy Karacas, who created Superjail!, I thought this was gonna be ANOTHER Superjail! clone, but it's actually not. Finally!! A Christy Karacas show that's actually good. I wish I wasn't so hard on Christy Karacas, since he actually DID wanna try something new. Still, I absolutely despise Superjail!, and found THAT show to be his BIGGEST mistake. Ballmastrz: 9009 feels more like a reverse Superjail!

    Sometimes, just because it's created by the same guy who made a bad show, doesn't mean the show itself will suck. I mean, I have seen WORSE than this show. Examples are Drawn Together, Family Guy, Mr. Pickles, Superjail!, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", and ESPECIALLY King Star King (which is the only thing Adult Swim made worse than Superjail!, but that's still not saying much). I know I was bored when I watched an episode of it, but that's because it actually never felt like a Superjail! clone.

    But there is one question you all wanted me to ask: Does Ballmastrz have any gore? Yes it does, BUT the violence is NOT done in the veins of Superjail!, King Star King, or Mr. Pickles. They only use gore on occasions, and it's more in the veins of shows like Rick and Morty and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I had to sit through all 10 episodes to make sure it WASN'T a Superjail! clone, and it's not. In a way, you COULD say that Ballmastrz is kind of like a mix between Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Total Drama (even though it's an alright show), anime, Butch Hartman, AND Jhonen Vasquez. Christy, I'm very sorry I said you were one of the worst animators of all time. I just thought this one would turn out to be a clone of your previous show. But seriously, dude. NEVER go back to Superjail!.

    My favorite episode would have to be "To Catch a Princess", because I just love older princesses. Who knew this is a sign of Christy Karacas improving? The animation in this show is just so incredible! It's cheap, but it's actually done in a more high budget way. This happens to be the BEST looking animation in a Christy Karacas show, since....... EVER!!! I was wrong about Christy Karacas being one of the worst cartoonists ever. I still despise Superjail! though, but Ballmastrz not only has absolutely awesome animation, but the voice acting is really good, and the designs are very creative, and surprisingly not very hard to look at. I'm just glad that Christy Karacas decided to move on to something new, something more anime-esque.

    I hope a season 2 for the show is planned. Who knows?

    Anyways, I give this show an 8/10! It's really good!
  • Season 2 is a definitely a step up from the first. But Better animation doesn't make up for its many other shortcomings. Another show about underdog losers who drink too much and can't catch a break. No character development or remotely relevant reason to become invested in, much less care about any of the "good guys". Spare yourself the 15 minute increments of confusion and disappointment. Adult Swim yet again drops the ball with Ballmastrz